BEABA Babypote, Gipsy

BEABA Babypote, Gipsy

Babypote is a refillable, squeezable silicone baby food container that allows babies and toddlers to feed themselves. Just fill with homemade baby food or yogurt and let your child eat on his or her own. Babypote makes eating fun for babies or children on the go. Made of easy to squeeze soft silicone with a removable, snap on lid. A large neck allows for easy filling and cleaning. BPA, phthalate and lead free and dishwasher safe. 5 ounce capacity.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Squeezable, refillable silicone self-serve container for baby food, yogurt, apple sauce and beyond
  • Soft silicone is easy for little hands to squeeze
  • Large neck makes filling and cleaning easy
  • Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Held up to 2 years of use

I love this little gadget. I bought it when my son was 1 and there were no reviews at that time. Now he is 3 and we use it almost daily. He uses it for applesauce, pudding and yogurt. He still sometimes has a hard time getting all of the food out, but not often. If he is having a problem I usually just give the thing a squeeze for him and he gets the last bit out. It was more of an issue when he was younger though. It has held up wonderfully. He can use a spoon to eat now, but there’s a cool factor for him with this, and its less messy and I can throw it in his lunchbox if we are heading out somewhere. It’s a better alternative to use this instead of buying gogurtsSo I see him using this for awhile to come..

Susanne Grady, NM

Big, Floppy and Messy

I thought this would be a terrific, reusable alternative to the squeeze pouches of fruits. It ended up being a big, messy mistake. The silicone is floppy, and the shape makes it hard to squeeze everything out of the pouch. Nice idea, but poor construction.

Sylvia Stinnett, KY

very disappointing for a Beaba product, way too expensive

I am coming from a country were the Babycook is King. So everybody has Beaba products. So I got this cause I found the concept great.I tried it several times with my toddler (from about 15mo to 2yo). She can not hold it because it is so flimsy. She cannot roll it so as to empty the contents. When I helped her and push the applesauce up close to the opening, she takes too much of it at once and almost chocks everytime.The only pros are the ease of cleaning and filling (although, as another review mentions, the caps sometimes does not screw well).But these are pros for me so the cons that my daughter encounters weight way more in the balance!One more thing, today it is priced $22.05 on amazon. I got it for maybe half the price the country where it is made. It ABSOLUTELY does not worth that much money!Check other alternatives.

Jo Pamplin, VA

Easy to use

This is very easy to fill and to clean. I am using it for my one year old with homemade smoothies. I do not like that it just pours out if she flips it upside down…if they could build in a leakproof spout, I think that would be amazing.

Clare Manson, IA

Good product but could be better

I like this little pouch. I bought it for my son to be more interested in smoothies, etc. He’s not a great eater but loves the little buddy fruits applesauce packets. The problems I have with this are that the screw top comes off so very easily. My son can just screw it right off. However the cap is too hard for him to get off, so he can’t eat whatever I put inside without me taking the top off. I also think that the opening to which the food comes out should be a little smaller or have some sort of valve so that it doesnt spill out. With smoothies especially it just dribbles out when my son puts it down.Overall I’d say the idea is great and with 100% supervision this item could be improved upon greatly thoughMy son is 2 1/2 also. I guess I should have thrown that in there to get a reference.

Goldie Wolf Lake, IL

Great option for at-home snacks

Both my 2 1/2 year old, and my 1 year old use their Beba Babypotes all the time. I’m still reliant upon prefilled "squishies" when we’re outside the house, but I try to use these when we’re home, since they are cheaper to fill and I know what I’m putting in them (mostly yogurt or apple sauce). They do require a bit more work to get the filling out, but even my 1 year old quickly figured out how to do it. They are easy to clean and fill. Highly recommend!

