BEABA Babycook Classic – Sorbet

BEABA Babycook Classic – Sorbet

A patented compact countertop appliance that functions as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh, healthy meals for baby. Quickly steam cook vegetables, fruits and meats in 15 minutes or less, while preserving their vitamins and flavors. Puree and blend food to the desired consistency making it super smooth, chunky or anywhere in between for baby. Clean up is quick and easy with a top-rack dishwasher safe bowl and basket. Comes with a spatula and recipe booklet.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • France
  • Prepare fresh, tasty and healthy mealsfor babies and toddlers in 15 minutes
  • Prepare fruits, vegetables, meat or fish
  • Make any stage baby or toddler foodfrom purees to solids
  • Preserve vitamins and nutrients
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Much better options out there

This has been around in Europe for ages – many of my friends have it in London and I can see the apeal of this little steamer/grinder combo gadget however the price in the US is unbelievable!! It makes no sense to buy this when a regular “adult” steamer (such as the Black & Decker I reviewed) with a basket 4x the size is $30! I make my own baby food and love having a large basket to cook 4 sweet potatoes at once or a whole bag of baby carrots and freezing the extra portions in ice cube trays. With the Babycook, one would have to steam & puree almost every day — who has the time? Secondly, with many baby foods, you have to remove the skins after steaming anyway, so it completely defeats the purpose of steaming & pureeing in the same basket. Lastly, when doing some reasearch into this product, I found that it may leech BPA chemicals so please look into this if it is important to you.All in all, I think the Babycook looks adorable and has a cute little name and packaging but if you are a busy, tired mom, do yourself a big favor and get a regular, adult-sized steamer (like the B&D;) that can make a month of purreed baby food at a time to freeze and re-heat when needed. The baby will outgrow this machine in a few months and then you are stuck with a $150 useless appliance. With a regular steamer, you can make dinner for your family simply and easily for years

Janet Weaverville, NC

BEWARE BPA – Read fine print.

Buyer BEWARE….I have this item and it would be great if it was BPA Free. Take note, it says “The machine has no traceable amounts of BPA.” does not mean “BPA Free”This machine should be “BPA Free” it can’t be that difficult to remanufacture.SUSPECT.

Greta Lime Springs, IA

A Slacker Mom’s dream

I love this gadget. Compact, all-in-one, easy to use, FOOL PROOF, and … gives me the CONFIDENCE to make my baby’s food.I’ve read tons of web reviews and blogs about this product, and detractors seem to miss/misunderstand my ‘category’ of mom. I cook when I can. I bake when I get the chance but… mostly, I dont have the time or confidence to pull it off anything ‘new’… AND clean up multiple utensils!So many blogs out there chastise the Beaba buyers for wasting money–telling us to buy cheap steamer inserts and dust off our blenders, food processors and food mills… For my first baby, I listened to these moms (and the Beaba wasnt in the USA yet). I bought the food mill; I pulled out the steamer insert… and.. I froze. My baby ate NOTHING BUT JARRED (organic) FOOD! till she could chew the foods in my comfort zone. Baby food, all the prep and the coordination of all these tools was all so daunting. I was terrified I’d get it wrong… or couldnt keep sterile enough… or would get lost in all the piles of things I’d have to clean after each prep!!THEN THE BEABA! Little to clean, nothing to get wrong, no digging through drawers and juggling appliances in my limited space! I LOVE IT! Call me a slacker mom! But dont call me frivolous with money!! Organic Baby food is $1.10 a jar and my baby would go through 4-6 a day. I’ve had my Beaba for 6 weeks, and it’s already paid for itself.BTW, you can adjust the consistency to your baby’s taste as he grows. I figure soon I’ll just be using it to steam, not blend. And… I doubt it will be a permanent fixture in my kitchen! But … its paid for itself! Carrots smell like carrots!!! and … its given me a confidence that I hope extends to other culinary projects! Slacker moms, buy it.PS Careful if you’re reading those blogs re: Beaba and BPA. Read ALL the blogs. The most uptodate will lead you to the latest info promising this product IS BPA free. There are blogs that appear current but have not updated this info.

