Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad by Summer Infant

Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad by Summer Infant

Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad Change any flat surface into a safe, convenient changing station with the Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad. For spaces at least 16 x 32 inches, a side strap secures the pad to changing tables and dressers. The durable, double-layered vinyl is quilted to resist stains and moisture. A safety strap with easy-release buckle provides addded security for your little bundle. Order the Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad today!

Main features

  • Change any flat surface into a safe, convenient changing station
  • Improved safety strap eliminates change pad cover bunching
  • Safety strap with easy-release buckle for added security
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Newborn to 24 months

Verified reviews


We’re very happy

We’re happy with this changing pad – it’s a good size, fits our table perfectly, and the plush covers fit it well. There are some downsides: the underside is slippery, so there is some tendency for it to slip off the table. They provide straps for preventing this, but I haven’t found a practical way to use these straps to secure the pad to the table without making it a real pain to change the cover. And I think it’s silly to have a “safety belt” to hold the infant down – you just need to keep a hand on the baby at all times.

Emilie Morven, NC

Rips even with cover

I’ve been using this to change my daughter for 9 months, and have always used it with the cover that I purchased separately. However, it now has two small rips in it despite the cover. The plastic outer fabric just isn’t durable.I do like that you can screw it to the dresser for safety. The strap to secure the baby, however, gives a false sense of security. Babies are WRIGGLY creatures from about 7 months onward. My baby simply wriggles onto her stomach and crawls out of the strap within seconds. Best not to use the strap at all and make sure you simply pay full attention to the baby so she doesn’t go headfirst over the edge of the dresser.

Dena Saucier, MS


This is a nice changing pad. One of the thicker ones I’ve seen. So far (5 months of use) I’ve had no problems and it still is very sturdy.

Neva Plaucheville, LA


We used this pad from when my daughter was newborn and she is now 10 months old. This pad has held up well and still looks like new. We did not use the strap, we just always kept one hand on her when we had to reach for something. We always kept a cover on the pad.

Karyn Goodhue, MN


This is huge, but a really nice change table to put on your bathroom counter if you don’t have any room for more furniture in your house. It’s really convenient to change baby right by running water too.

Cherry Huntington, NY

great w/ matching cover

I bought this item andBasic Comfort Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – Sage: great fit. The cover allows easy use of the safety strap, which by the way also comes with a screw, so you can screw the changing pad into your changing table or the wall.

Rosa Muldraugh, KY

Great, but doesn’t fit.

This is a great memory foam changing pad, but unfortunately it does not fit my IKEA brand changing table and is about 2 inches too long and an inch too fat. I plan on cutting mine to fit though. Very comfortable and well made.

Rita Norwalk, OH

Works well

Good changing pad. I’ve had mine for 10 months so far and pretty happy with it.

Sabrina Elgin, ND

Good waterproof pad with non-skid backing

The pad is nice and thick with a waterproof covering and good non-skid backing. The boppy changing pad cover fits perfectly.

Maryann Eunice, MO

great changing surface

Liked that this changing pad had a “well” so our baby could less-easily roll herself off, although we always keep a hand on her, even when she was supertiny. Holding up well after several months of daily use; looks brand-new. Cushy enough to plop your baby down and not have her feel what’s underneath — which in our case is an IKEA dresser. Throw a Big Dot waterproof cover over this (see reviews for that, does double duty as a mattress pad too) and you’re set.

Lesa Ashburnham, MA

solid diaper changing matt

We’ve had ours for a few years now and it has taken a beating. We often don’t have the cloth cover on it and as a result the kids have torn off the cover revealing the foam padding in spots.

Manuela Latham, KS

Great Changing Pad

I have a changing table made of wood and bought this changing pad. It’s affordable, soft, safe, and it stays on place. You have to put screws on the back of the changing table, but it was easy to do, and the material on the bottom really does adheres to the surface to prevent sliding, without damaging the wood. It’s really soft and comfortable.I also boughtBasic Comfort Ultra Plush Change Pad Cover – Sagefor covering and it’s really soft and fits great.

