Beco Baby Carrier Organic Drooling Pads Accessory

Beco Baby Carrier Organic Drooling Pads Accessory

Simply attach these awesome pads on the carrier shoulder straps and let your baby to drool away happily!

Main features

  • 100% organic terry cotton
  • reversible
  • touch tape closure
  • 1 pair

Verified reviews


Love this carrier

My newborn wouldn’t let me put him down for the first few weeks, so I used this. It’s sturdy and I felt safe with my baby in there.

Anastasia Grimesland, NC

Love these!

I bought these for my Butterfly II and they work great! I can snap/unsnap my straps with the pads still in place without problems and my son has something to chomp on. He doesn’t get red marks on his face from the straps anymore and I don’t have a wet shirt. The material is nice and soft and washes easily. They are fantastic and perfect for anyone with a teething baby!

Naomi Ft Myer, VA

Glorified Washcloths

1) Buy two baby washcloths2) Sew/stick velcro to the sides3) Attach to carrier4) Save $205) Thank me later

Gilda Annona, TX


First off, I’m a HUGE fan of the Beco carriers and LOVE my Beco Butterfly. However, I’m pretty disappointed in these pads. They feel cheap, they’re not very soft, and they are really thin. If I had paid 10 bucks for them I might have liked them more, but for what I paid, they are seriously OVERPRICED for the quality. If I had the energy to search out a better option I would return these, but since I don’t, I’ll just live with them. Overall, I don’t recommend.

Kathrine Loretto, VA


These drool pads are fantastic. My baby was constantly sucking on our Beco but these are so easy to put on and take off to wash. When she is forward facing in our Beco Gemini I even take one of these off and drape it over the front so that she can suck on it.

Sybil Killbuck, OH

love these! but you could make your own much cheaper…

I’m very pleased with this purchase. Baby sucks on the sides a lot, so I’m pleased to have these (which are easy to wash periodically, much less gross…)

Caroline Waterford, PA

Seem ok

These were just ok. Quality didn’t seem great, fit was pretty generic. They fall of when you unclasp the strap to get the baby out of the carrier, annoying. They do provide done comfort/protection, but also slide around a lot.

Letha Cecil, AR