Sharon Windsor, NJ

not safe in my opinion

I wanted to like this machine but I changed my mind and I thought I would share. First of all it is small and it is really baby food only machine. You have to cut up the food then turn on the steamer then take out the basket when its done and dump the food into the main container and blend. You can accomplish the same exact thing in a regular stainless steamer on your stove in the same amount of time. I tested it and I saved no time it was exactly the same! The stainless steamer on your stove can also be used as a pot or to steam lager amounts and you will use it forever plus you can use the same steamer on the stove to defrost your baby food. I freeze my baby food in tiny glass containers and I just stick them directly uncovered into my steamer on the stove. If you use the silicone containers you just put your baby food in any glass bowl. I do not use plastic for cooking. I don’t care it is BPA free there are other chemicals in plastic that can leach into the food therefore my stainless steel on the stove method is also safer than Beaba. Also the Beaba water tank is coated with something. It smells funny and makes the food smell and I don’t trust that either. It is not stainless. Others have mentioned this as well so I do not feel safe about steaming in plastic and having the water come from some tank that smells funny. For blending I just throw the food into a BPA free blender…yes that is plastic but you are not cooking in it and the exposure time is less. You could use a glass bender or a stainless stick blender even better. I actually do that as well its just that my BPA free plastic bender is tiny so its almost like the Beaba food maker. So basically I came to the conclusion I can accomplish the same thing in the same amount of time with my standard kitchen cookware and appliances. I tested it and it took me the same exact time! Plus my stainless steamer doubles and bottle sanitizer and bottle warmer. I also have an asparagus cooker which is also great for warming up bottles and sterilizing but I use glass bottles so with plastic bottles you need to add more water so they do not melt sitting agains the metal…same goes for nipples I just boil them instead of cooking them in some plastic that is emitting chemicals into them like ALL THE STERILIZERS AND BOTTLE WARMERS DO!

Chrystal Holbrook, NE

Doesn’t get all the big chunks out

This food processor will be good for making food for older babies who can handle chunkier textures. The blade is so small and there’s not a lot of horsepower in it. So beware! It does indeed leave big chunks of food. So if you’re looking for something that will make a smooth puree for your baby, this is not for you. You have to be willing to scan the food and toss or mash the big chunks. And the steamer function? It’s a joke. You’ll have to run the steamer a few times before the food actually cooks or softens.The only benefit I see of this product is when the baby is older and can chew or handle thicker textures. It’s just helpful in that it’s a smaller food processor than your bigger blender/processor, so that you can maybe save on counter space?

Valerie Chestnutridge, MO

Love it!!

I love my Beaba Babycook. My daughter is a year old now, and I still use it to make applesauce, purees for casseroles, and soups. It’s really easy to use, and I’m a single mother so I love anything that is quick, practical, and easy. As far as another review that said the Beaba is too small to make enough food, I stuff mine pretty full, that way I can make quite a bit of food at once. I don’t like tons of leftovers and I don’t freeze, so the amount it makes is perfect for my daughter and me. Definitely worth every penny!Update, summer, 2013My Babycook is still plugging away! Daughter is now 5 and 1/2. I mostly make applesauce in small batches, but I’ve also used it to get creative and make apricot and peach sauce. So it still comes in handy once in a while.

Dessie Farrell, PA

Best in its category!

I purchased this product for much cheaper from It is wonderful. Unlike another reviewer, I like that fact that it doesn’t prepare a large portion. I don’t have a lot of freezer space and I like to offer my daughter a variety of foods, so, making a pound of sweet potatos at one time would do me no good. I rather prepare a few carrots, a few apples and oranges, and other small recipes, than have a whole lot of one thing. It’s easy to clean and saves you time on having to clean out a steamer, and processor. I LOVE IT! ALSO, IT IS BPA-FREE!!UPDATE:Discontinued use after calcium deposits and slight odor. Also, moisture seeped in between the handle and I suppose mold is forming now–I wouldn’t know though. I Stopped using it and purchased the Cuisinart baby food maker and it is awesome!!!…..I’m pretty sure there is a recall.

Marcia Solomon, AZ

Very small capacity, takes too long to use, hard to clean.

