Bebe Au Lait Burp Cloth Set 3-Pack, Papillon

Bebe Au Lait Burp Cloth Set 3-Pack, Papillon

Burp cloths are a mommy essential. From wiping baby’s face to using as a washcloth, these burp cloths will not disappoint.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • One size
  • 100% cotton terry
  • Swatch decoration 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Convenient burp cloth

Verified reviews


glorified washcloth

I got these because I thought they were one side fabric print, and one side terry cloth. But both sides are terry cloth with just a strip of the printed fabric on one side and the trim. I just wish more of the fabric showed because that is the only reason why I splurged and spent $20 on 3 burp clothes. Otherwise they are just glorified washcloths.

Bobbie Guadalupita, NM

Seams Ripped After One Wash!

These burp cloths are very thick and soft, two layers of good terry cloth bound together by the print fabric trim. But unfortunately, the seams tore apart after one wash. So far, I’ve bought 4 products from Bebe au Lait – 2 packages of these burp cloths, one of theSimple by Bebe Au Lait Organic Burp Cloth Set 3-Pack, and theBebe au Lait Hooded Towel. Every single product had the seams tearing after one wash.Amazon’s been great about refund/replacement, but still, what a hassle! If it happened once, or even twice, I might consider that a fluke. But all four products tore along the seams after the first wash. (One of the towels was torn out of the box.) In fact, sent me a replacement for the burp cloths, and that one tore, also.When it comes to sewing bindings onto terry cloth, this brand definitely has quality control problems. Other than the constant ripping, these are actually very nice – soft, thick, and the print fabrics are cute. My only other complaint would be that they are a little on the narrow side.* Edited to add: I recently bought another set of burp cloths from Bebe au Lait. There was a discount on a cute print, and I was wondering if maybe I just got a bad batch before. And guess what? One of the cloths ripped again in the first wash. This never happens to anything else I own, so I don’t think there’s a problem with my washer.So that’s 5 terry cloth products I received so far from Bebe au Lait, and all 5 have ripped in the wash. It’s downright comical.

Tammi Moseley, VA

Cute but not what I was hoping for..

These have an adorable pattern and have a really nice feel to them but I was just hoping for them to be bigger. I really love the swaddledesigns burp cloths they are big, cute, and very absorbent. I wish all of them were like that! I should have stuck with one brand.

Tanisha Dennison, MN


I love the color, the texture, they wash well and are quite durable. Such a beautiful design. They are also very soft still, even after a ton of washes

Sherry Saint Elizabeth, MO

So, So

These aren’t my favorite burp cloths, but they’ll do in a pinch.Pros: thick, great fabric choicesCons: not extremely soft, not large enough

Jade Driggs, ID