BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons, Sorbet/Gipsy, 4 Count

BEABA First Stage Silicone Spoons, Sorbet/Gipsy, 4 Count

This set of 4 First Stage Silicone Spoons is designed for babies being introduced to solids. The handle is designed for an adult’s hand so that parent can easily feed baby. Made of ultra supple silicone to be kind to baby’s gums. Dishwasher safe.

Main features

  • Silicone
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Set of 4 First Stage Silicone Spoons
  • Designed for babies being introduced to solids
  • Handles are designed so that parents can easily feed baby
  • Hygienic, all silicone design
  • BPA, Lead and Phthalate free

Verified reviews


stain feasily

I am surprised older reviews do not mention it: the spoons get stained by food, and it is impossible to wash these stains off. So I end up using only one of them for orange foods (carrot, sweet potato), and only one for green foods (broccoli, zucchini). It makes me wonder though whether any bacteria get accumulated in the spoons…

Mayra Shanks, WV

too big and deep for 6 month old firsttime feeder

I bought this spoon set, hoping that the silicone would be gentle for my firsttime feeder. Unfortunately, the spoon was too big and too deep. Save your money, and buy the the NUK/Gerber spoon.

Lilly East Amherst, NY

Made in China

Just don’t want anything that is going into my baby’s mouth to be made in China. With so many recalls and toxics coming out of China, I wouldn’t trust anything plastic out of there!

Kelsey Montcalm, WV

Like almost love

I really like these spoons. Colorful, useful and nice to look at. But they stain with certain food (ie sweet potatoes). I washed them as soon as we were done but there is a slight orangey tent to them. Oh well no biggy I still like them.

Bettye Chesaning, MI

My 6 months son likes it

I only used it once since I received them yesterday. My nanny said they are too big for my son’s teeth so I went to WalMart to buy Gerber’s and Munchkin’s as backups. After my husband came back from work, we couldn’t wait for another minute to record my son’s first bite of solid in his life. Well, my son loves them (Beaba). We couldn’t tell if he was actually enjoying the food or enjoying chewing the spoon!! As much as I love these spoons, I might have a second thought of buying 2nd set just because of the price.

Celia Centerville, AR

nice but they stain

I don’t like that they stain, purely an aesthetic thing on my part but when I spend this much on baby spoons I’d like them to look nice. I’ve tried all the stain removal suggestions and they just don’t come clean

Melanie Apollo, PA

Worth the money!!

We got these when our daughter was just 4 months old in order to get her used to using a spoon before actually starting solids. She loved the feel of them and would chew and play with them while we ate dinner. Now, at almost 7 months, we use them multiple times a day for feeding & they have been perfect! I love that they are silicone and easy to clean. I haven’t had any problems with staining, although I make my own baby food (not sure if that makes a difference). Yes, they are expensive, but we only have 1 set and it works just fine for us. Highly recommend!

Carissa North Bend, OR

Pretty but not useful

Ok, I admit, I bought these because they are pretty. And yes, they are pretty. BUT, not very useful. So, though they are tempting, I don’t recommend the purchase.The spoon is too big and even a bit too deep for a small baby’s mouth. We tried these at 4, 6 and 7 months, and don’t really like them. They also stain. So they are no longer pretty, the reason I bought them.PROS:- prettyCONS:- too big for small baby- too deep for small baby- stainBottom line: Just enjoy looking at the pictures online and instead go for the munchkins spoons for beginning eaters.

Emilia Gibbon, NE

Say No To Germs

You can buy 5 spoons for $4 from another brand and think you are clever and smart for not paying more money for these Beaba spoons OR you can remind yourself that those other plastic spoons, while they may be BPA free, aren’t one solid piece of construction. And what happens when multiple pieces are molded together after hundreds of dishwasher abuse and doubling as a teething toy? yeah, it splits apart. and guess what ends up in those cracks? Germs. Mold. Bacteria. Yuck. Not worth it.These Beaba spoons are one piece of silicone. They don’t get plastic "splinters" and they don’t separate. These are worth the money. Save yourself the trouble and get these spoons for your wee ones. They will last longer than the other brand(cough cough Munchkin cough).

Alexis Denton, MT

LOVE them!