I won the Beaba from a blog giveaway, but I don’t think I would ever spend the money to buy one. I only used mine about a dozen times before passing it on to a friend.It did everything it was advertised to do. I don’t think it saves on time and effort, though. You still have to clean, peel, and cut your fruits or veggies into chunks, so no time saved there. If anything it takes MORE time to prepare baby food with the Beaba simply because it has such a small capacity. You can put about a cup to a cup and a half of chopped raw food in the steamer, which seems like a good amount of food. However, by the time you steam and puree your food, you end up with only about half a cup of baby food, maybe a bit more.Let’s say you’re going to make some sweet potatoes. Always a great food to start babies on because it’s mild and sweet and can be pureed really smooth and creamy. The Beaba can only cook about half of an average sweet potato at a time. I can cook four LARGE sweet potatoes and puree them in my 7-cup food processor all at once. With the Beaba, start to finish, from peeling to chopping to steaming to blending to cooling, you’re looking at around 30 to 45 minutes before you can feed your baby. Also, food coming out of the Beaba is EXTREMELY hot, rightly so, but you can’t feed a baby food that hot so you have to let it cool, which just adds to your food prep time.Anyone who is serious about making most or all of their own baby food is going to want to make baby food in BULK. Most busy moms don’t have time to waste on a product like the Beaba that makes such a small amount of food at a time. Just one hour in the kitchen on Sunday and I had enough baby food to last all week, if not longer. I have a KitchenAid 7-cup food processor which I found on sale at BB&B; for around sixty bucks. I would steam my veggies and fruits on the stove or even in the microwave, then puree them quickly in the food processor, usually making about 4 cups of baby food at a time.Also, one pot, one steamer basket, and one food processor was MUCH easier to clean than the Beaba. The Beaba streamer basket was stained orange the first time I used it and I didn’t care for all the little parts and pieces I needed to clean on the Beaba.Don’t waste your money on fancy or expensive baby food storage containers. Gladware makes small 4-ounce containers. I believe a pack of 8 is under 3 bucks. I would fill about a dozen of these at a time with 3 or 4 different foods and pop them in the freezer. Each night before I went to bed, I would pull a couple of containers out of the freezer and stick them in the fridge for the next day. Come mealtime, it was fast and easy to scoop out what I needed and warm it up in the microwave.After several months of freezing and heating the little blue lids of the Gladware containers would crack, but they’re so affordable that I didn’t mind tossing some in the recycling bin and buying another set.

Edith Ashland, KY

Nice, but not necessary

This item falls into the category of nice, but not totally necessary. While it steams and purees in one cup resulting in fewer dirty dishes, if you already have a stove top steamer and a blender you can get the same results.

Marissa Port Saint Lucie, FL

Was a good product until…

I LOVED this thing, I used it everyday and it was great for 3 months. Well the plastic cracked in the cooker. So now I have this thing that wont steam and would leak everywhere and it was a mess! I contacted their customer service- who got back to me quickly and said they would send out a replacement bowl. It’s a month and half later- NO REPLACEMENT PART! Also the plastic part around the blade grows mold and there is NO easy way or a way I’ve found to get it completely out!!! I have to much as I did love this I would NEVER spend that kind of money on a baby cooker again.

Marcie Norwich, KS

Never used

Loved the color of this as opposed to the green one and it fit into my kitchen decor better. Got it out and put it on the counter but found it much more efficient to cook little one’s food in a rice cooker and blend in a Vitamix for larger batches to freeze. Never cleaned it or tried to used it and now that my little one is one year old I feel like I’ve missed my window. Passed it one to someone who can hopefully get some use out of it. It I didn’t have a good blender already I might have found it useful. It seems like one of those baby items you buy when you are “nesting” that you never actually need.Update: I know this isn’t the most “useful” review as I never used the product, but I think it says something about the usefulness of the product when it sits on your kitchen counter for a year and never gets used! I make all my own baby food too.

