BEABA Silicone Multiportions Container – Baby Food Storage Silicone Tray

BEABA Silicone Multiportions Container – Baby Food Storage Silicone Tray

Beaba has over 25 years of experience producing everything you need to make and store baby food at home. The Multiportions baby food storage tray is the world’s most popular baby food storage container. The versatile silicone design is dishwasher safe and can be used in the freezer, oven and microwave. Food won’t stick to the container with our premium FDA grade material allowing moms and dads to easily pop out one or more servings of delicious homemade baby food. Save time in the kitchen by storing up to a week’s worth of food in our 7-cup design. The Multiportions tray grows with your kids and is great for tasks outside storing baby food as well. The tray can easily be used to make desserts and snacks like popsicles, chocolates and even for baking cupcakes. Multiportions is a great serving tray to give kids multiple snack options in one container that can easily be resealed. Beaba’s Multiportions makes baby food storage and container clean up a breeze.

Main features

  • Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave Safe
  • Non-Stick Silicone for Easy Pop-Out of Frozen Foods
  • FDA Food Grade Silicone is BPA, Lead & Phthalate Free
  • Stores 7 individual 2oz Servings for a week of meals
  • Use Mold for Other Foods Including: Chocolate, Popsicles and More, Serves as a Great Snack Tray for Kids of All Ages

Verified reviews


Great product, but carries a bad odor

I have the Beaba baby food maker and two of the trays. I also use my food processor to make food. I have twins and make a lot of organic food to freeze. I freeze the food in the trays and then transfer then to FoodSaver bags so they never get freezer burned. The one thing I HATE about the trays is that they have a weird, unpleasant odor to them. The odor does not smell like the foods I stored in them. For the most part, I wash them by hand. I tried soaking them in vinegar and figured the steam from the dishwasher might help, but nothing gets rid of the odor. When I first got the trays, I had to run hot water over them to pop the food out.Now that I’ve been using them for a while, I can easily pop the food out without water. I do try to transfer the food as soon as possible b/c the seal on the trays is not perfect and freezer burn can happen if you let them sit for too long. I do feel the trays are overpriced. I have 2 trays and could easily use 2-4 more to freeze the batches I make. It’s annoying to have to keep rotating the food to try to freeze it before it goes bad.

Antonia Lucernemines, PA

Works well, but I’ve found a small conatiner that I like better…

These work well for pretty much freezing only. I’ve found a small Sure LID 4 oz container (a little bigger portion size, but I just don’t fill them up all the way). They have an aatached lid and I can just take them out of the freezer and pop into the diaper bag. The attached lid is the real selling point for me.Sure Lid Lock-Seal Plastic Storage Containers * BPA Free, Leakproof, Waterproof Attached Hinged Flip-Top Lid with Lock Tab * 4 Ounce/Half Cup/118mL – 2 Per Pack

Mindy Rothville, MO


We have 6 of these trays in various colors. My husband and I both work and make our daughter’s baby food instead of buying jars. We make large batches on the weekends and having multiple trays allows us to make a variety of foods that we can then combine when defrosted during the week. I love that they stack neatly in the freezer, have a lid (which a lot of other baby food trays don’t have), and the frozen portions pop out easily. Another reviewer wrote they use it as a serving tray for baby instead of many bowls–I will most certainly try that when baby is ready to feed herself.As a tip…the lid isn’t completely airtight (as other mentioned) so I wouldn’t recommend leaving the food in the tray until you’re ready to serve. We pop food portions out after freezing over night and store in labeled bags. This is very handy for grabbing foods quickly.

Allie Niland, CA

Used it twice, won’t use it again

This tray is huge, bulky, and awkward in the freezer. It makes 2 oz portions, which are fine if you want to feed your baby 2 ounces of the same food, but I like to combine one ounce of this with one ounce of that. Also, the cubes are fairly impossible to pop out of the tray. You can run it under hot water as other users have done, but that makes a big wet avocado-ey mess. I prefer to use regular ice cube trays with some saran wrap on top!

Emilie Green Sulphur Springs, WV

crappy lid

The lid merely sits on the top, and is a huge pain to get on and off, especially since we use this to freeze milk. Half the time it spills everywhere while I’m moving it to the freezer. Sooo annoying but at least the bottom is silicon. It will be useful for baby food and less-liquid things.

Katherine Rosine, KY

Not just for baby food!

