Battat Sound Puzzle Box

Battat Sound Puzzle Box

The Battat Sound Puzzle Box develops hand-eye coordination and pattern matching skills with a fun puzzle game. Match each shape with the corresponding hole at the top of the puzzle and drop it in. Each shape makes its own unique sound as it slides to the bottom of the puzzle. Big, chunky pieces are perfect for little hands to grab. Sturdy plastic construction resists wear and stands up to hours of play. Recommended for ages 18 months and up.

Main features

  • Match each shape with the corresponding hole at the top of the puzzle and drop it in.
  • Each shape makes its own unique sound as it slides to the bottom of the puzzle.
  • Big, chunky pieces are perfect for little hands to grab.
  • Sturdy plastic construction resists wear and stands up to hours of play.
  • Recommended for ages 18 months and up.
  • Battat is a family-owned toy manufacturer that is 114 years old and has been in North America for over 40 years.
  • Every Battat toy has an educational value, whether it is didactic or nurturing, or collecting and creating worlds for children playing with them.
  • Each product is always manufactured to the highest standards under rigorous safety standards.
  • Match the coordinating shape with the hole that it goes in
  • Each of the three shapes makes a sound when it slides through the tube
  • Great for hand and eye coordination
  • Match colors and shapes for hours of play
  • Designed for a child 18 months and above

Verified reviews


My son LOVES this toy

They have a few of these shape sorters at my son’s nursery school. All of the kids gravitate to them, from ages 8 months to 2 years (the younger babies don’t seem very interested). My son (who is 14 months) spent a good hour figuring it out, trying to sort the shapes over and over again. I finally found it on amazon (I wish they’d put shape sorter in the title!) and jumped on it. What’s different about this sorter is that once the kid gets the shape in the right hole, it makes this super weird, cool sound as it floats to the bottom of the tube. The babies think it’s hysterical (and so do I). There aren’t too many shapes (3) so it’s not super frustrating for them, and they like turning it over to get the shapes out (which also makes it into a sort of rattle).This is by far the best shape sorter I’ve purchased so far (and I’ve purchased a lot of them!!!). Highly recommend.I wish they’d sell the shapes individually. My son plays with it so much that we inevitably loose the pieces… So it’d be nice to have some backups.

Violet Zanesfield, OH

Best shape sorter!

We have several shape sorters and our 16-month old doesn’t play with any of them. I was thinking it was because he wasn’t ready to work on that skill yet, but I got this toy and within 5 minutes, he was putting them in the correct spots. I think it’s because he was rewarded with the funny whistle sounds every time he put one of the shapes in, which he LOVED! I highly recommend this toy as your child’s first shape sorter!

Lee Belmont, LA

Three quarters thumbs up…

I initially gave this product four stars, but now I’m demoting it to three because the blocks no longer make their little whiny noises. Here’s what I wrote before:Before the noises wore out (about a month into owning it), our 15-month-old could spend seemingly endless amounts of time playing with this. Although he’s too young to actually sort, he loves the sounds the blocks make when they’re being pushed down, and frankly, from a parental can’t-they-be-quiet perspective, I kind of like them too. As an FYI, our baby completely ignores the sliding disk thingies–the toy would have been just fine without them.Now that the noises are gone, he’s still sorting with it, but some of the magic is gone…

Mavis Bangor, CA

Rewarding shape sorter

We first saw this shape sorter when we took our son for an evaluation with Early Intervention for speech. He seemed to love playing with it so we bought it to have at home. There are only three shapes and only one of each shape so don’t lose them! My son loves to put the shapes in over and over again and is rewarded by the fun sound that the shapes make as they make their way down the tubes. The plastic rings on the outside don’t seem to interest him that much. He hasn’t quite figured out how to turn the sorter over to dump the shapes back out so we have to help him with that. Overall, we would definitely get this shape sorter again as he really seems to enjoy it.

Mattie Glasco, NY

Great toy!

My sons social skills therapist had this toy it’s great! So I had to buy it. Both my kids love that the shapes make noises when they go in and when u flip them out.

Chandra Warne, NC

Got my son to sort, when before he would do nothing

My son was very late showing interest in shape sorting, putting things in things, and so on. We’d gotten a variety of interesting shape sorters with a plethora of mechanical and electronic sounds and tunes, but hadn’t succeeded in getting him to try any of them: he just didn’t care. This shape sorter changed all that in a few minutes, and got him to start sorting and learning these skills, which are important stepping stones to other skills.Pro:+ my son loved the sound the shapes make as they go into and out of the tube+ the clear tubes let you watch the shape sorter go up and down+ educational! If you’re trying to get your child to start sorting, this is the single best way I’ve ever seen.Con:- whatever mechanism in each piece makes the sound as it goes up stands up to regular use, but not abuse (i.e. sucking / blowing directly with it like a whistle).Not only is this toy educational, it’s fun. I strongly recommend it!

Rosanna Kimberton, PA

Doesn’t work

My sons loved to play with this in school, so I bought one. The triangle shape doesn’t make a sound, and the square barely makes a sound. awful. I am returning it immediately.

Lynne Carlyle, IL

A family favorite

I have 2 year old triplets who are pretty picky about toys, and this is one everybody enjoys. A very simple but neat sound is made whenever a shape is placed in the proper tube, and my kids enjoy having to shake it to get the shapes out. There are only three basic shapes so it’s very easy to do and not overwhelming. One of my triplets is autistic and this is by far one of his most prized toys. He can focus on it for up to 10 minutes which is saying a lot. I say a must have in any household with a child over the age of 1.

Jenifer Taylor, ND

Discontinued 🙁 Buy before its too late!

I bought this for my son at the recommendation of his occupational therapist to get him started on shape sorting. She said to start at 12 mo and it should be mastered by 18 mo. He has mastered this at 14 mo. and I think a lot of it is due to the design of this toy. HE LOVES IT. He loves the funny little whistle type sounds the shapes make as they go down the tube and he likes to roll the sorter itself on the wood floor. His favorite thing is to run around with the shapes blowing into them to make the noise himself. We clap every time he puts the shapes in correctly and since he can’t take the top off, he has actually learned to manipulate the shapes instead of focusing on trying to take the lid off the way he did with the cheap fisher price one. The only thing is that he broke the whistle mechanism on the little yellow circle so it doesn’t make sound anymore. I called Battat to ask for replacement pieces and the customer service lady told me that they have discontinued this toy and that spare parts are not available. I am really glad we got this toy and I would highly recommend it. It is the best shape sorter I’ve seen around and I haven’t seen anything similar to this. I considered buying another in case I have other children one day but I think ours is good enough quality that it will last a long time (even if one piece doesn’t whistle anymore who cares). It has really helped my son master shape sorting quickly.

Roslyn Rector, PA