Bobby Orviston, PA

AWFUL! Try the Baby Brezza instead

This thing is terrible. It takes forever to steam anything. Diced carrots took well over an hour. I thought the unit must be defective so i exchanged it for a new one. Same problem. It’s just not a very powerful machine. The blend function is underpowered too. You have to keep pausing the blend to scrape down the bowl and move the contents around. What a hassle.It doesn’t make the process of making food for baby any easier. After steaming you are expected to lift out the hot basket with dripping ,steaming veggie water, drain it over the sink, bring it back to the bowl and scrape it back in and then stand there while it (doesn’t quite) blend. Making any food for my baby took forever and made such a mess that it just wasn’t worth it. Cleaning it was also a real pain. After trying several other baby food makers I finally found the Baby Brezza. It’s cheaper and it’s awesome. One bowl. No parts. One button to steam then blend. I can push it and walk away . Lo and behold. It actually steams then blends! Fabulous. Skip the Beaba. It’s all hype

Lesa Thendara, NY

Great companion containers for this food maker…

Anyone purchasing this cooker might want to look at Sure Lid Containers. The 2 1/2 cup cooker makes plenty for packing/freeze portions. The Sure Lid containers are BPA free and have an attached lid – a really great feature. Hope this info helps…Sure Lid Lock-Seal Plastic Storage Containers * BPA Free, Leakproof, Waterproof Attached Hinged Flip-Top Lid with Lock Tab * 4 Ounce/Half Cup/118mL – 2 Per Pack

Molly Woodland, WA

Water reservoir is impossible to clean. Builds a white mineral deposit

I really loved the idea of having just one device to steam and blend baby food. However, I have really been disappointed with the Babycook on many levels. As so many other reviews have pointed out, the reservoir is dark, with too many crevices and builds a white mineral layer on it that is hard to clean even with several cycles of vinegar. The lid of the unit deformed after only 2 uses so that now the steam escapes from everywhere and hardly cooking the food. The main bowl is very hard to clean and food always gets caught between the jar and the base and is really IMPOSSIBLE to clean. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am eith this device. I don’t feel confident that the food is getting steamed safely in this contraption. Don’t use this thing if you want some piece of mind.

Tami Narragansett, RI

Must have for busy moms

My mom bought this for me over the holidays. I was so excited to use it as I wanted to try making my own organic baby food at home. Being a busy professional I never imagined it would be this easy. I love the all in one concept. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that it cost $150 but was made in China. I would have preferred for it to be made in France as I’m sure it used to be a few years ago. Another thing: I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to secure the blade when I first opened it. The instruction book wasn’t very descriptive about it except for a small picture. A phone call to the company finally resolved the issue.

Ora Heyburn, ID

Great for first time mothers!

I LOVE this product. Very easy to use and clean as well. I love how I don’t have to time the steamer and it’ll stop when it’s finished giving me hands free time to prep for other recipes. My mother-in-law made her children’s food as well and said she wished they had this back in the day because it’s way faster and easier to use.

Deidre Surprise, NE

The BEST baby appliance EVER!

Let’s be honest, with a baby at home, who has ANY time? Working full time, I sure don’t. But I didn’t want my baby to suffer due to this. While pregnant I planned how I’m going to make all the baby food from scratch at home, no jarred food. Since I breastfeed, I wanted the organic theme to continue in my babies life.This babycook is a life saver! 15 min total time with prep, cooking, blending and putting in container for a weeks worth of food. Can you beat that? The food is cooked just right,. not too mushy, definitely not hard, just perfect. Plus you get the benefit of preserving all the vitamins and nutrients in food, that is lost if you boil it. So far I’ve only done basic fruits, veggies and the babycook was awesome. My friend has used hers to steam meat, veggies and potato all together.Can’t recommend this highly enough!