I am just so in love with these trays! I now have four!!! I have used them for baby food and have even whipped up a batch of pesto and frozen it. Once your food is frozen, they literally just pop right out! I couldn’t be happier with these!

Candy Morgan, UT

Worth the expensive price

I bought this product because I needed freezer trays and was trying to use up the remainder of a gift card I had. Im glad that I had the gift card to go towards this product because I know that it is very expensive. here are the reasons that I enjoy this product:1) I use it often, every 3-6 days. If I think about it like that then I feel like Im really getting my moneys worth2) The silicone makes it not only easy to clean and durable but a breeze to pop food out without having to worry about breaking the device3) I like that it has a lid, and for the most part I really feel like they did the best that they could to make the lid fit on properly and snuggly4) The size of the cubes are perfect for my needs. they are a good helping size and I never need to feed my baby anymore at one sitting. I dont waste a lot of food, if any, and my baby doesnt leave wanting moresuggestions to this product and its use:1) I have a small freezer, its not standard size and therefore things freezer burn in my freezer at double the rate. Due to this issue that has nothing to do with the product, I overfill these cubes so that the top is touching the lid and no freezer burn is able to form before I can transfer them over into a freezer bag2) because the cubes are bigger I thaw them out the night before in my refridgerator so that by midday they are thawed all the way through and i can easy heat the food evenly from there.I gave this a four instead of five stars simply because they could have devised a snap lock lid system for the money they are charging and made this an overall outstanding item and also because the price point is a little high, Im sure that its not even close to that much money to put together some silicone! i think baby items should be reasonably priced so that even those that are a little less fortunate can enjoy quality baby products such as a way to freeze food.

Ann Eva, TN

Easy to get food out

I have several types of baby food molds and this is my favorite. It is soft and rubbery so I am able to push up from the bottom of the mold to remove the food. I don’t like having to run hot water over the back, like I have to with my other molds, because I don’t like tap water getting on the food. (I’m a little obsessive, compulsive) Just make sure not to fill the molds all the way to the top because the food expands and then you’ll have food on the lid. Makes for easier cleaning if you don’t get food on the lid.

Beryl Hawley, MN

Better Than Ice Cube Trays!

I purchased this multiportion tray at the same time I was purchasing my Beaba Babycook machine. They were both a very expensive impulse purchase. But I am glad that I bought them both!I love this multiportion tray!-it is made of flexible silicone so that you can push on the bottom of each individual portion when you want to release only 1 or 2 for a meal. unlike a hard ice cube tray that you have to twist & break, which releases everything frozen in them, you can choose how many portions to release.-each portion is deep! with each portion holding 2 ounces, you quickly amass a great amount of fresh baby food! you can pop the portions out & keep them frozen in ziploc bags, or keep them in this tray until you are ready to use them.-this tray is dishwasher safe! I personally love things that are dishwasher safe. with all the deep wells, this is a bit of a pain to hand wash. I love that I can pop both pieces on the top rack & know that it is clean & sanitized when I pull it back out. (apparently it is also microwave safe, but I don’t know why you would put it in the microwave)-it is sturdy & stands upright for filling. this tray is made of silicone but it is sturdy. it is flexible when you want it to be flexible, but it is sturdy when you are filling, moving, & releasing the food. the sides do not collapse & the food does not spill.-all the food comes out! One danger of freezing breastmilk or baby food in containers not designed to hold these items is that you can loose vital nutrients of the foods/milk. fat from breastmilk & a good amount of food remains stuck to the sides of ziploc bags. also, regular, cheap ice cube trays are not effective for releasing every bit of the food. you also NEED something with a lid so that the smells & nastiness of your freezer does not creep its way into the baby food you have worked so hard on!-they are fun to look at. not too serious, but these are cute & effective. well done, Beaba. your design hooked me!But, at the end of the day is this product necessary? No. I often stored my baby food in glass containers & stored them in the freezer. This is an expensive baby food holder. I also bought a breastmilk/baby food safe freezer tray (that looks like an ice cube tray). I will probably use glass jars, the Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray, & the food safe freezer tray for all of my baby food with this child.

Janine Bowden, WV

Hard to use

I wanted to like this tray since it got such good reviews. It was pricey for what you get but I thought I would try it. I had a hard time removing the frozen food without letting the container partially though. This was not an ideal solution for me. I prefer the Baby Sprout containers.

