Beaba Toddler Soft Cup Set – Wide Base and Slip-Resistant

Beaba Toddler Soft Cup Set – Wide Base and Slip-Resistant

The Beaba Soft Cup Set includes three (3) perfect glasses for little hands learning to drink from an open cup. The set includes one cup in green, one in yellow and one in blue. The non-slip, wide bottom helps stabilize the glass. Stackable for easy storage and dishwasher safe. BPA, phthalate and PVC-free. Made from polypropylene (PP) and elastomer (SEBS). 3in diameter x 2.5 H Founded in 1989 and headquartered in France, Beaba is revolutionizing the traditional infant market by offering today’s parents a range of conceptually and technically innovative products, including the groundbreaking Babycook, the Original Babyfood Maker. Their mission is to listen to what parents want and ensure that safety, functionality and ergonomics are the forefront of the priority list when it comes to babies’ well being.

Main features

  • Three perfect glasses for little hands learning to drink from an open cup
  • BPA, phthalate and PVC-free
  • The non-slip, wide bottom helps stabilize the glass.
  • Stackable for easy storage and dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


good but we dont use it so much

got this because the kid is transferring to works, but still spills.worth it?dont know.

Rhoda Virgilina, VA

Made in china

Bought because it was thought it wasn’t made in china, that was a big deal with the first child but it is made in china.

Vicky Coon Valley, WI

pretty darn good

I like the heavy bottoms of the cups as it makes it harder for my daughter to knock over and spill. These are not spill proof by any means, but it takes a bit more effort. I wish they were a bit rounder, as my daughter (8 months and learning about cups, not sippy cups) has a hard time with straight edges. Overall I’m pleased and I would buy them again

Leann Marshall, MN

Wish they were bigger

I LOVE the concept of these cups (as cups getting knocked over is an everyday occurrence at our house), and I think they would be good for maybe a 2-year-old, but they’re too small for a 3 or 4 year old. They hold 4 oz if filled to the very top. My daughter is old enough to get water for herself, so with these cups she ALWAYS overfills it, and ends up splashing it all over the floor as she’s walking with it.

Ilene Webster, NY

My son loves them

They are great size for little children hands. They don’t tip easily. They are easy to clean. They are good sizes for drinks.

Tiffany Hyampom, CA

Perfect size for toddlers

This is a good practice cup to prepare for regular cup use. If it spills (which it rarely does due to the wide base), there isn’t much liquid to clean up. It is also great for juice (since I give that sparingly) since it is small but my son feels like he is getting a full glass!

Michell San Joaquin, CA

Nice cup set

This is a nice set of cups. The size is perfect for my 18-month old. Her little hands fit nicely around the cup and it holds the right amount of liquid. I really don’t want her to have a regular cup’s worth of liquid in hand since she still spiills. Also, the base of the cup makes them less likely to topple over. And, the best part is that the cups are bpa-free so I don’t worry about my child drinking from a plastic container. The reason I’m only giving 4 stars and not 5 is because the colors are a bit lack-luster and they are a bit pricey.

Marianne Catoosa, OK

Sturdy and easy for little hands to handle

We’ve had these cups for several years now, and they’ve held up well. What I like most about them is how easy it is for toddlers to get their fingers around them and how hard it is to tip them over. They don’t hold a lot of liquid, but for us that is also a plus: spills are low stakes.

Kristina Wayland, KY


We also have the Bjorn, which was 3 times the price. We like these better. Perfect for my sons little mouth, sticks pretty well, easy to use and generally no spills.

Iris Winston Salem, NC

Small, but sturdy.

Perfect for small hands and small helpings. These don’t tip over because the bottoms are sticky/rubbery and are very stable. Better than a sippy cup!

Camilla West Union, MN