Joann Se Ree, KY

Not a real timesaver, and expensive

I bought this thinking it would be easier to have a two-in-one machine to make my baby’s food. The problem is that you can only make about four servings of food at a time. I’m a working mom, so I need to make two weeks worth of food at a time and freeze it. That means at least six batches in the Beaba, which would take hours. In addition, the plastic is pretty thin, so I’m afraid to put the parts in the dishwasher. This means HAND washing! Add the descaling requirements, and this thing takes more time to clean than to cook with.The steamer also doesn’t have any kind of ‘off’ signal, so if you have ‘mommy brain’ and walk away from it while it is steaming, it won’t remind you when it is finished so you might come back long after the food has gone cold and then you have to throw it out. The food processor blade is really inefficient so it takes a long time to get a consistent texture. If you are processing anything starchy, that means it gets pretty glutinous by the time all the big chunks are out of the batch.For the price, you can get a full size steamer (that chimes when finished), and basic food processor or hand blender that will blend the food faster and more evenly. And you can use those products for the whole family, not just the limited time the baby needs pureed food. The Black & Decker steamer is very affordable and doesn’t present the water scale problems that this machine has.

Malinda Mc Intosh, AL


I love it, it just make a nice way to make sure you give your baby good healthy food and if you are a working mom then this is perfect as it really help you doing compost in no hurdle and no time at all..

Helen Delaware, AR

Great product.

Great, easy to use. Glad I purchased this one. I was debating between several different baby food makers and decided to purchase this one. It is simple, easy to clean. Works very well. Some thicker purees require adding extra water/breastmilk, but that’s no big deal.

Mellisa Reva, SD

Wish I would’ve patented this idea myself!

Why? Because it’s always fun to make money off of people who don’t realize that they can accomplish the same task with a (free) pot and blender they already have sitting in their kitchen cabinet.

Diann Forest Falls, CA

Very disappointed – Blender does not work/start

I got this as my baby registry gift. I was very excited finally to use it once my baby was ready to start solids this week. I spent one hour trying to figure out the blender. I have used other food processors, so figured it shouldn’t be that hard to use. I tried different settings, de-assembed/re-assembled the blade pieces, made sure the jar is ‘clicked’ properly… finally gave up. It simply does not work. The motor seems to have some issues, it makes noise as if running but just does not rotate the blades. Went to Beaba’s help page to find out the following comment […]”The base is warped or you hear the motor running but the blade does not turn. If this is happening, the rotating belt is not in contact with the pulley inside the machine. In this case, either the base or the whole product may need to be replaced. Open a Support Ticket with us so we can help you with this.”Submitted a ticket with Beaba’s support but no word yet. I contacted the seller on amazon to return, but since it has been 90 days past the registry purchase, they want to charge re-stocking fee/shipping etc. Wow, what a waste of time and money and someone’s precious gift. Very disappointed that a) I used amazon to purchase this b) Quality of product is SOOO horrible even with a hefty priceBTW: I ended up using my regular blender to blend apples for my baby’s first apple sauce meal. I know this is a patented product, but heck, why do we need to pay $100+ for simple steaming and blending. I would highly recommend to NOT purchase this product (mind you, i love gadgets and all things that make life simple and easy, but this is just a plain waste!)

Mae Storden, MN


I don’t use it, my wife does, but this is my Amazon account so…My wife loves this. We’ve had this a month and a half and our twins only eat the food she prepares. We started with organic fruits and veggies and now we’ve moved into protein (chicken I think).This thing looks like a child toy, but it apparently works. It doesn’t take up hardly any space and looks fairly easy to clean. It’s not a super fast cooker, but she likes to get it going and then do stuff around the house until the food is ready to go in the ice cube trays. I like making the babies food this way because I just grab three frozen cubes, some yogurt, rice cereal and enough formula to make it mushy.Some of the stuff she makes smells and tastes better than restaurant desserts.

Sherri Vassar, MI

Love It! Plus A Little “Science”

I will not repeat the many positive reviews of this appliance. I love it for the same reasons everybody else who loves it does: one small appliance, no pots and pans, a few pieces into the dishwasher, no timing, no recipes, easy peasy. I actually like that it makes a small amount of food. If something is rejected, I don’t have a gallon ziplock of useless food cubes taking up room in the freezer. I’d rather have variety than bulk. Plus, it’s super easy to incorporate leftover meat or fish or rice with your fresh veggies and reheat/cook and puree together.I wanted to share, though, a little bit of research I did to make it even easier to use. I like to make a couple of batches in a row so I can do combinations or single-veg purees with the same small group of ingredients. What do you do when your already-peeled potatoes don’t all fit? Mix them with some zucchini or cauliflower and do a second mixed batch! There are two logistical problems with this: there is no information on the steamer basket’s capacity so you can’t chop the second or third batch in advance, and the “measures” of water are also not defined. Since the mixing bowl is also the water measuring bowl, you would have to wash it out really carefully between uses to avoid getting food particles in the reservoir. Other than protecting the cleanliness of the reservoir, it does not seem necessary to do more than a quick rinse if you’re doing two vegetables in a row. So I did a little “science” and found: “one measure” of water is about 1/4 cup, 2 measures 1/2 cup, 3 measures 3/4 cup. Also, the description says that the bowl has a 2.5 cup capacity. Not so. It is the *steamer basket* that has a 2.5 cup capacity.

