BayB Brand Bean Bag for Babies – Filled, Ready to Use – Ships in 24 Hours!

BayB Brand Bean Bag for Babies – Filled, Ready to Use – Ships in 24 Hours!


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had to send it back

this is so bad, I had the original, the european "doomoo-nid" for my first baby 5 years ago, to concept is great, and baby was super comfy and happy in it, I loved it bit I stupidly gave it away not thinking I would have an other kid, so bought this one instead as it looked like the same thing. well it just looks like it, first the material is awful, really, awful is the word for it, you can even hear sheets of bad thick plastic when putting baby on, then the styro beads insides are big ones, so not comfy or easy to adjust, also it’s too full, baby was arced belly up with his head lower, I have no idea how they managed to get this picture, I’m nearly thinking that’s not the actual product… anyway, so so so badly and cheaply made, I rather not have any.

Martha Hamlin, KY

A good tool to have in your baby arsenal

This was purchased because our four month old was getting tired of laying in the basinet, and older lounger we had was too small. The nice thing about this unit is that it comes with stuffing (little beans like a bean bag), and although you can find this bed cheaper on ebay, it will come with no filling.I have mixed feelings on the bean bag fill. In the positive, you can shape the bed how you want, inclined, flat, cupped, etc. In the negative, once the baby is strapped onto the bag, the filling is hard to move around and “shape” with the kid there. Already at four months old, I’ve found that our kid’s leg hangs off to one side, meaning there isn’t more than a few more months left in this unit. This is a bummer considering it was just purchased, and they’re not cheap compared to other beds.Make sure you strap in your child. The bean bag can be a bit unstable if you don’t “shape” the bed properly before situating the baby. Shape the bed, lay the baby down, strap in baby.Overall a good purchase.

Sabrina Hartford, CT

Love love it

I originally bought this for our son to maybe sleep/nap in but when it came it’s not really good for that. Our son loves to just hang out in this after eating and it’s great to put them in it when you need to get things done. The bottom material makes it easy to move around on hard wood floors too. Some reviews also talked about it being good for "blow outs" and it really is. We’ve had to clean it at least two different times and it cleans up well. Greta product and it’s comfy. I know because I sat in it

Nichole Tempe, AZ

Complete Waste of Money

Horrible waste of money. The giant styrofoam pieces dont bring comfort, they hurt. This item wobbles and is a death trap for infants. The pic makes it appear stable, but its like laying your infant on a bed of gelatin w hard rocks in it. Huge waste of money.

Belinda Mims, FL

Good Concept but Poor Quality

I had high hopes for this product. However, once I received it I was quite disappointed. The quality of the fabrics is incredibly poor. You can’t tell from the picture, but the darker blue base is a shiny, cheap fabric that creases easily and looks like it could fall apart at any time. My bean bag’s fabric came pre-creased/ deformed. The top, lighter blue fabric is slightly fuzzy. Although it feels soft, again, it is quite cheap.The overall shape of the bean bag seems like it would work, but I am returning based on the poor quality of the fabrics. Plus the shiny blue base is really unsightly. For the price, this should be a much higher-quality item. I’m disappointed because it seems like babies would really be comfortable on this type of thing for napping and resting. Oh well.

Veronica Yeagertown, PA

It worked great! The new little guy still uses it

My girlfriend just had her 2nd baby. I thought this would be more mobile, or easier/more convenient to use, in the house that was already built up around their 1st kid, now nearly 3rs old. It worked great! The new little guy still uses it, and it is easier for mom and dad, too.

Coleen Crapo, MD