Beaba Spoon and Fork Set

Beaba Spoon and Fork Set

Perfect for little hands learning to self-feed Set includes six spoons and four forks in assorted colors BPA-free, pthalate-free and PVC-free Polypropylene with Rubber Grip Dishwasher safe

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Product Dimensions – 4 L
  • Materials – polypropylene (PP) and elastomer (SEBS)

Verified reviews


Spoons are good, forks can’t really stab anything

We like Beaba’s line of products, but here the forks are falling short. My 20 month old really can’t use them to stab/spear a piece of anything. We are going to try something with metal tines and hopefully that will alleviate his frustration with these forks. Now and when he was younger the spoons are a good fit for his hands and allow him to pick up a decent amount of food shoveling it on.

Joann Toccoa, GA

Good for child sized hands

Our daughter started using these spoons around 15 months when she started to want to self feed and the oxo spoons were too long. They are perfectly sized for her, but a bit awkward for me when I’m scraping up the last of the yogurt/applesauce/etc out of a bowl for her. We also got 5 spoons and 3 forks which was kinda strange but she uses spoons more than forks these days so I don’t care too much. She’s 18 months now and self feeds most spoonable things with these except for soup, which is just too liquid for her right now. I would buy these again or give as a gift.

Kelli Chuuk, FM

Perfect for litttle hands

My son really wants to feed himself now, even though I still have to help him. These little utensils are a perfect size for his hands and he can practice with them while I sneak in bites. Works great. Durable. No problems.

Tommie Paoli, IN

Great spoons

As usual, Beaba never disappoints you! The spoons and forks are great whether you are feeding the baby or he is feeding himself. They are also dishwasher safe. I threw them in the dishwasher several times and they came out nice and clean.

Cara Moose Lake, MN

Nice product but the width for the spoon and fork not practical for babies learning to feed themselves

Way too wide for my 12 month olds mouth. It’s hard enough to get his spoon to his mouth all by himself but trying to get the spoon IN his mouth is a different story.

Beatriz Markle, IN


I’ve been searching for a short plastic spoon for my 15-month old. A lot of the spoons in the store have a plastic handle and metal on the part that goes in their mouth. Definitely not good for a teething toddler!These spoons are the perfect length, and the scoop angle on the spoon is just right.Definitely recommend!

Lana Gregory, TX

Great feeding tools for toddler

We received this Beaba Spoon & Fork Set from a friend for our toddler and he loves them. I like the mix-and-match colors. The spoon is deep enough for soup and cereal. The fork is sharp enough to spear meats and veggies, but not too sharp that I have to worry about him hurting himself. The handles are the perfect length for his little toddler hands to hold securely.The only thing I find odd is why they package it as six spoons and four forks – why not five and five? I don’t find that I need more spoons than forks and there have been times when I’ve wished I had just one more fork (I split the sets up into various diaper bags so that we always have a set no matter which bag we have with us on the go.

Teri Farmingdale, ME

Love Beaba for every stage!

This set of spoons is not silicone like the other ones they have; these are plastic and (though outrageously pricey) I think they are great for a toddler learning to feed himself. My son started to feed himself with this and loves using it, it is just his size and makes it easier for him to get the hang of feeding himself rather then trying to finagle heavy steel/silver ware. Highly recommend, if you are not scared off by the price tag, otherwise I have no doubt there are comparable sets available for a lot less.

Reyna Oneida, PA