Lupe Culloden, GA

Great for freezing homemade baby food!

I love these trays!Yes, they’re expensive… but worth it to me.They stack VERY neatly in the freezer, the lids seal tightly and keep everything fresh, and the food is easily removed for use (or, storage in a baggie so I can use the same tray again for more food).If you have any trouble getting the food cubes out just leave the lid on and run the bottom under a little warm water… the cubes will slide right out. 🙂

Cristina Waiteville, WV

Great product

I give four stars because it is super expensive. But the quality is fantastic. I make all my baby’s food and I just divide up the food in here, freeze them and pop them out and put them in baggies and put them back in the freezer. Works great. Sometimes I have to let the whole tray defrost for a little bit before I can slide out the food easily.

Lana Hutchinson, PA

Pop the frozen food up!

The reviews mostly cover the pros/cons of this glorified ice cube tray so I am just writing to say that the frozen food isn’t actually difficult to pop out of it. It won’t work if you try to break them out by twisting the sides as with a usual ice cube tray. Instead, put your thumb under each portion, twist a little and up they come! No need to spray the tray, run it under hot water or anything. It took me a while to get that down but now it is easy. Overall, this is a great product. It would be better if there was a 1 ounce portion size one too. Also, it is stupidly expensive but so is the whole Beaba line at the beginning. Hopefully, like an fancy gym membership, it pays off because it is so lux and costly that you feel compelled to get your money’s worth.

Autumn Holly, CO

perfect add on for your Beaba Babycook

I really love these. I bought several. I am not such a huge fan of the price, but they make getting the baby food out really easy and are handy when making your own baby foods. I like this brand over the others I bought. This seems to work better and is easier to get out.

Dorthy Milnesville, PA

One of my favorite baby products

The Beaba Multiportion Freezer Tray is one of our favorite baby products. We use a steamer and a food processor to make baby food. We put the food in one of these freezer trays, freeze for a couple of hours, and then pop the food out and store it in the freezer in Ziplock bags, labeled with the type of food and the date.I saw a previous comment that the serving sizes were too large. Um, no they are not. If you want less – don’t fill the cup all the way. Crazy how that works! I fill the cups to the top, and my son eats almost the entire serving. I am glad that the cups are as big as they are.Clean up is a breeze – we don’t put it in the dishwasher, we just run it under hot water.To prepare the frozen cubes, I pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds – then stir. Another 15 seconds, and another stir. Sometimes, another 10 seconds if I want to serve it warm.Great product for those who want to make cooking their own baby food even easier.

Laura Modena, NY

love silicon containers!

This is a great item! I love the silicon material. It is so easy to wash and dry! I don’t have any problem with this item. What you see is what you get. I am planning to use to make some ice cubes after my kid graduate from eating baby foods 🙂 Yes, it is expensive but the material is great and safe. I dont have any regret buying this item 🙂

Adrienne Wilmer, TX


I was given this as a shower gift – I never would have spent the money. I have used a couple other baby food freezing trays, and this one is my favorite – it seals tightly and the food is easy to get out of the tray after freezing. The portion sizes are a bit big for us now (with a 6 month old) but I suspect we will grow into it.

Dorothea Hutchinson, PA

Great but Pricey

This tray is well made and fairly easy to use. The food pops out pretty easily after turning the tray over and running hot water on it (without that step, the food pretty much won’t come out). I also have thegreen sprouts Silicone Freezer Tray, Greenand I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult it is to get food out of that one, so the Beaba is a breeze in comparison. I love that it has a lid, so freezer smells don’t seep into the food. The cubes fit perfectly into theWean Green Wean Cubes 4oz/120ml Baby Food Glass Containers – Multi Color (Set of 4)(one per cube) for easy microwaving. I gave it 4 stars because of the exorbitant price.

Cathleen Lazear, CO

Easy to use

I make and freeze all of my daughter’s food and I have two of these. I use them all the time. The food is easy to pop out. Carrots stain though, so be prepared for that.

Silvia Turkey, NC

Fun and functional, can’t be beat!

I’m a big beaba fan. After trying out the babycook machine and the beaba spoons, I decided to splurge and buy these freezer trays. I’m so glad that I did…no buyer’s regret here. I love that they are made of silicone and come with its own lid. The silicone material keeps the tray flexible so that it’s easier to remove the food balls (as my husband calls them). Just a few twists and turns on the tray and the food balls pop out. They’re so easy to clean too, dishwasher safe. I bought 3 more of these so I have 4 trays in different colors. Looks super cute in my freezer! 🙂 I would DEFINITELY recommend these to my friends.

