Bebe Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush, Assorted Colors

Bebe Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush, Assorted Colors

The Dubon bottle and nipple brush has been designed to clean hard to reach places, like the curves and bends in a baby bottle, as well as the inside of nipples.

Main features

  • Sturdy nylon bristles
  • Designed to clean hard to reach places, like the curves and bends in a baby bottle
  • Nipple end designed to clean the inside of the nipple
  • brush can be hung to dry when not in use
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews



was searching for brush that doesnt tear off or splatters when i pull out from the bottle and this is it.

Kitty South Willington, CT

Love this bottle brush!

This bottle brush is much better than any I’ve used so far. The handle is very sturdy and won’t break and easily goes in and out of any baby bottle. The nipple cleaner on the other end has actually rubber ridges that will clean the nipple as opposed to bristles. This is actually more hygienic and cleans the nipple better.

Janine Pool, WV

Budget friendly

I love that this brush is budget friendly but holds up well. I normally toss my brushes well before they need to be trashed for fear of bacteria over growth and at this price I don’t worry about bringing out a new brush so soon.

Monika Young Harris, GA

Works great, different color

This works great and does it job as intended. The brush came as light blue handle with green tip, in case you care about the color. I don’t think you can beat it for the price.

Ashleigh Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Bigger than I thought

I didn’t pay attention to the size, I thought this was a small brush but it is huge. It looks good but I have not had time to try it.

Julia Bison, OK

Not a very good bottle brush

It feels very light and cheap. There are not enough bristles unlike other bottle brushes. I didn’t find the little nipple cleaner all that helpful. I think for an extra dollar you can get something a lot better . The Phillips Avent is about a dollar more and is a lot better.

Sharon Williamsburg, NM

Good size.

I use this brush mainly for cleaning medela bottles (small 5 oz bottle) and it works perfect. I have used it on bigger bottles too and it works great as well. This brush is perfect for my needs, especially the price!I recommend for cleaning smaller bottles.

Mari Amherst Junction, WI

Love it

Makes cleaning pump parts and bottles much easier and quicker. I bought this because the nipple brush on the other bottle brushes kept breaking because it was attached with a wire.

Samantha Grain Valley, MO

Soft Bristles

This is an okay brush, it gets the job done but is a little more work since the bristles are so soft. The other end I fell is a waste, haven’t found it useful at all.

Amalia Aline, OK

Very good design

I ordered many brushes and kept only this one. It was the only one that fit well into my Medela bottles. I also loved the curved end that helps me clean the bottom of the bottle well. The only downside is that one cannot control what color brush they get. It could be white (like in the picture) or blue. And it does not have anything for hanging like the description says. Also one cluster of bristles fell out after the first wash, but the rest help up well through many weeks of bottle washing.

Candice La Feria, TX

Great brush

This is a great bottle brush. It’s small enough to fit into small bottles (and clearly can still fit in bigger bottles). The edge of it is curved so it does great to get into the part under the neck of the bottles (I use Tommee Tippees and that area is sometimes hard to get to). I also like the nipple cleaning tip. And it was a great price!

Tracey Trinidad, CA