Bean B Clean Baby Scalp Massaging Brush for Cradle Cap

Bean B Clean Baby Scalp Massaging Brush for Cradle Cap

The Bean-B-Clean A parent’s best friend in the fight against cradle cap. Cradle cap is not a reflection on you as a parent- many babies will experience it. Cradle cap (seborrhea) is crusty or flaky skin that can appear on baby’s scalp, ears, or even eyebrows. Head it off at the pass or lessen the severity (if it’s already present) by using The Bean-B-Clean as recommended every day. ? Wet baby’s head with warm water. Use a small amount of your favorite oil (baby, olive, vegetable) and massage into baby’s scalp. ? Apply gentle pressure using a circular motion as you massage baby’s scalp with The Bean-B-Clean brush; rinse baby’s head. Wash brush with any soap and warm water and rinse it to free captured oil and loosened debris. ? Using your favorite tear-free baby shampoo, lather baby’s head. Use scrub brush to gently massage away any remaining traces of oil. ? Rinse and repeat as necessary. ? Make sure to wash The Bean-B-Clean with soap and warm water and rinse thoroughly between uses. Store (bristles down) in an open area to air dry. Note: Do not use on baby’s scalp if abrasions or irritation are present.

Main features

  • Only Product like it on the market
  • Prevents Cradle Cap
  • Lessens the severity if Cradle Cap already present
  • Easy to use
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


No cradle cap

When my sister’s babies showed signs of cradle cap, I wanted to try to prevent it when my baby was born. I started using this brush on his first bath and he has no signs of cradle cap at all. He’s now a little over three weeks and nothing has developed. I plan to continue using the brush at bath time to prevent any cradle cap from forming. It’s easy to use and gentle on my baby’s head. I recommend it.—update—During one wash at about two months old, my baby’s scalp let loose a bunch of skin flakes. Since I use the brush every time I wash him, the flakes were removed and didn’t show any signs of cradle cap after bath time. It’s been almost three months now, and I haven’t seen one sign of cradle cap. Plain and simple: this brush works! Be sure to follow the directions, as the oil loosens the flakes and the soap washes it away.—update—My baby is now six months old. No sign of cradle cap. Ever! Awesome product. Follow the directions, use it every time, and you and your baby will be happy! Highly recommended.—update—We kept this brush for use on our newborn, now three-months old. I have used this brush on both my kids from the moment we took them home from the hospital and they’ve never had cradle cap. Love this brush and plan on keeping it for all our kids!

Annabelle Beavercreek, OR

Love it!

My daughter has suffered from awful cradle cap since birth (she is now 10 months). With her full head of hair, it is really difficult to get to her scalp to gently treat this problem. After just one use of this product I have seen a vast improvement. I would def recommend this product.

Selma Beaver, OR

Great little brush

This brush has been instrumental in getting rid of my son’s cradle cap. I use it in conjunction with the Mustela Foaming Shampoo and the Mustela Stelaker Scalp Cream and his cradle cap was gone in a week. The bristles are soft, but stiff enough to put a little pressure on the scalp to release the flakes. I used it to massage the cream in and then again when I used the shampoo. Great little brush! It also comes apart so you can fully dry it too.

Catherine Art, TX

Really does work

Cradle cap was gone after one use! Plus baby loves the way it feels. You could probably use a soft toothbrush and get the same effect, but this was really nice and made for a quick job.

Jerry Piedmont, OH

Just ok

My son had a mild case of cradle cap. I bought this to use with the Mustela foam shampoo (which I love). My son is still an infant and this brush was too rough for him. If your child has a mild case don’t bother with this brush. This brush is probably better with bad cases of cradle cap.

Trudy Sulphur Springs, OH

Five Stars

Muy útil aunque mi bebe nació limpio ayudo a darle masaje al cuero cabelludo y le salió cabello

Barbara Orient, SD

The only thing you need for Cradle Cap – use with regular baby wash and gently massage away the flakey skin

My son got cradle cap out of nowhere – it just seemed to appear overnight. I tried every special shampoo I could find and none of them worked. Then I found this little gem and the cradle cap was completely gone after 2 uses! I just used a little Burt’s Bees baby wash on his hair and while the soap was still on there, I gently massaged his scalp in a circular motion and the flakey skin just came right off. I have been using this since my son was 2 weeks old (he now almost 9 months) and he’s never had another issue with cradle cap. Now that he has more hair, I use it in the bath and also as a brush a couple times a day. It comes apart easily for drying so no need to worry about icky mildew growing. I can’t say enough about this amazing little product. Save your money – stop buying special shampoos and lotions and just give this a try!

Della Dagsboro, DE


Came home with the ones from the hospital and those gave up on me pretty quick. This one has been around for months and still going strong.

Magdalena Brooklyn, IA


My 5 month old had cradle cap that refused to go away and this product in conjunction with stelaker and shampoo did the trick in about a week of using it daily.

