Beco Baby Butterfly II ORGANIC Carrier In Espresso

Beco Baby Butterfly II ORGANIC Carrier In Espresso

Beco has done it again! They kept our favorite features of the Butterfly and made an even better Butterfly II! They have combined style, function, and safety to create a soft structured carrier that will last you from infancy to toddlerhood. They use durable, machine washable, designer fabrics on stylish carriers that can be worn on the front or back. And best of all, they are made in the USA! These sell out quickly! No backorders on Beco Butterfly II Baby Carriers; the prints change on a regular basis and usually when it’s gone, it’s gone! MAIN FEATURES OF THE BUTTERFLY II: • For babies 7-45 pounds • Front and back carries • Comfortable and stylish design • 100% cotton • Machine washable • DVD instructions included SPECIAL FEATURES ON THE BUTTERFLY II: • Removable infant insert–It’s the ONLY carrier on the market with this (patent pending) feature • Removable head rest– Used to support a head of a sleeping child or as a protection from elements (although it is NOT waterproof) • Security inside panel–Shoulder straps are attached to the carrier’s inside panel, improving baby’s weight distribution • Stay put strap–1 inch wide belt with two d-rings to keep the baby carrier rolled neatly up for storage or to use for a hand assisted hip carry SPECIAL VALUES: • Beco Butterfly 2 fits comfortably users between 4’9″ – 6’2″ • Very easy to use with a minimal learning curve • Fast on and off (a matter of seconds) • Folds down very small for portability

Main features

  • For babies 7-45 pounds
  • Front and back carries
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • DVD instructions included

Verified reviews


Not as comfortable for infants over 15lbs

I bought a beautiful Becco hoping that it would replace my bulkier Ergo for the summer months. In addition, the infant insert seemed intriguing to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the Becco to be as comfortable as my Ergo—which was sad because it really is beautiful. I found that once your infant becomes a little larger, the infant insert actually causes more strain on your shoulders. The extra panel limits how low you can rest the waist band on your hips. I’m only 5 ft 2 in, and found to make the shoulder straps comfy, I had to put the waist band slightly below my belly button instead of on my hips, so baby’s weight was not on my hips as I prefer. Plus, I found that trying to mount baby on my back already in the carrier/insert and swinging her on my back was really unstable and unsafe. It’s actually much more secure to put baby on your back and flip the carrier over her and not vice versa…imagine swinging a 25lb squirmy backpack on your back while trying to keep it totally upright…once you get one arm through and baby is hanging, it’s really hard to get the other strap on! One other alternative to the Ergo is the Boba carrier. I don’t have it, but is lighter weight and has a higher back than the Ergo…the two main features that are relative negatives of the Ergo. For now, I’m sticking with my tried and true Ergo…still using daily.

Rosalia Rhinehart, LA

Love it!

I bought the Beco a little over a week ago. I’ve pretty much used it everyday since! I love it and so does my 7.5-month-old. He’s a wee one, about 14 lbs, but long. He’s always loved being worn. We have an Ergo and love it too. Before I bought the Beco I researched several of the SSC’s and here is how I compare the Beco to the Ergo-The Beco is made out of a less stiff fabric than the Ergo. It has a removable hood, whereas the Ergo does not. The biggest difference is the inside flap on the Beco that allows you to put the baby in before putting the carrier on. It’s a particularly great feature for back-carrying so that you don’t have to lean over with a wiggly little person on you back. The Beco is also a little more narrow than the Ergo, making it a better fit for a smaller person like me (5’1″), than the Ergo which has become my husband’s carrier (he’s 6’2″). The Beco also comes with an infant insert that is basically another removable flap that fits inside the carrier, as opposed to having to buy an extra insert for the Ergo.The thing I like least about the Beco (vs. the Ergo) is that I can nurse discretely, without a problem in the Ergo, but it’s much more difficult in the Beco. The hood that snaps onto the front and fits over the baby’s head is pretty narrow as compared to the one on the Ergo and provides no real cover for nursing. The greater issue is the inside flap- though awesome for putting babies on our back, it fits tight against your chest and is virtually impossible to move so as to allow you to nurse.Overall, though, I really love my Beco!

Rosario Fryburg, PA

Grandma’s New Best Friend…

Or, Where Were These 31 Years Ago…After looking at the pro’s and con’s of the numerous baby carriers out there, I decided on purchasing a Beco Butterfly II for my daughter’s first baby. I will admit there was an ulterior motive – my upper body strength isn’t that great and I was going to help out with the newborn. I wanted to be able to carry the baby but wanted to have my arms and hands free since I like to multitask. We chose the Beco Butterfly II for many reasons.The Beco was highly recommended by a number of maternity shops; these shops carried several brands, so it wasn’t just to make the sale of a Beco. The similarity to a good backpack was egnomically important since two of the grandparents have back problems; the Beco distributed weight evenly and provided lower back support. The adjustability of the carrier was paramount since there are six users who range from 5’1″ in height to 5′ 10″ and whose weights range from 110 to over 200 pounds. All of the four grandparents and both parents have been able to use the Beco with no problems. Further, the Beco is comfortable even when you are toting a 10 pound two week old baby for extended periods of time. I have worn the Beco when sitting and have had no problems typing while wearing it.My grandson was having some trouble with spitting up after he ate. The doctor suggested keeping him upright for 30 minutes after feeding. We found this was very useful for that purpose; as an additional benefit, we found my grandson remained much more calm when carried in the Beco.I would definitely recommend watching the DVD before using the Beco. It answered the questions we had about using the Beco which we did not feel were clearly addressed in the pamphlet that came with the carrier. Yes, this item is a bit pricey, but it is right in line with the better baby carriers out there.If you do not like the patterns shown on Amazon, check the Beco web site. They show all the current options and provide information as to where specific patterns can be purchased.