Lea Crab Orchard, NE

Ruins food

Brand new out of the box, the reservoir smells terrible. I’ve descaled it 3 times as instructed in the manual and the smell remains. Anytime I steam something, the smell is there and the food tastes terrible. I haven’t fed my baby anything made by this horrible machine because I feel like I would be poisoning him. I didn’t know about the smell until now because my husband got it for me as a Christmas gift and my baby hasn’t been old enough to eat solids until now, 6 months later, so I can’t return it to Amazon. I’ve called Beaba and requested a return or refund with no response. Until Beaba responds and resolves this issue, the 1 star remains and I will continue to discourage people from buying it.

Adelaide Chunchula, AL

Made my Husband a Beaba Babycook Convert

This product was a (very expensive!) impulse purchase for my first daughter. I really wanted to make her baby food & this was calling my name. My husband was extremely skeptical. “Why do you need a baby food maker when you can steam in a pan & blend in a blender?” I worried that this impulse purchase was an expensive mistake.Oh, how I loved my Beaba Babycook! My husband became a convert. This is a 1 stop shop! With a dishwasher basket! This is fast, easy, & is a great space saver.The manual comes with some basic baby food recipes but we just steamed combinations of fruits & vegetables.I have just a few tips for making baby food using the Beaba Babycook:-follow maintenance directions! You must keep up with the maintenance of this machine. As some other reviewers mentioned, the water reservoir will get build up in it & the water will come out brown & gross. You have to use a vinegar wash. The “recipe” for cleaning the reservoir is in the manual. Follow it & your reservoir won’t get gross!-save all of your steaming water from under the steamed food. Don’t dump all of your steamed food into the water that has collected. Also, don’t dump out that water that has the nutrients & flavor of your food. Begin blending the food & add the reserved water until you get the consistency you want. I always kicked myself if I dumped that great water & then had to use plain tap water.-give up the idea that your Babycook will look as nice as it did out of the box. Sweet potatoes & carrots WILL stain the steamer basket…& that’s okay! I tried my darnest to get the orange stains out of the basket…to no success. The rich nutrients in these foods color the basket. I just like to think that my Babycook is earning stripes with all that staining.-don’t overfill the basket! it’s not worth fighting with an overflowing blender that results in chunky food. only steam reasonable portions at once.-have fun! I loved creating my own food for my daughter! our pediatrician taught us to buy organic foods that grow out of the ground (potatoes, carrots, all root vegetables, etc). I loved that I could choose what went into the foods I made for my daughter. steamed food keeps in so many rich nutrients & I could give all of that to my daughter!Now that we have baby #2 I am looking forward to pulling out the Babycook again. I have loaned it to 2 friends & will continue to do so after we are done! This is an amazing product!