Ann Pinewood, SC

Excellent to

This was the most helpful product at reducing my son’s cradle cap. We would gently scrub with this using the special shampoo and I found it really help break up flakes.

Ingrid Crescent, IA


Great for styling baby’s hair, does not really do anything for cradle cap or thicker dandruff. Probably because the bristles are really soft.

Rose Bryant, AR

nice wide brush

soft bristles, nice large shape that easily runs over his scalp with no problems. can massage dry or with oil or with shampoo in the bath, but this is a great size and shape for your hand and worked great in our case to work the cradle cap out of the hair line. recommend!

Rosario Fredonia, KY

Cleared up cradle cap

This scalp massaging brush worked great for us. We saw a huge improvement after the first use and I only used it a few more times after that and the cradle cap never returned. I used olive oil the first time, along with cradle cap shampoo. My baby didn’t mind the brush at all and had no tears, just lay happily in his bath. I would definitely recommend!

Chelsea Blair, NE

Gentle yet effective

My son was battling nasty cradle cap for two months….I used this in conjunction with the Bella Bee cradle cap shampoo and his scalp was better after one scrub. It’s been a week now and the flakes are almost gone. My son doesn’t make a peep while getting his head scrubbed so it must be gentle.

Bernadette Newfolden, MN

Soft but very effective!

My son had really and persistent cradle cap and I thought I would try this after reading the reviews about it. What I like best is that the bristles aren’t the same as the ones on a baby brush- they’re nylon, bendy, but really effective at removing those flakes from his scalp. I use the Mustela Foaming cradle cap shampoo, and I apply the shampoo, scrub a little with this brush, and then let the shampoo sit for just a minute before rinsing it off. Within a week of using these two together, his cradle cap is all but gone, with just a few white flakes now and then, but no yellow crusty areas and no oily areas. Great product!

Delia Sand Fork, WV

Best comb/brush for an infant

The tips of the the hairs on this brush have little rounded spots that make this really great. Its soft to the scalp of the baby and works as a comb. Its also really great in having just the right amount flex. It combs the hair while being soft on the scalp. We use this more than the other comb we have.

Inez Fort Davis, AL

Cradle cap gone

this totally took care of my baby’s cradle cap in one use. Tip, use coconut oil, let it soak in for 10 minutes before the bath, then wash the coconut oil off and brush the skin with this thing. DONE.

Bonita Oxly, MO

works great!

When I had my son, the nurses at the hospital told me to feel free to take home any of the supplies that were in the drawer of my son’s cart. There was one of these things in there. I looked at it and thought, wow, what a crappy, cheap hair brush – I don’t need this because I have a nice, soft hairbrush already for him…so I didn’t take it. Little did I know it was not a hairbrush, lol! Now, here I am buying one. Alas, we new mothers learn as we go…… This thing works great though. 🙂

Sabrina Goshen, VA

Great for cradle cap!

This worked perfectly. My baby had a flakey little scalp that I could not get clean, I massaged it while shampooing with a brush and even brushed her hair every feeding to try and get it all off. I was too afraid to scrub too hard because of her soft spot. After using this just one week, it cleared up dramatically. I use it with bella bee cradle cap shampoo, not sure if you even need that special shampoo with this but I just wanted it gone fast. Its been about a month now and cradle cap is COMPLETELY gone 🙂 I love it because I don’t have to scrub her lil head hard at all, the bristles are tiny and soft so they lift up that shedding skin easily. I use it now just because it’s not abrasive and cleans well, so why not… Another reviewer stated you could get it free at your hospital or whatever, well good luck tracking that down. This is worth it at under $10, just get your baby taken care of NOW! Oh and for a tip… The bristles come off the rigid backing so I use it that way so that it curves to her head better, either way you’ll be happy with this purchase!

Stacy Belfry, KY

Great for cradle cap – very different than regular baby hairbrush

When my little one developed cradle cap, I searched online for treatment options. Many forums recommended shampooing and brushing way the flakes with a regular baby brush. I tried this and had pretty good success. When I ordered cradle cap shampoo from amazon, I came across this brush in my search. I was skeptical at first as to how different it would be than what I was already using, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I’m so glad I did! This brush is compost of soft plastic like bristles instead of “clusters” of bristles found on a regular hairbrush or toothbrush. This makes it so much easier to clean after using it to remove flakes from a little one’s head. Gentle, effective, and easy to clean. Excellent in my opinion!

