Beco Butterfly II Organic Baby Carrier with Brown Base, Panthers

Beco Butterfly II Organic Baby Carrier with Brown Base, Panthers

Beco has done it again! They kept our favorite features of the Butterfly and made an even better Butterfly II! They have combined style, function, and safety to create a soft structured carrier that will last you from infancy to toddlerhood. They use durable, machine washable, designer fabrics on stylish carriers that can be worn on the front or back. And best of all, they are made in the USA! These sell out quickly! No backorders on Beco Butterfly II Baby Carriers; the prints change on a regular basis and usually when it’s gone, it’s gone! MAIN FEATURES OF THE BUTTERFLY II: • For babies 7-45 pounds • Front and back carries • Comfortable and stylish design • 100% cotton • Machine washable • DVD instructions included SPECIAL FEATURES ON THE BUTTERFLY II: • Removable infant insert–It’s the ONLY carrier on the market with this (patent pending) feature • Removable head rest– Used to support a head of a sleeping child or as a protection from elements (although it is NOT waterproof) • Security inside panel–Shoulder straps are attached to the carrier’s inside panel, improving baby’s weight distribution • Stay put strap–1 inch wide belt with two d-rings to keep the baby carrier rolled neatly up for storage or to use for a hand assisted hip carry SPECIAL VALUES: • Beco Butterfly 2 fits comfortably users between 4’9″ – 6’2″ • Very easy to use with a minimal learning curve • Fast on and off (a matter of seconds) • Folds down very small for portability

Main features

  • Newborn to toddler (7-45 pounds/3.5 – 20 kilograms)
  • Front and back carry
  • Easy On and OFF features
  • High quality tested materials
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great carrier for the petite woman

I’m 4’9″ and I was researching like crazy to find a good carrier that wouldn’t be too hard on my back but would also fit my torso. The Beco Butterfly II is one of the most highly recommended baby carriers for petite women. It’s similar to the Ergo – but better designed for the petite torso. My baby loves it because I can keep him close – and I love it because I can still get things done. 🙂 I also like that the Beco comes in various cute patterns, including some more gender neutral ones that my husband would agree to. I feel very secure in how it fits the baby and like the versatility – that you can wear your baby on the front or back – and even nurse without unstrapping.One thing I wish the Beco had is the front zippered pocked that the Ergo has. This would be handy for carrying some bare essentials so you don’t have to have a separate bag.Would I purchase again? Absolutely. I’m one of the few moms in my play groups that bought just one baby carrier. Most people bought a couple to eventually end up with the Ergo or a Beco.

Lorna Cottage Hills, IL

So Comfortable!!!

Beco Butterfly II Organic Carrier is very soft & comfortable. I purchased this carrier when my son was 5 months old since he was too long & the weather was too hot for me to carry him in my Moby Wrap (which I carried him in since he was born). I was torn between the Beco and Baby Hawk. I decided to go with the Beco because I could wear my baby on my front or back. I also wanted a carrier that my husband (6″0) and I (Pettie & 5″0) could both wear comfortably. I never used the infant insert but it is good that the carrier came with it. The straps are super easy to use, and the buckles are nice and secure. The DVD that came with my carrier would not play, so I watched a youtube video on how to wear baby, how to switch baby from front to back, how to use the infant insert, how to use the carrier as a hip seat when not in use, and how to use the head rest. My son falls asleep with no fussing. My son loves to be worn on my back since he can look around at everything. My husband was not happy with the price of this carrier, but the first time he used he was so impressed! He said it was money well spent and that he loves being to wear our son. The Head rest is very handy since holds the baby’s head while asleep, but also blocks the sun & wind from baby’s face. The best part about this Beco carrier is that the baby is not hanging out forward facing instead they are in a natural position that supports their hips & back and yours so you both are comfortable. I Highly recommend this carrier!

