Bebe Dubon Soft Grip Brush and Comb Kit, Colors May Vary

Bebe Dubon Soft Grip Brush and Comb Kit, Colors May Vary

Dubon Baby Brush and Comb kit makes grooming your baby’s hair easy and fun

Main features

  • Easy grooming for your baby’s hair
  • The brush is made of soft nylon bristles to gently remove hair tangles
  • The comb has rounded teeth to comfortably glide through baby’s hair
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the 3 colors: pink, blue or green
  • Meets all current national safety standards

Verified reviews


Wrong Color

You cannot pick a color for this item which is very inconvenient. I received pink and I am having a boy. I’ll be returning the item, what a hastle.

Ana Gridley, CA

Fine for the price

I actually didn’t notice the “colors may vary” note, but luckily we got a pink one for our little girl – whew! The one surprise was there was a cartoon picture of a roller skating bunny on the brush that I wasn’t expecting to see (I uploaded a photo to the image gallery). For the price, I wasn’t going to bother returning it, and the brush and comb itself are fine so we can live with the little cartoon. It’s kind of cute anyway. The brush seems a little stiff, but the comb is great with the rounded tips for added softness on the baby’s tender head. It’s average quality, not top of the line, but not falling apart either. For $2.99 it does the job and I’d recommend it as functional and worth having, but certainly not a five star “must have”. If the color is a big deal to you, keep looking. Otherwise, go ahead and roll the dice on this!

Michele Fountain Run, KY

Horrible packaging

I received this set today and while I was happy we didn’t get pink (having a little boy) the packaging was destroyed. The cardboard was torn and it was covered in packing tape. I am sure they will not take this back as a return because there is no way i can even see what the quality is without opening it completely. Also on the comb there are black spots and they seem very cheaply made. I suppose I will try to clean them and just be stuck.

Gracie Gilcrest, CO

Great comb and brush

I really like how sturdy the brush is… my daughter has very curly, ever-thickening hair and it works great to get the tangles out. The comb is good as well, although I think it will be more useful once her hair has really filled in. Aside from that, she loves the rubber handles for soothing her gums! 🙂

Lila Chattanooga, OK

Nice brush and comb set

We liked this set for our baby as the material was very appropriate for her soft head. We haven’t found much of a need for the brush, but occasionally she does enjoy brushing her hair with it and feeling like a big girl. The only thing was that there were not a choice of colors, so we ended up with blue but it wasn’t a big deal and the comb served its purpose.

Fanny Noorvik, AK

Helped with cradle cap

Bought this product for my 4 month old daughter when she had mild cradle cap. After a bath I brushed her head with this and most of it came off. She was not bothered by the brush even after I did a couple swipes over the same area. It worked great.

Connie Export, PA


AWESOME and really great for babies hair. Nice and soft but I saw the same thing in a value site in a more variety of colors and designs. I wish I had waited. But still, works good for babies soft hair and head.

Eileen Crocheron, MD


I love how these aren’t all flimsy and will break easily. They are very sturdy and I am very happy that I bought these.

Susanne Summitville, OH

Comprable to a dollar store set

I bought this brush/comb set as a back up because we kept losing my daughter’s other brush (it is her favorite “toy” and she loves to crawl around with it..). This set is really something you would expect to find at the dollar store, it doesn’t have a lot of bristles on the brush and seems kind of flimsy. The Saftey 1st set feels a lot sturdier, has more bristles, and is only $1.50 more. I will probably buy another of those if my daughter loses her brush again.Safety 1st Easy Grip Brush

Michell Fairview, PA


It is too hard. my baby doesnt like it. the comb is of cheap quality and scratches, i guess you get what you pay for!

Christy Roosevelt Roads, PR

good price, dislike random color options

I’ve been using this on my son for a few months now, the bristles are soft and the handles are easy to hold. Great product, but i did not like how I could not select a color when purchasing.

Lindsay Mainesburg, PA

Great buy…but no color options!

Extremely happy with the product itself. I’ve been using it daily for a couple of months now and my baby has not had any more cradle cap issues thanks to the regular exfoliation of the scalp with brushing. The bristles of the brush are really soft and the teeth of the comb have rounded ends which are very gentle on the baby’s scalp.My only “complaint” would be that there is no way to choose a color option so my lil’man has a very pink grooming set. Otherwise, great buy for the rice!

Freda Elmer, NJ

Serves it purpose

Use the brush everyday but have never used the comb. The bristle’s are very soft and has held up the last 3 monthes. I would order this product again! So happy I added this to my registry.

Adrian Sarona, WI

Good, basic product

Brush and comb are decent quality, and the price is right. It’s true you can’t choose the color, but as long as you don’t mind your girl having blue or your boy having pink, who cares? Chances are you won’t be brushing their hair in front of a crowd frequently.

Lora Uniontown, MO

Great set for baby’s first brush and comb

Soft bristles, rounded balls protect the comb teeth so they don’t scratch baby’s delicate scalp, it is the perfect sized set for their first brush and comb. My only gripe is that you cannot choose the color, and they sent me blue for my little girl. Oh well, not really a big deal.

Penelope Greenleaf, WI

Good but not great

I was a little worried because of the other reviews on this product. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived because other reviewers had said the the bristles were not soft enough. I admit, they are not as soft as other baby brushes I have seen, but it will work perfectly. The comb, which I probably won’t use just because I have never used combs, has little bulbs on the end of the longer teeth to avoid scratches. The bunny design is cracked and doesn’t look like it is the best printing job, but who cares? I didn’t like that I couldn’t choose the color but, like most other reviewers, I got pink, which works for me because I have a daughter on the way. Overall, I say 4/5 stars becausethe price was right and it will get the job done just as well as any other product. It just isn’t as pretty.

Sophie Stanardsville, VA

Never even took it out of the package

For some strange reason, I am having the hardest time finding a decent comb for my 20 month old. The price for this set can’t be beat, but the product is pretty useless for anything other than a newborn. The usable part of the comb is about 4 inches long- completely useless for decent quality hair. The brush looked like a doll’s accessory. I guess I shouldn’t have expected much for the price. If you are looking for a good brush/comb for a toddler or older- stay far, far away from this.

Dianne West Point, NY