Brandi Mellen, WI


My first daughter had cradle cap and I used the standard oil/comb combo for quite awhile before having to resort to an adult dandruff shampoo in order to clear it up. I thought my second daughter didn’t have much cradle cap but after swimming one day I noticed that it was actually pretty severe. I ordered this brush based on the reviews and used it with baby oil. I also used Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Cap Shampoo. After just 3 nights of this regimen her cradle cap is almost totally cleared up! The brush is well-made and the bristles are really soft. I saw another review that said it is just like the brushes you get in the hospital and it is definitely not. The bristles are plastic and while they are soft, they are also stiff/thick enough to remove the flakes. My daughter loves having her scalp massaged with the brush and totally relaxes while I do it. I never notice any redness on her scalp afterwards whereas using oil and a regular baby comb left her scalp irritated.This purchase is worth every penny. I wish I had known about it when my first daughter had cradle cap.

Becky Hospers, IA

Cradle Cap B-Gone

Around 6 months my son got a bad case of cradle cap. I tried everything (olive oil, baby oil, etc.) and nothing worked until I used this brush withMustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns – 5.07 oz.I let the shampoo sit for a few minutes then gently rubbed the brush in circles on his scalp to loosen the flakes. I rinsed and voila. After only a week there was a significant decrease in the flakes and after a month it was completely gone. The brush fits easily in your hand and the bristles are soft enough that they don’t hurt baby’s head. It comes apart and is very easy to clean. Works much better than a comb. Highly recommend at least trying this. It’s worth every penny.

Octavia Viola, KS

Not just for cradle cap

I got this originally because our newborn had very mild cradle cap. He didn’t react well to the Mustela Newborn Foam Shampoo for cradle cap, so I stopped using it and ordered this brush. He is now 6 months old and no longer has cradle cap, but I still use this brush every day. The bristles are so soft and works perfectly to brush is new hair as it grows in.

Jocelyn Athol Springs, NY


This is a great infant shampoo brush. Helps prevent and combat cradle cap. It is very durable and perfect size. These are hard to find in stores and I am very pleased to have found it on amazon.

Terrie Allendale, IL

Fantastic brush for getting cradle cap under control!

We tried several shampoos and just tried brushing his hair with a comb. When that didn’t work, I ordered this Bean-B-Clean massaging brush and it has worked wonders! We basically put baby oil on his head right before the bath. Then we give him a bath and wash his hair with Burt’s Bees. With the shampoo in his hair, we just the brush to massage his scalp. Then we rinse the away the shampoo. For us it took about a week but the cradle cap went away and it’s been gone since!

Joann Margie, MN

A bathtime must-have.

Well, I can’t speak to it’s cradle cap-busting abilities because my daughter never had cradle cap, but I used this brush religiously when I shampooed her hair and hey, maybe that’s why she never had it? It did seem to remove dead skin well and though she was left with some dandruff the first 24 hrs after a bath, she never got he cap. And who knows if that was just the fact that she was getting shampooed.This brush is sturdy and well built. The bristles stand up well and don’t matt. They even hold up to my daughter’s teething from time to time. I don’t use the cap to it but that’s nice for travel and for not getting dog hair in it… hey, maybe I should use it after all. This would be a great registry idea or baby shower idea. I’ve nannied toddlers whom their mother still use this brush for their hair so it’s not just for infancy.

Annmarie Mount Orab, OH

I think it’s working!

After dealing with cradle cap for over a month, I did a search for "baby brush" and cradle cap brushes came up, which I didn’t even know existed! I purchased this one because of its reviews and because its prime eligible. Seems to be working quite well. I used it the first few times with coconut oil and now all I have to do is use it in the bath for maintenance to keep that pesky cradle cap away!

Edna Saint Libory, IL

must have for newborns

Great product. It is a little over priced for what it is, but it is worth having. The plastic bristles are soft and great for keeping cradle cap at bay. I never used it with olive oil for my baby, I just lathered with baby soap and rubbed in circular motions and rinsed as usual. However, she did not have advanced cradle cap. Thanks to this, the little bit she did have is now gone and shows no signs of returning.

Courtney Fish Camp, CA

Exactly what I was looking for

When I had my first baby, they sent me home with a little soft brush attached to a sponge and told us to scrub his head with it or he would get cradle cap. I thought they were crazy, but being a first time mom, I did what they said. With my second, they gave us no such brush, and I’ve long since lost the first. Not thinking much of it, I rubbed my baby’s head with a wash cloth and called it a day. Well, she got cradle cap – something fierce, so I set out to find a brush like the first. This is a nice, soft, plastic bristled brush in a plastic handle. It is gentle on the scalp, though I will caution that if you rub enough, you can scratch delicate skin. I used it a couple of times a day dry to loosen the scales, and then with shampoo in the evenings, and her cradle cap was gone in a couple of days. The brush is well made, but I do see where mildew could form in the handle as some of the other reviews have said. I’ve not had that problem. I’m pleased with the brush. It cleared our cradle cap.

Lilian Adak, AK

Soft bristles gentle on newborn’s head

The first time I used this brush on my newborn’s head, he stopped playing with the water and had a look of satisfaction on his face. The bristles are soft yet are able to brush through newborn hair, and it was truly a gentle scalp massage which he really liked.

Viola Cedarhurst, NY