Bebe Dubon Nasal Aspirator, Colors May Vary

Bebe Dubon Nasal Aspirator, Colors May Vary

The Dubon nasal aspirator helps clear mucus from baby’s nose, relieving discomfort and making breathing easier. Instructions for use: squeeze aspirator bu pound before inserting tip into the baby’s nose. Gently insert tip into the baby’s nose while bu pound is squeezed. Release pressure on the bu pound to suck out mucus. Disassemble, wash in warm soapy water, rinse in warm water and allow drying.

Main features

  • Features small smooth tip
  • Easy to clean after every use
  • To relieve baby’s discomfort simply squeeze the bu pound and insert the small soft tip in baby’s nostril and gently release the bulb
  • Colors/designs may vary, Will receive one of the 3 fun colors: pink, blue or white
  • Meets all current national safety standards

Verified reviews


works great!

This aspirator is awesome! I had another bulb aspirator that came as part of a set and it was totally useless. The opening was way to big for my tiny 6 pound baby and didn’t work at all. After some research on amazon I came across this aspirator and I think it is wonderful! First of all, the opening (the part that goes into the nose) is small, (smaller in diameter than a standard headphone jack), so it can fit into the nose and get decent suction. Secondly, this aspirator can be separated to be cleaned so you don’t accumulate snot in the bulb. Third, the size is a lot more compact than the typical bulb aspirator. The widest part of the bulb is about 1.5 inches and is only about 4 inches long overall.I would highly recommend this for smaller babies!

Opal Talmage, UT

Its a bugger sucker and a bath toy all in one!

It sucks up buggers, ear wax, and it makes a great bath toy. The hospital will give you one of these, but if you need another get this one!

Alexandria Enola, AR

Pretty much useless

Didn’t suck, poor seal, totally useless compared to the cheap blue aspirator from the hospital. I threw this away after two attempts to use it. The second star is only for ease of cleaning.

Deena East Boothbay, ME

Not worth it.

I have a standard heavy duty bulb (the one you get from the hospital) and the nosefrida snot sucker. Those both are far superior. This doesn’t have any suction power. Not worth the purchase. I recommend the Nosefrida snot sucker also sold by

Carla Jamestown, ND

based on reviews hoped for better

poor suction. also took entirely too long to arrive. i bought several of these to keep at daycare and ended up not sending due to low suction.

Amanda East Providence, RI