I was hesitant to shell out so much for baby spoons, but they are worth it! The entire spoon is silicone, so when my baby starts to chew on them, I don’t have to worry about him accidentally chewing on metal. Also, the spoons can hold a decent amount of food, unlike some other brands that I have (e.g. Gerber). Like other reviewers mentioned, they are handle heavy, so whenever I need to set one down, I turn the spoon downward and rest the head of the spoon on the edge of the bowl/plate. The colors are also very vibrant, which is an added plus. Wouldn’t hesitate to order these again!Update – 12/6/12After a couple of weeks of use, I’ve noticed that the silicone is starting to become discolored due to all the orange-colored foods my baby has been eating (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, etc.). For that reason, I have downgraded to 4 stars.

Aurora Rock Rapids, IA

Perfect for my 6 month old

When I received these spoons I thought they’d be too bulky for my 6 month old’s mouth. However, I found that they fit into her little mouth perfectly, and she loves to grab and munch on them during and after the meal. They are very soft and rubbery, and very sturdy too. I bought two sets and I’ll definitely buy more if necessary, but they seem like they’re sturdy and will hold up forever. Love them!

Bernadine Garyville, LA

Awesome spoons!!

We have only been using these spoons a few days but I love them! We had been using soft tip spoons with a metal handle and while they served us well, I was always nervous when my son wanted to play with them. These spoons erase those worries! I love that they’re all silicone! Yes, they do stain but that doesn’t really bother me.

Ida Caplinger Mills, MO

These are designed very well.

These are designed very well. The length is useful when helping a new eater learn how to eat – it offers flexibility in how your approach the baby’s mouth. My teether likes to occasionally bite down and chew on them and there is no harm done. And very easy to clean.

Jeannie Emmonak, AK

Worth every penny

I couldn’t believe I was spending so much money on friggin spoons…but wow were they worth the money! The silicone is super soft so it feels good on baby gums, and the handle is long and is so comfortable for the feeder. I thought I was crazy for liking a spoon so much, but everyone who uses them (nanny, grandparents, etc.) makes a comment about how nice they are!

Sabrina West Chicago, IL

the BEST silicon spoons

I absolutely LOVE these spoons. They are made with silicons. They are soft and safe for your baby’s feeding items. The spoons are in solid one piece and you will not have any problem washing them like you do with two pieced spoons (like the one with metal spoon with silicon cover on the bowl part). There are no gap for the foods to get stuck! so, it is very sanitary 🙂 The weight is not light but not heavy. It is more on the heavy side but that is great because you dont have any problem finding on the bottom of the dishwasher when you wash. (like, when you try to wash a plastic spoon, they fly inside of the dishwasher and you find it on the bottom 🙁 anyways, this spoon is soft and very gentle when you scoop up some foods off from baby’s face. I absolutely love it and I dont have any complain about it. It is expensive but it worth the money!

Amber Piru, CA

easy to clean. safe for baby

Great spoons. A bit expensive, but worth the price for a smooth high quality silicone spoon that doesnt have any seams or creases.

Flossie Marienville, PA

Very soft but they stain

I liked these spoons a lot. They are very soft and made feeding my 4 months old rice cereals enjoyable. However, as soon as i introduced carrots, the spoons turned orange!! It is really from the very first feed the color stained and it would never go away 🙁 Too bad!!

Mercedes Glover, VT

Baby loves it

This is a great spoon. It’s pricey but it’s so easy on baby’s gums that she gnaws on it sometimes

Lynda Walden, CO

These are perfect for the first time solid eater

These are perfect for the first time solid eater. I’ve started with Rice cereal in a bowl and they hold the food well. It’s also perfect for my 4 month old who is teething as they are soft yet durable to withstand his biting. They clean up nicely. I’d highly recommend them for your first time solid eater.

Sallie Foley, MO

Expensive, but worth it

I was hesitant to spend so much on spoons; however, they are good quality and my baby likes gumming them. Careful with carrots though; they stain.

Angeline Spring Park, MN

Great spoons.

I have 3 kids…a 5 year old and 4 year old and a 6 month old. These spoons are great! The soft, great quality silicone, makes it super easy to get baby food off the baby’s face gently and effectively when they are learning to eat and being messy. Probably as good as a spatula. 🙂 I love these.

Ada Pickens, MS

Absolutely love these spoons!

