Bebe Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush with Sponge Tip, Colors May Vary

Bebe Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush with Sponge Tip, Colors May Vary

The Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush has been designed to clean hard-to-reach places, like the curves and bends in a baby bottle, as well as the inside of nipples.

Main features

  • Designed to clean hard to reach places, like the curves and bends in a baby bottle standard or angled
  • Sponge tip designed to scrub soft surfaces
  • Plastic handle makes brush easy to use and easy to store when not in use
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • This product made from 80% safe recycled materials and you may receive one of 3 colors: pink blue or green

Verified reviews


Run away

Bebe Dubon Bottle and Nipple Brush with Sponge Tip, Colors May Vary. It’s really bad quality. Head and tail breaks after a few times using. Not recommend.

Mollie Lattimer Mines, PA

Poor design

I bought three of these brushes so I could have them on hand in the future, figuring I would need to replace after a month or so of use. Well, didn’t think I’d need to replace after just 3 days. I am not soley bottle feeding, so it’s not like I’m using the brush for 8 cleanings a day… the sponge tip literally fell apart. Horrible design.

Krista Sea Island, GA

Best Baby Bottle Brush

My wife and I have cleaned countless bottles of varying shapes and sizes over the past 2 years. This brush beats out the others we’ve tried including a very similar munchkin brush. The Bebe Dubon is flexible and most easily reaches all sides and corners of our bottles. It also seems more durable than most brushes.

Ilene Four Oaks, NC

Great sponge, but broke quickly.

The blue sponge at the top was the best material ever. Super soft, very durable. High quality sponge. But the handle broke almost immediately. I was disappointed. We had gone through so many similar brushes breaking. We soon after got the blue Avent brush and it’s been working ever since. BEST brush on the market because it NEVER breaks.

Shawn Perkins, OK

If only it washed the bottles by itself

This brush works great! I replace these brushes about once every 2 or 3 months and they do the job. I wish they came in multipacks but as it is, I buy several at once. Works in bottles with narrower mouths (Dr. Browns, not wide mouth).

Julianne Dupuyer, MT

Nipple cleaner attachment falls off the brush

This brush is supposed to be more convenient because the nipple cleaner brush is attached to the base and is retractable. Well, it only took a few uses before it came unthreaded and detached from the base. I was able to screw it back into the base but the base is made of cheap plastic so it never holds very well, and falls off with almost each use. The nipple brush is also too short to extend into some nipples (i.e. the Avent nipples for wide mouth bottles). The sponge is for sure sturdier than that of Munchkin bottles and Dr. Brown bottles and hasn’t fallen apart on me yet. Each bottle brush has its limitations but this one was by far the most annoying. The concept would have been good if the nipple brush was not manufactured as a separate piece. I’ll probably have to replace this one or repurpose it soon as it gets to be too annoying to use.

Dayna Dozier, AL