BEABA Babycook – Sorbet

BEABA Babycook – Sorbet

For over 25 years, since they created the first baby food processor, Beaba has been the world’s leading producer of baby food makers for home use. Our products have stood the test of time after decades of real life usage and are constantly refined for ease of use and superior performance. The babycook pro is the best selling product in the Beaba line of baby food makers. The Beaba babycook pro saves time and money by making 17+ servings of baby food at once in less than 15 minutes. With the built-in steamer you maintain quality of fresh food by locking in vitamins and nutrients while cooking. The babycook pro is the best all-in-one device for easy cooking, blending, defrosting and reheating. The smart design lets you operate the food maker with one-hand, alerts you when the food is ready and comes with a build in an auto shut off safety feature. Join the Beaba community and share recipes with other and get new recipes from our blog and cookbooks so that you can maintain a varied and healthy menu for your baby.

Main features

  • Cook and process fresh preservatives free baby food in 15 minutes or less.
  • One-handed operation with 4-in-1 capability; steam, blends, reheat and defrost.
  • Baby-safe auto shut off, audible alert. Contains no harmful BPA, lead or phthalate.
  • Stainless Steel Water Reservoir.
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe components, Time-saving 4.7 cup capacity that can produce 17+ servings of baby food at once.
  • For this product, Beaba customer service is only available within the US and Canada. If the product is shipped outside the US or Canada, or used with an electrical converter, the Beaba limited 1 year warranty is void
  • This product was designed to operate on 120V ONLY. If the product is used with an electrical converter or shipped outside the US/ Canada, the Beaba limited 1 year warranty is void

Verified reviews


Was Not All that I Heard It Was Going to Be

I have been using the Beaba Babycook Pro for two months now making my son his first foods: apples, bananas, turnips, potatoes, carrots, pears, sweet potatoes, green beansI was initially impressed with how easily it fully steamed big chunks of dense food in a short amount of time. I could fully cook a whole potato and puree it in about 30 minutes, not including cooling time to pour and freeze. After the first few uses, my joy started to go away.After hand washing all the parts (I have only hand washed everything), I tried to put the blade back on and it didn’t sit back on perfectly right. Since the second use, the blade’s seal has not worked perfectly and the main cup leaks onto the machine. It is not enough to go off of the machine, just enough to cause an extra place to clean.I was also very disappointed the device cannot be self-contained and stored. The spatula thing has a storage spot, but the mixing lid does not and you can’t put it on when the steam cup is in the main cup.The spatula thing works for dumping the food out of the steam cup, but not as a spatula. I just use a mini one I already had and save an extra item to wash.The last time I used it, two or three days ago, I took off the main seal from the attached lid to clean it; it had gotten green bean dirty. It now doesn’t seem to want to go on perfectly. I can’t see excesive steam escaping, but I am concerned about that seal’s durability now.The recipe book only has like 12 recipes in it, three for each age group and some of them are in conflict with experts opinions about what to feed your baby when. I have been combining regular baby food recipes online with some common sense about how the device works.I’m not ready to give up on the Babycook altogether, but it has not been the superior product I expected from some friends’ advice. It still is doing its job, I am just nervous about the products longevity.I didn’t buy this product from Amazon.

Bessie Newcomb, TN


This is a gift, I have not opened the box, I read great reviews and used previous model while I was working as a nanny, so I expect to be just as good.

Natalia Vilas, NC


Looks good, preaty colors. Good size. Works great, easy to use. Easy to wash. Makes all kinds of foods. Makes little noise. Only drawback would be the price, but I guess its a ‘ premium product’Recomended

Pauline Cibecue, AZ

Works well, but not without some stirring around

I brought this to make some puree out of fruits and veggie for our 6 months old. Initially we tried avocado and chipped into smaller piece and used the Beaba to puree it, what came out what more like micro dicing. The baby definitely didn’t like it. My wife was more patient and decided after first chipping, she’ll stir the avocado back to the center and chop it again, and repeat a few times. Finally, we have our puree and the baby loves it.

Jasmine Odell, IL

so glad I bought this

My mother made fun of me for buying this since I already have a food processor and I could steam things on the stovetop, but for ease of use this has paid for itself. I make a few batches of food every Sunday and it makes up everything my son eats for the week. Its cheaper than buying store-made food and I can control what he is eating. I can operate it one handed if my son is being fussy and wants to be held. It does not take up much counter space and it is easy to clean. Much better than using a pot to steam and then also the Cuisinart. Like most food processors it works best if you make sure not to overfill it. I usually steam a batch of veggies (squash, sweet potato, broccoli etc), take out the hot veggies in the steamer basket, add some rotisserie chicken from Costco, blend and then add back the veggies, usually with a little water to get it to the right texture. A whole weeks worth of food costs maybe $5 to make whereas Gerber would cost at least $5 a day.

Tameka Disputanta, VA

Love this

With my first child I did it the old fashion way with a food processor and steaming food on the stove. I was determined to make my life easier this time around. This has made that happen. I love it. I can steam without having to babysit it. And I can control the purée. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because it says to pulse for a couple of seconds at a time instead of longer. Truly a minor issue. I love the small footprint of the machine. Easy to clean (I use top shelf of dishwasher). I wish I would have done this 2 years ago!

Tami Krotz Springs, LA

If only cooking adult food was this easy!