I did quite a bit of research before deciding on these beaba spoons. I was looking for something that had a small scoop, not too deep, long handle, BPA free, dishwasher safe, and cute. I finally found these beaba spoons and they fit all my criteria. I would buy these again and again.pros:
• SMALL, SHALLOW SCOOP – the scoop is the perfect shape and depth for feeding solids, especially for the first time. The scoop fits into little mouths just perfectly and holds just the right amount of food. Also, I liked that the scoop part was silicone, not plastic or metal. My son loves to gnaw on these spoons and found that the silicone material is easier on his gums/teeth.
• LONG HANDLE – i didn’t realize how much I liked having a long handle. There are times (quite a lot of them actually) when my son will be looking elsewhere instead of straight ahead while i’m feeding him. Having a long handle gives me better control when aiming for his mouth, as well as making it easier to reach towards his mouth when he’s facing sideways.
• GREAT QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL – i have a new found love of silicone. They feel great, they last a long time and they’re easy on the gums/teeth. I also love the fact that the silicone material stays relatively cool.
• LOOKS CUTE – these are fun to feed solids with. I’m allll for functionality and style.cons:
• STAINS – the clear silicone parts will stain, especially when feeding carrots or beets. So I just try to feed carrots with the orange spoon, beets with the red one, and green veggies with the green spoon. And now the stains look like they’re part of the design. 🙂
• EXPENSIVE – these aren’t the cheapest spoons and if you’re prone to losing things, these might not be the best investment for you. Because I know how much I paid for these, I always keep track of where my spoons are when we travel.I absolutely adore these spoons. I will be buying the spoon and fork set from beaba next!

Socorro Limaville, OH

Really didn’t want to like these…

I wanted to hate these spoons since they were so awfully expensive. I mean they are just baby spoons after all. Right? Wrong! These are four little lifesavers. I don’t know what it is, but I have five different types of spoons and these are her favorite. I should have saved the money buying the other sets and just bought two of these instead! It holds a nice amount, and her mouth just glides right off. Philosophically, I still had to knock off one star for price, but other than that, these are perfect.

Emma Cassel, CA

Great Spoons

Not really sure what to say about a spoon. They work. I put food on them, and my daughter eats it. To be fair, I haven’t used many baby spoons at this point, so maybe there is such a thing as a terrible spoon. We have a choo-choo train silicone spoon from Oogaa, and that works, too.The Beaba spoons are very soft and I like that they’re BPA free. I bought them with my Babycook, which is one of my favorite baby products ever. These aren’t terribly large, so I guess if you’re feeding an older child, these aren’t ideal. But for one just starting on solids, they’re great.

Genevieve Kadoka, SD

love almost everything about these spoons!

great design, very functional, love the colors.the only downside is that i noticed that things like carrot puree will tinge the clear parts of the spoon … so the clear portion will have a permanent orange tint to it, no matter how many times you wash. the carrots were organic without any dyes- so i was a little surprised. but i would still buy again and recommend because i loved them so much.

Ginger Bradford, IA

Good spoon

These spoons work great and come in good colors. Nice long handles and great grip. You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Lorene Sterling, AK

just ok…

Nice colours (though not the ones pictured, which i wanted), nice feel, but handles too long to be practical…they would be good for scraping baby food jars without getting your hands mucky, but we don’t use storebought baby food, so this point is irrelevant for us. Would not purchase again, as they are expensive for what they are, and our other ones work just as well/better…

Lorna Freeman, MO

Safe and well made

Firstly it’s very safe to use, entire spoon is flexible than any other baby spoons so if baby accidentally bite the spoon with their little teeth, it won’t hurt their teeth or gum. Cute colors. The price is higher than the standard baby spoons but it worth the money.

Myra Gray Hawk, KY

Great spoons

The shape, size, and weight of these spoons are perfect. The soft texture is great for gums and teething babies but is still strong enough for the face scrape (without being irritating to the skin). My little guy does occasionally gag himself if I let him play with them but they are not intended for infants to self-feed. The only caveats are (1) the price and (2) that carrots and other orange foods stain them. All-in-all, they’ve been great and I would definitely recommend.

Suzanne Moody, MO

Perfect for our 5 month old

LOVE these spoons. Unlike the Munchkin, they hold enough food for our boy to eat, without my spilling too much. My only gripe is with the price (really almost $5 per spoon?) Otherwise perfect.

Lenore Goodlettsville, TN