Tabitha Tawas City, MI

Baby carrier

Our daughter loves the carrier. It is very practical and comfortable for both parents and child. Used in multiple settings.

Brandy Plain City, OH

Never leave home without it!

I absolutely love this carrier! I wish I’d had it when my daughter was a newborn. I have the Scooters print, and it’s probably one of the cutest baby carriers out there. More important that that, though, is that it is so comfortable for both me and my daughter (and my husband, who loves it too. Technically, it’s his carrier, but I “borrow” it all the time). We use it instead of a stroller, and actually gave our stroller away after getting this. With baby on your back or front, you can go tons of places you’d never be able to with a stroller. Crowded shopping malls, Disneyland, beaches, buses, airports, you name it. We’ve tried it, and the Beco made it so easy.It took us a few weeks to get used to the internal harness panel (not to be confused with the infant insert, which is what allows you to wear a smaller baby in an ergonomically correct position) because we’d learned to use an older Beco that didn’t have it. However, once you get used to it, the internal harness gives you more options. You can either put the carrier on, and then put baby in, or you can put baby in the carrier and then put them both on. We also really love being able to transfer our daughter from one parent to the other without taking her out of the carrier, which is only possible because of the internal harness. For the reviewer who complained that swinging baby on your back while already in the carrier is not secure, you can put baby in the carrier on your front, and then slide him or her to your back. You don’t have to swing baby in the carrier onto your back.I prefer the Beco to the Ergo because the back is higher. My daughter likes to lean back when she’s on my back, and the high back of the Beco keeps her from being able to lean very far, so our center of gravity stays close to my body. With a lower back (the back of the Ergo comes well below her shoulders at 8 months), she can lean very far back, which pulls our center of gravity much farther away from my body, making it much harder for me to keep my balance without leaning forward or hunching.This product is one of the few baby items that I could not get along without. We have two so we can keep one in the car, and one in the house. I don’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy infant carseat, germs in the shopping cart, keeping my daughter from pulling things off the shelves, how to get my chores done with a teething baby, etc. This truly improved my quality of life tremendously.

Genevieve Mecca, CA

Love Beco – Check Out Gemini

Let me start by saying I love my Butterfly II, and I have loved it since the day my daughter was born. The infant attachment is easy to use and we have been exploring in this carrier since she was 1 week old. We’re still enjoying the Butterfly II at 13 months, but wishing theBeco Baby Carrier Gemini – Paigehad been available!What we love:Fabric between mom and baby makes getting carrier on and off a breezeIncluded infant sling keeps the price downEasily adjusts between my 5’6″ and my husband’s 6’1″ framesThe look is modern and the fabric choices make it personalJust to note:The head rest is just now fitting my daughter at over a year oldWe keep warm with theTogether be Peekaru Original Fleece Baby Carrier Cover Medium – Greenand Suse’s Kinder Coat […]The only reason I’ve given this carrier 4 instead of 5 stars is because the more versatileBeco Baby Carrier Gemini – Paigeseems to work for more families for a longer period of time.

Renee Edwardsville, AL

Great carrier – baby saw her first concert in it!

We carefully researched baby carriers. This had the best reviews, widest weight range (7-45 lbs), included the infant insert, allowed for front and back carry, and seemed to be the best for couples of different heights (I’m close to 5 ft and my husband is over 6 ft). We have not been disappointed. Our baby is content for hours in this and we took her to her first outdoor “concert” at Ravinia this summer in the Beco. It was so much easier than bringing the stroller or carrying her. We also find it very comfortable. I have never had any aches or strains from using it and I use it 3-4 days a week for several hours at a time. I also have a ring sling and it kills me after 10 minutes. The Beco washes up well, too (cold water, line dry). My only complaint is that we seem to have difficulty adjusting the shoulder straps when the carrier is on. It almost needs to be threaded (if that makes sense) to adjust it. It is easy if it is off but you almost always need adjustments once the baby is in the carrier (especially if you and your spouse are different sizes). I would whole-heartedly recommend this carrier. It is worth the money and I am sure we will be using it with our next child, too.

Debra Seanor, PA

Best purchase I made for baby!!!

I spent hours upon hours researching baby carriers. I did not like what people were saying about the standard baby bjorn carrier and how it cased back pain. I knew there would be a lot of walks and time spent in the carrier so I was ready to drop some cash. After all the research I decided upon the Beco carrier because I liked the internal pocket and how the infant insert was included. The prints were super cute and I was so excited to receive my carrier. I checked the mail every day in anticipation and when I finally received it I was over the moon. My baby loves being in the carrier and it is so functional and easy to use. One thing that has helped a lot is that if it cool I wrap a blanket around the straps to cover him. Also I thought the head thing was a weird concept, that is until I was walking through the neighborhood and he wanted to take a nap. Then the purpose became clear and I keep it handy.

Tisha Vona, CO

Very nice carrier, but I prefer the Ergo….

This is a very nice carrier. The fabric (Carnival) is absolutely gorgeous, and the item is very well made. The “internal harness” is an added bonus, and it is supposed to make back carries easier. The product also comes with a DVD so you can learn how to use it properly.However, it just didn’t fit me well at all. By the time I got all of the straps adjusted, I was left with 16-18 inches of excess strap that hung down and annoyed me. It also seemed too large in the shoulder area for me. I adjusted it multiple times, and just couldn’t get a comfortable fit. I’m an average sized woman (5’5″ and a size 10), so I can only imagine that this problem would be compounded for a skinnier person that myself.I ended up getting an Ergo carrier. It’s not nearly as pretty as this Beco, and it lacks an internal harness…but it fits my body much better.

Christie Buck Creek, IN