Battat Sort and Stack Toy

Battat Sort and Stack Toy

Eighteen piece set includes ten stacking cups and eight shapes. Stack stands 29″ when assembled. Colorful pieces all store in the sturdy bucket with handle. Unlimited combinations can be made with a little imagination. Recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Main features

  • Eighteen pieces and ten stacking cups included
  • Colorful designs on each bucket help with learning to count and size concepts
  • All pieces can be stored in the bucket with handle
  • Recommended for ages 18 months and up
  • 18 piece set
  • Includes ten stacking cups and eight shapes
  • Great for hand and eye coordination
  • A great way to introduce your toddler to shapes, numbers and counting
  • Designed for a child 18 months and above

Verified reviews


The best stacker on the market

My family owns a toyshop and i sold this toy for many years, it is the best stacker you can get. The reasons… the cups are round and they have straight sides so your little one can roll the cups all over the floor, they have a ridge on the bottom of the cup so that they stack without sliding off each other. There are stickers you can put on the sides of each cup with numbers and pictures to count. The cups go in three colour order, they stack inside each other as well so that your child learns to stack “up” and stack “in”. The best is stacking them up and getting your child to knock them over, my son plays all day with his and never tires of knocking them over (great exercise for mum!) the biggest cup has a handle and is the shape sorter bucket and the lid has four simple shapes in it and the pieces are the best size for picking up in little hands but not being able to shove in their mouth (always a plus!!!) The plastic is hard wearing and durable, there is nothing bad about this toy, and the price is fantastic!

Melba Upton, MA

Great BUY & tons of FUN

My 16 month old son loves this product. It comes with 8 shapes two of each shape (triangle, star, square, & circle) the shape tray, and 10 stackers. The stickers are included for self placement. Be sure to stick them on with cups facing down ward (the cups are stacker cups) the bottom of the cups have the number on it for which number sticker belongs to it. The last cup/bucket (has handle attached) needs the sticker placed up side down for stacking purposes. This product is education and tons of fun for ur little one. My son enjoys this toy very much. I recommend this product for it’s educational purposes as well as it’s price of $10.55 with free shipping and quality of materials. All pieces were included and shipping was fast.

Glenna Little Genesee, NY

Our favorite nesting and stacking toy!

My 16-month old loves nesting and stacking cups. We have the basic set of small round cups. When I saw this and the positive reviews, I bought them so he would have a different set of stacking/nesting toys. They are GREAT! He can do so many things with them. He can stack or nest them. He likes putting the circle shape it comes with in the smallest cup, which fits in his hand perfectly. He likes carrying the bucket around by the handle and of course, chewing on the handle too! He puts balls in all of the different cups. He puts the smallest cups in hisPlayskool Explore and Grow Tumble N Twirland watches them spin around and get tossed out when he opens the door on it. He hasn’t taken advantage of the shape sorter lid yet, but I’m sure he will soon. I really like that this toy has a shape sorting lid and 8 shapes. The cups also all have their number on the bottom. I highly recommend this toy and if you’re only going to buy one set of stacking/nesting cups, this is definitely the one to buy!

Mercedes Palenville, NY

Great toy, be careful with the stickers

You have to put the stickers on yourself; if you screw up, you can’t move them. Be Careful! The product is great, my kid (10 months) loves it. He likes to chew on them and has almost eaten off the sticker on the “No. 1” cup.Update 12/20/2012: I wish I had put the stickers on “upside down” – aligned so that when the items are stacked up from biggest to smallest, the numbers are right-side-up. Instead, I put them on so that they are right side up when the open end of each bucket is up. So now when my (second) kid is using these to make a tower, the numbers are upside down. Sigh. When you look at the picture on the site, note that they are having their cake and eating it too! The “big” picture of the #10 bucket is with the sticker on my way. But in the tower, they have the sticker on the other way. Do it the tower way.On the plus side: Still is great condition for my second kid!

Lori Stockett, MT

Sort and Stack Toy

Battat Sort and Stack Toy is a compact toy to take with you when you need something to keep little ones busy for a minute. Biggest bucket stands about 6-7". Comes with 2 stars, 2 circles, 2 squares and 2 triangles. There are stickers for each stackable. Just remember to put stickers on with "cup" rim upside down so when stacking the labels are right side up.

Alisa Gardiner, NY

The best stacking toys!

I love these. I bought them for both my children and I continue to buy them for my friends who have babies. My son is 2 1/2 and he continues to play with them. They are just so fun and educational. I highly recommend these.

Deirdre Chester Springs, PA

Fun for my 1- and 3-year-old

I like that this is a sorter and nesting block in one. All the pieces fit inside the biggest container. My kids even use it to scoop water during bath time. I like that the cups are numbered and fit perfectly over the bigger cup – makes it easier for my stack them in order. My only complaint about this product is that the numbers for the cups will come off over time because they are stickers. The toy comes with a large sheet of stickers that you have to adhere to the cups yourself.

Cora Kokomo, IN