Rosalinda Gladstone, MI

Great Pad!

This changing pad is great. You can take it when you’re visiting people and won;t have to worry about finding a suitable place to change diapers. The contour and strap will keep baby in place to make everything easier and safer. I got this for a friend’s baby shower and she was thrilled. It’s worked great for her so far.

Donna Spring Run, PA

Comfy and Durable

I was given a foam changing pad with matching cover for my baby shower and I suffered through the first year of my baby’s life using that changing pad. When a friend passed this changing pad on to me I gladly chucked the foam pad. The Basic Comfort Contoured Changing Pad is a great size (I used it until my daughter was toilet trained), it’s comfortable, it’s very easy to clean (just wipe it down), and very durable. I passed it on to its third owner once we no longer needed it.

Theresa Smithfield, UT

Easy to use

This is a great changing pad. The contours on the side keep the baby from being able to roll around, making for easiest clean-up if the baby has a messy diaper. It is extra long (34 inches), allowing for baby to have extra head and feet room as he/she grows. If you buy this product, be sure to buy covers that have adequate length to accomodate this changing pad, though. I use the ultra plush ones, and they fit well.

Josefa Barton, AR

standard essential

Great padding that was essential when baby arches her back thereby slamming her head on it. It is a standard sized changing pad–the covers I purchased fit perfect. It has a textured bottom to prevent slipping. I know they probably have to put that strap on it for liability reasons, but I removed it permanently (I think it hindered the traction on the bottom and I’m not walking a way from my kid on the changing table anyway, and it would only get in the way of changing diapers/clothes!).

Earline Matewan, WV

Does The Job

Simple, basic, functional. As indicated, the pad comes with strap that can be screwed onto your changing table, but once our twins got too wriggly for the pad on the table, we moved it to the floor. It has a low enough profile that it can just slip under a bed, or a sofa, and be stored wherever you find you change your baby the most!

Renae Dalbo, MN

Basic and works well.

Nothing special, basic and durable. It is cheap and has lasted us so far 6 months without problems. I forsee no issues with it either. We use it everyday several times and my 6 month old seems comfortable. I was debating whether to spend more at a baby super store but there is really no need. I would recommend this one and buy it again if i had to do it over again.UPDATE Oct ’10: So far almost 14 months of use and no issues. Really worth the money..

Margret Millersville, PA

Works great!

I have two changing pads. The first one is the one that just flat on the surface. And this is the second one. I personally thought it is better to have a contoured shaped since it holds the baby in their position better. I still used it for after bath moment for my daughter who is now 14 months old. And now that she is bigger, the contoured shapes still hold her in her position (she can rollover if she wants to but with more effort compared to the flat one).I have no complaint for its durability. Love it!

Tanisha Harvard, IL

Quality, lightweight changing pad

We purchased this changing pad with our first son and placed it conveniently on top of a dresser along with a wipes warmer and all the other essentials – diapers, extra wipes, in the dresser itself. The changing pad itself is very lightweight and the slip proof bottom worked well enough for us to not screw it down or anything. It could be moved, but it didn’t really slip. We also bought two cloth changing pad covers by summer infant but these were not truly needed. They may have made it more comfortable, but required a more difficult cleaning for accidents, which tend to happen with a newborn boy. The pad itself is made of waterproof material and any accidents wipe straight away.

Lottie Sedalia, MO

Great Changing Pad

This changing table is easy to clean, my daughter loves being changed on it, and it doesn’t slide around on my changing table.

Dianna Fairport, MO

Soft, Plush, Secure

This pad is great. My daughter finds it very comfortable – which makes changes easier. Also it has straps to attach it to the dresser or changing table, which keeps the baby from rolling off and falling to the floor. I like it very much and so does my baby.

Nola Grand Rivers, KY

Nice changing pad

Good size,very durable,easy to clean but it’s good to buy at least one change pad cover.The only thing I don’t like is that the smaller sides of the pad slope down towards the edges so the baby hates to lie down with his head lower than rest of the body.

Paulette Hunt, NY