Beba Bean Pee-pee Teepee Airplane – Blue – Laundry Bag

Beba Bean Pee-pee Teepee Airplane – Blue – Laundry Bag

A must-have diapering accessory for newborn boys; excellent baby shower gift with guaranteed giggles! Canadian industrial design #100731. US design patent #D491658.

Main features

  • 100% cotton
  • Five Pee-pee Teepees in each pack
  • Made from terry lined cotton flannel
  • Cone shaped for a good fit
  • Washable & reusable
  • Stay dry during diaper changes!

Verified reviews



These are cute and definitely a conversation piece, but they DO NOT WORK! A washcloth works better since it gets held on by his legs. This little pee pee teepee just fall right off when he moves! Now we’re practicing Elimination Communication (readDiaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene) and make sure he pees before he’s on the changing table, but these were a total waste of money.

Hazel Swan River, MN

Shower gift

I got this for a co-worker for her baby shower. I don’t know if she ever used them, or even if they work, but we all got a good laugh out of them.

Opal Middlebury, CT

great idea and love it

What else to say but they are fantastic. So much easier to clean verses the changing table cover, your clothes, babies clothes, a towel, socks, and whatever else was nearby.The only down fall for us was that at 6mths our son realized he had something down there and started pulling them off and trying to eat them. We have since had to take our chances at diaper change time since we can no longer use these fantastic teepees.

Priscilla Highspire, PA

Silly product…

In 19 months of diapering my son, he only “went” 3 or 4 times during a diaper change, and it really wasn’t that very messy to clean up. These are a cute idea, but very small and lightweight… it’s easier to just not use them at all!

Bettye Maxton, NC


They do exactly what they say they do. They’re a bit flimsy but really couldn’t be more rigid. A hand towel, wash cloth or burp pad would work just as good but these make a great baby gift and conversation piece.

Pansy Salina, OK

Not needed!

This is once again a product that is not needed at all. I bought it before my son was born and guess what…didn’t use it. The washcloth is much better alternative. It actually stays in place.

Nan Williamstown, WV

cute but not worth the money

I bought these for my newborn. He moves around too much and they fall off. One time, the urine stream made it fall off. They are cute and a great idea, but just not worth the money. They just don’t stay on.

Juana Pierson, FL

Saved us from many messes!

These have saved us some very messy cleanups! We used them for every diaper change when my son was a newborn and I can’t even count how many times they prevented us from either having a mess in our face or on the floor 🙂 The only problem I had with them is that you have to "reform" them after they get washed or else they just end up in a ball.

Stella Willoughby, OH

good idea but didn’t work.

These are a great concept but unfortunately they didn’t work for me at all. I still got sprayed. At best it averted the pee downwards, but that still left me with a huge mess to clean up. I us a washcloth instead and have much better results.

Terra Goldsboro, TX

Turned out to be a waste of money

An adorable idea, seemingly ingenious, but in the end horribly executed and a waste of money. They make for a couple of cute pictures when your newborn is very small and still in the beginning, but as soon as they can move the product becomes more of a hassle than a help. We found placing a burp cloth/cloth diaper over top of them during changes worked just as well if not better. I honestly wish I had saved the money for something far more useful.

Young Downingtown, PA