Juliet Primghar, IA

Convenient & totally genius!

Worth every dollar! Pops out food instantly and I used it to make baby food and to also store chicken stock. Highly recommend this item. I ordered 5 trays and they are used constantly.

Maritza Foster, OK

You must break your hand to get the cubes out!

First off- way overpriced. Secondly, I have literally just given up and served my kid something else since the cubes are ridiculously hard to remove from the tray. Even if you do get them out, it will take a while and your hand will be sore and numb from handling something frozen for so long! I prefer the simple icecube tray version because if they get so hard they are difficult to remove, you can pound it on the counter. The material from these is so bendable (which you think could aid in removal) that any sort of blunt force does NOTHING. They are easy to clean and when they do come out, the portion is ok. My biggest complaint, actually, is the super weird chemical smell. NOW- all that said, I do still use it. When they slide out easily (on occasion) I love it. The colors are fun and the shape is appealing. To be fair, my husband doesn’t mind it (although he warms the bottom to release the cubes… I’m too weird about heating and refreezing, even if just a bit)

Susie Valley Bend, WV

Great for homemade baby food

I have used this a couple times when making my own baby food and I love it. It’s really easy to freeze food in. When the baby food is frozen you just run hot water on the back and pop out the food. It washes up nicely in the dishwasher. I think the ammount of food that it holds is good too. I would highly recommend this product.

Lola Homosassa, FL

Nice and easy

if you freez baby food this is for you!!! very easy to get it out!!!! Gets the job done. Be careful washing it in the dishwasher the plastic top can change its form and after does not cover well.

Joann Salesville, OH

Fantastic product by Beaba…

I purchased these to use with our baby girl, after having used them previously with other babies. I love Beaba products (except the rice maker), and these are just great. Unfortunately, we haven’t actually used this particular set because our baby refused to do pureed foods, but I know from past experience that these are wonderful products. They hold the perfect amount of food, and are VERY easy to pop out, even completely frozen, by using the clever little buttons on the base. The lid seals securely, and I’ve never had a problem with freezer burn at all. Nice design, non toxic materials, and nice feel. Highly recommend, and I will probably start using these soon for snacks for my kids lunchboxes…i love the colour of this one as well…we have had all available colours of these, and this is my favourite!

Nell Waelder, TX

Love it

This freezer tray is pretty easy to use, wash, and not to mention easy to pop out the baby food

Alyson Waldwick, NJ

Not easy to remove food and smells.

I used this for a couple months but had to return it. When used in the freezer it is very hard for my petite wife to pop the food out, even for me a 200 pound guy it was a bit hard. There is also this factory rubber smell that never went away. I sure hope it was safe for the food we gave our baby, but it was surprising that smell never diminished over time.Not recommended. Try the Oxo Baby Blocks instead, we love them!We do love our Beaba food steamer though.

Elda Pirtleville, AZ

Beaba multiportion freezer tray – easy food removal

I purchased a few of these after reading several reviews and I am not disappointed, they work great. I am making my own baby food, everything from greens to carrots to fruit and the Beaba multiportion freezer trays work great, with some effort you can push the food out straight out of the freezer, or with a quick run of hot water over the back they slide right out. I have tried others, a square silicone tray that a friend gave me, ice cube trays etc., but these are by far the best and if you’re making a lot of home made food like I am (twin boys), then I’d say this tray is worth the investment.

Deena Stopover, KY


So easy to use, easy to get out, great proportion size, used the whole time I made food for my daughter!

Magdalena Bryant, IA

Gets the job done but not a good value

My parents bought two of these trays as a Christmas gift for me since I make much of our daughter’s baby food.Pros:~ Easy to fill~ Easy to pop cubes outCons:~ Awkward, bulky shape~ Large cube size (our mostly-breastfed 7 month old eats at most 1.5-2 oz of food right now)~ Extremely overpriced compared to alternativesI purchased theAnnabel Karmel Freeze Cube Trayand not only is it just as easy to use as the Beaba freezer trays, but the cubes are a bit smaller and the tray itself is more compact. It’s also less than half the price, which to me is the most important aspect. The Beaba trays work fine for their intended purpose but are extremely over-priced.

Jeri Johnston, SC