Kay Augusta, WI

OK, not great

I ordered this item because my daughter will only eat puree foods from pouches.Here are my thoughts regarding this product:PROS:1. Easy to clean2. Easy to fill3. Basically does the job and has saved me in a pinch when my daughter won’t eat finger foodsCONS:1. Because the body of the container is not clear, it is hard to tell how much food is left in the pouch2. The cap is sometimes hard to screw onto the body3. The body is too squishy which can make it inefficient when it comes to squeezing out the food

Rosetta Tunnel Hill, GA

Nice alternative to the disposable applesauce pouches

So far so good. We’ve put thinned yogurt in them (like Gogurt but we use regular plain yogurt, honey and some milk). Both my 17 month old and 3 year old enjoy the pouches. My 3 year old has no problem with them and makes no mess at all. My 17 month old is having difficulty getting the last of the yogurt out of the bottom of the pouch. It’s not as squeezable as the store-bought applesauce pouches, and the yogurt slides out slowly when held upside down. She has also managed to get yogurt down her chin and shirt half the time- but unlike the store bought applesauce pouches, a quick squeeze when she grabs the pouch from my hands won’t end up with half the pounch dumped out onto her shirt. I foresee saving money on those applesauce pouches within six weeks since we use them for a snack in the car almost every day. And I foresee using these for a very long time. Next we’ll try applesauce in them.

Helena Macomb, OK

Good idea but doesn’t work

Get the little green pouches instead. This one inflates with air after each suck making my baby suck in a lot of air. It holds a lot of stuff but is hard to manage squeezing it out even for me. It does wash up easy and I like the colors. Wish it worked better.

Kathrine Columbus, NC

Great in theory

Purchased this to fill with pureed baby food but found it difficult to use. Its actually is relatively easy to fill (wish it would stand up on the counter though) and cleans up great, but my daughter (started trying to use this at about 10 months and is now 15 months) just cant make it work. Its hard for her to get all of the food out (and not much fits in!) so I keep having to come over and help her. There are other pouches on the market that she can use on her own, these and the silisqueeze versions are the only ones that I have to help with (I’ve tried them all!). Conceptually its a great product, but it just doesn’t make my life easier since I basically have to sit there and feed it to her.

Deana North Easton, MA

Baby’s favorite

This is my son’s favorite food pouch. He really likes to squish the silicone body of the pouch and I love how easy it is to clean.

Naomi Oaktown, IN

Love this little container!

I heard great things about this from other moms out there. They make their own baby purees and put in there instead of those store bought pouches. We’re past the baby puree stage here, but thought it’d be great in lunch boxes instead of the go gurts. My kids love the go gurt but get bored with the flavors. They LOVE mango lassis, and those work AWESOME in here! I stick them in the freezer over night and they do double duty, also as a ice pack.I was worried how my five year old would react. But, he loves to use it as a juice box. Go figure. My 17 month old works the disposable pouches just fine, but these require some squeezing and he gets fustrated. I’m sure it’s just a skill he’ll pick up, but be prepared to do some teaching in the beginning. Oh, and you can even thin out regular yogurt or buy yogurt without stablizers for a drinkable *milkshake*. My kids love the wildberry and mango/banana from Traderspoint.The uses really do go beyond the baby food stage. I did find these A LOT cheaper by googling it. In fact, for around 3 times LESS than amazon. So, do your homework.

Sophia Hooper, NE

Don’t believe the mixed reviews– the Babypote pouches are fantastic!!

We have tried every single brand of re-useable pouch with multiple kiddos. And the Beaba Babypote is, by far, the highest quality and best version. Its a bit pricey and hard to find, but totally worth the money and effort. Here are highlights:1. Very easy to clean– it comes apart into multiple pieces and cleans easily in the top rack of the dishwasher2. Easy to fill– a wider than normal mouth means you can fill it easily without extra tools. I tip yogurt into this straight from the large yogurt container (no spoons!) and it fills easily.3. Easy for kiddos to use- the top pops off and kids can easily use it without much guidance.4) BPA-free and non-toxic for peace of mind.5) Saved us from all the pre-made, expensive pouches in the grocery store. We use it for applesauce, yogurt, and homemade purees.Other reviewers have pointed out that its "squishy" but we haven’t found this to be a problem at all. It is durable, high-quality, and has lasted us a very long time.Highly recommended!

Florence Gunlock, UT

Fabulous squeeze pouch

I love the softness and durability of this squeeze pouch. Unlike most squeezie packs you buy with food already in them, the part that goes in baby’s mouth is smooth. I always buy BPA free for my baby too so this was the only one I could find that got that right.

Dolly Shickley, NE

Good Concept

I like the idea of this product more than actual device. We bought two of these and one of the orange caps was difficult to remove. It is a hassle to load and clean them so we’ve only used them once or twice in the couple months since they arrived.

Dona Callao, VA