Beansprout Boa Crib Sheet, Pink

Beansprout Boa Crib Sheet, Pink

Cotton sheets are icy cold in winter…flannel crib sheets can be stiff and scratchy…and blankets aren’t safe for the crib. The solution: our cozy, plushy, velboa fitted crib sheet! Gives baby a warm, toasty sleep surface, while pampering those sweet little cheeks. Hard-to-find poly velboa. It’s hard to find this luxurious, baby-friendly fabric! Machine wash. Imported. Hard-to-find velboa fitted crib sheets are soft, silky, and very warm Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Fits standard 52″ x 28″ crib mattresses

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Fits any standard crib mattress
  • Machine washable
  • 100% hypoallergenic polyester

Verified reviews


Cold no more!

What a ‘sleepy time’ life saver these sheets are! They are soft, durable, and never cold which is great when the weather turns. We were having problems with our baby waking back up when we put her to sleep on cold cotton sheets. Now when we lay her down to sleep, she snuggles her face against the sheets and passes right out. My only reget is that I didn’t order another one to rotate when it needs a wash!

Annmarie Angle Inlet, MN

Great crib sheet; “Sage” color picture is incorrect though

This is a great crib sheet. Fits our Naturepedic No Comprimise mattress very well.The sheet itself is very soft. 100% polyester so it does not shrink in the dryer. The elastic is pretty good and makes for a pretty good fitted sheet.My only issue is that the “Sage” color is a complete misnomer and the picture here on Amazon is misleading. The actual Sage sheet is more like a very bright mint green. Another reviewer here has confirmed the same thing. I dislike the actual color (personal preference) but the sheet is nice. I would buy it again but just in a different color.

Erin Hagerstown, IN

soft but not plush

This crib sheet is silky smooth and very soft. THOUGH i would not say that it is PLUSH and cushy 🙂 I would describe more as smooth

Candice Atco, NJ

Worth every penny

We have 4 sets of this sheet in varying colors. We have 2 children and use them most of the time! They are SOOO soft and not necessarily warm but certainly more comfy than chilly cotton on these winter nights.I wish they made these in king size sheets 🙂

Angelique Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Super Soft

Grandchild loves these sheets, sleeps so much better on cuddly, soft stuff. They are supersoft, hold up well in the wash, color is beautiful.

Bridgett Markleton, PA

super soft

super soft, dries quickly on the line without need for the drier. when baby was 4 months old, he was always scooting his face across the sheets trying to get to sleep, and would wake up with red cheeks and a red nose from the friction. I wanted something soft, and this worked well. it is easy to get onto the mattress, but it has good elastic, so there is no fear of it coming off. no shrinkage

Wanda Sleepy Eye, MN