I LOVE this babycook Pro so much! It has cut down on prep time considerably and cleaning is such a breeze. I hated boiling the food and then trying to make my blender really blend the food well. I always ended up with chunks and a mess!With the Beaba, you just cut whatever food up into bite size chunks, put in the appropriate amount of water (which it tells you in the instructions), and start the steamer. The steamer turns off and alarms after the food is steamed thoroughly. Then you put the steamed food in the blender portion and turn it on. DONE! The blender is surprisingly quiet, too. To clean, I just rinse out the steam cup and blender and let air dry.The Beaba babycook Pro is a wonderful, extremely convenient product if you plan on making your own baby food on a consistent basis. If you’re just dabbling in it, the price probably isn’t worth it, but for me, I am very happy with this purchase!

Wendi Atwater, CA

Nice product!.

Is easy to use and clean. You can prepare yours fruits puré and soup very fast. Is a good product.

Florine Alexandria, VA


I purchased this as a gift for my sister in law. She already had the regular model. She claims this is WAY better and no longer uses her old model. Worth the extra dollars.

Evelyn Oceola, OH

Time saver!

I love this product.It is really easy to use, and I feel very glad that I am preparing healthy food for may baby without a lot a effort.My favorite feature is that the cook stops when the meal is done, so you can just put vegetables inside and go live your life! I lost count on how many times I burned the baby’s meal…I just wish the container to be a bit bigger. Every batch is good for no more than to meals. So, if you need to freeze for the week, the machine will work a lot during the weekend!

Tammy Council Hill, OK

great for baby food making

I got this for making baby food. After looking at all the different options I went with this and I do really like it. It is small so there is less to clean up also you are not making a huge batch. 1 large apple will make alot of apple sause for a baby. Things to know so you can get along with this device better. The instructions are limited.Cut all food into small piecesif food is not cooked enough the first time add more water into the reservoir and cook againwhen you cook more liquid will add to the foodafter done cooking dump water into a glass and add or don’t add for desired puree consistancysave the left over fruit or veggy water. The apple water tasted like watered down juice. Freeze in ice cube trays just like the baby food puree to storenever over fill reservoir well you can but is will spill out over fill hole. Just makes a mess.When storing leave the top in the open position so all water can evaporateget the oxo baby food freezeing tray with lid. Usually 1 batch of anyhing will fill half of it to all of it.If you get the beaba plastic containers with lids you can reheat your food cubes in the baby cookerget crative and experimentIf I come up with any others I will post them.Overall this is a great product if used and stored properly. The only con is that I found the instructions lacking. The real pro is that is you buy quality produce you will be amazed at how good the food tastes without adding salt or sugar.

Amanda Benedict, MN

Best Invention EVER!!!

Seriously, the best baby invention ever! So easy to use! You just cut up the food, pour in the water and the machines steams it for you. Most fruits tak 15 minutes and most veggies take 20 minutes to cook. Once cooked, you just poor them out and blend them up. Best tasting baby food and you know exactly what’s in it! I’ve made peach, sweet potato, carrot, green beans, mango, apple, and I know the list is endless!If I could buy this for every new mom I would. Great investment!

Jewel Torrington, CT

Simple and fast to use

We received this as a gift and were skeptical about it at first. However, it turns out that it makes it easy and fun to prepare food for the baby. No, you don’t NEED it – you can steam food in a steamer and then use a blender to puree it, but the Beaba is a nice convenience. It’s fast, you can set it to steam and leave it, and clean-up is simple. We use it quite frequently and have never had any problems with it.Would be nice if there was an option to turn off the timer beep for when baby is asleep. Blender isn’t quiet, but probably quieter than a normal blender. Our baby did seem to enjoy the taste of food made at home in the Beaba more than canned food, and it is cheaper to make food rather than buy it.

Jannie Grafton, IA

Makes feeding baby so easy!

Just buy it! This machines made making baby food for my little one so easy! I love having it and I use it to make him little smoothies now that he is bigger. I also use the steam function a lot for easy to eat veggies for him. Great product! Plus, it takes up less room than the 3 or more machines your would need to do all of the same functions.

Elaine Travelers Rest, SC

Fast and easy

Works very well. Love the color and how simple it is. Cut and go. Great for a busy mom. I make my own baby food because I don’t like how much sugar is put in the store brands. It’s easy to clean easy to use and very practical for me to make big batches of baby food and freeze them.

Isabelle Brooksville, MS

makes making baby food so easy!!

really like this product for the amount of food it makes and also because it’s compact. it’s great to be able to set it , and when it’s ready it stops by itself.would definitely recommend it

Zelma Mobile, AL

I love this baby food maker

I love this baby food maker. I use it several times a week to make food for my son. It’s very easy to use and clean. I recommend this to anyone looking to make homemade baby food. I like that I can easily change the consistency of the baby food by changing the amount of water to use after steaming. It has a very small footprint, so I leave it on our counter top everyday. I like the green color too. It’s fun, but not obnoxious. We have very hard water with high calcium, so I have already had to descale it a few times. A great product and I am very happy to have it.I have also learned there are three recipe books (although not available on Amazon – shocking!), for babies, kids and expecting moms.

Miriam Houma, LA

Beaba Babycook Pro Baby Food Processor and Steamer

This machine works great. Our only complaint is that we had hoped that it would have come with more recipe ideas.

Cindy Peridot, AZ