Rosanna Whiting, ME

Yummy- No Mold in Mine

This is one useful little machine. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I love it. There’s probably similar products out there, for less, that do the same thing, but this company is usually pretty responsible with their plastics and I’m lazy.I saw other reviews that said they had mold grow inside the water reservoir, but I checked in mine with a flashlight and didn’t see a thing but clean. This may be bc I use soft water, but I’m pretty sure it’s bc I turn the machine upside down on my counter dish rack to dry overnight. *Update- see comment- Scandinavian Child says ceramic reservoir cannot rust or get moldy!*That said, my only complaint (besides the price, but who doesn’t think it’s high?) is that there’s no notification when the cooker finishes steaming. I think it might click when the light turns off, but I don’t listen for that I have a crawling baby.The blender is pluse action, it doesn’t stay on. I don’t mind, the food is pretty soft when it’s done steaming, it only takes a few seconds to get most everything smooth. Carrots, green beans, and peas are the exception so far, but I prefer to keep most of the food chunky, not adding any of the left over water back when blending (water the houseplants!). Then I freeze in the round beaba freezer tray and I add water before reheating then mash it all together.Breaking it down and washing is pretty much like washing a regular blender, with a steamer basket. My steamer basket was stained almost right away after butternut squash, but that probably wouldn’t matter to most..I just found out (see below) the blender splash guard keeps food from getting in the reservoir, whoops! I will be using that now!

Kerri Livonia, NY

Great little baby food maker! Emphasis on “little”. . .

I had my heart set on making all my own baby food, so I bought this baby food maker a few months ago. I had never made baby food before, and in hindsight I think I would have done things a little differently. I am hoping that my experience might be helpful to someone else in determining whether he/she wants to buy the Beaba.First of all, the Beaba is a great little machine and very convenient. I just prep the food, throw it in, add the water, and let it do its thing until it’s time to blend it up. It’s nice that it’s all in one machine and I don’t have to get any other dishes dirty. It’s also very reliable. I can’t even tell you how many times I have used it in the last few months. Some days I use it 5-7 times and it just chugs on.That said, in my opinion it has a very small capacity. That might not matter to you and you might not even notice. It all depends on your style and how you want to feed your baby. So far, I have come across two styles of grinding up your own baby food:1) Steaming and grinding up baby food multiple times a week, possibly before every meal. Some people really enjoy sharing whatever they are eating with their baby. They prep it and feed it to their baby a few minutes later.2) Steaming and grinding up baby food less often, but making larger amounts of food. Some people want to have baby food on hand all the time. They make a large amount of food, freeze it in ice cube trays, keep it in the freezer and thaw cubes before every meal.I think there are advantages to both styles, but I personally veer toward making larger batches of food and freezing it so I have it on hand. If you are like me, the Beaba isn’t your best option. Get a nice Cuisinart with a larger capacity(or use the one you already have). If you are worried about how to steam the food (I used to think I would have to do it on the stove), you can put it in a microwave safe dish with some water and steam it in the microwave.When I was particularly overwhelmed, a friend recommended that I get the “Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit.” If you’re interested in making large batches of food, it can completely set you straight. It comes with a video, a book, a handy laminated reference chart and two ice cube trays. The video was incredibly cheesy, but it made me feel like I knew what I was doing in about 45 minutes.I hope this was helpful. Good luck!

Cynthia Orr, MN

Works for me!

I’m passionate about making my own baby food for my 7 month old, so I needed to find a baby food maker. I cook at home almost daily, and used to have a Beaba with my first son 5 years ago. After reading all the reviews on line, I ultimately choose this one since it worked out for me the first time around. Plus, I was worried about the quality of another brand’s processor, and I know that this one works well. I listened to the reviews on line and have been using only distilled water. As soon as I’m done steaming and pureeing, I leave the cap off, and turn it around on a kitchen towel to remove excess water, and so far I have not had a problem with mold or discoloration. I just check every time. I can see how some reviewers might be annoyed that it doesn’t turn off by itself, but that’s not a huge issue for me. I also don’t mind that it’s small i.e you can only steam one pear at a time. If I want to do bulk cooking, I would just use my usual food processor. I like feeding my daughter fresh food, so cooking daily or every other day isn’t hard for me. All in all, a great product. I like the colors a lot, and it steams wonderfully. Usually processes pretty good, but sometimes doesn’t get the little pieces. I obviously liked it since I bought it again! I also recommend getting the Williams-Sonoma baby cookbook for great recipes as your baby grows older. The best cookbook!

Molly Long Green, MD

The blender doesn’t work! =(

I read excellent review about this item and decided bought it. When I received the package I was very happy, but when I tried to use the product, the blender doesn’t work never =(… That was very disappointed for me, because I had my baby ready for his first baby food and the blender never work, was broken inside.

Dorthy Fairfax, VA