Freida Wirtz, VA

Beco vs. Ergo

I spent a ridiculous amount of time checking out carriers, and while the Ergo and Beco seem pretty comparable, there were several of attributes of the Beco that made it a clear win:1. While the Beco Butterfly II can cost a bit more than the Ergo, when you factor in the major detail that the newborn compatibility function comes included, they are about the same, if not more cost-effective. I’m a big fan of not having to buy extra “stuff” to make an item functional. Without the infant insert, one would have to wait on the Ergo until baby is 3-4 months old, missing out on some prime time with the carrier.2. While very similar in looks, the Beco seems to have a more stream-lined design.3. The Beco is easy to transfer between adults without having to take baby out, owing to its cotton material between adult carrier and baby (which the Ergo does not have), keeping baby secure.

Gracie Frenchmans Bayou, AR

So Easy!

I love my Beco Butterfly! I only wish I had purchased one sooner! It has great support. It makes it simple to carry a baby (or toddler) as long as you need to. I have carried both my infant son in it and my 35 lb. 2 year old! I call it the “nap maker” since my 2 year old falls asleep every time he rides in it! This carrier fits me and my husband! It is pretty simple to use and mine came with an instructional DVD. I get so many compliments on my Beco! My Beco definitely gets much more use than my stroller! (In fact, my stroller sits in my garage collecting dust.) It is definitely worth the money spent on it!

Ashleigh Hampstead, NH

My Newborn loves it

This carrier is perfect for both me and my husband. Our daughter loves being held in the front position and falls asleep almost immediately once we strap her in. The Beco is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and our daughter is securely held in it. Best of all it came with the infant insert and isn’t super bulky like some of the other carriers available out there.

Ebony Bristow, OK


i ordered this carrier in the Ginger print and I am in love with it. I ordered the Baby Bjorn for my newborn against all of the reviews about it hurting people’s backs- and what do you know- even though my little one was only around 9lbs- my back was killing me after a short time! I agonized between this and the Ergo and after researching baby wearing sites, you tube, and reading endless amounts of reviews- I chose the Beco since it is better for little ones, has the newborn insert in it already, and has the butterfly harness in it to make sliding a baby onto a back carry easier and safer. I am going to use this as long as my baby and I are comfortable with it, and then buy the Ergo when she is bigger- if need be (or the Gemini- decisions, decisions!!!). I wore my baby in the store for the first time today- and after practicing and setting up the insert on my couch before leaving the house, it was so simple to put on. Not like the Moby- which I also have and seldom use for the tediousness of putting it on. Putting on the beco was so simple that I was able to take her out of her carseat- she was sleeping- and put her in the carrier in the back seat of the car- mind you I drinve a VW Passat- not a large backseat- especially with a carseat in the middle! I was able to get her strapped in, then I picked her up, took a seat, and put her on in a front carry! She did wake up, but instantly fell back asleep once she was fully strapped in and on. the whole process took all of 5 minutes and it was my second time putting her in it- the first in the car. If that isn’t a huge selling point, I don’t know what is! For me it is a life saver since I hate lugging her carseat into stores and putting her in the grocery cart and then pushing her out in the cart across a parking lot so bumpy, it seems like it would jostle her teeth out of her head- if she had teeth! I usually use my travel system in the store- which is not ideal for a large shopping trip, so it would make outtings shopping for large or multiple items impossible. Now I have a carrier that I love, the baby loves, and is easy to put on- so shopping trips are much easier. I highly recommend this carrier!!! If you are in doubt- google Beco butterfly 2 vs Ergo and watch a very helpful youtube video from selfmademom- I think that is her name- it is very informative!

Gretchen Winthrop, WA

Only one reason I can’t give it 5 stars…

This carrier is awesome! I picked it up second hand and have no regrets. It’s much more comfortable than the ring sling I have and it fits both my husband and me well. We’ve been using it since my baby was a month old. He fit in it perfectly because of the insert even though he was tiny (8 lbs).My one suggestion is: do NOT order the black one. The one I bought is completely faded and looks terrible. I thought about using RIT dye to get it back to a true black, but I’m worried the color would transfer to our clothes.

Beth Bowen, IL

Just Okay

Bought to use with my newborn daughter for the summer. Used a couple times on warm NYC spring days. I and my baby were sweating after only a short time. This might work for an older baby, but it’s useless for a newborn. Also, the top strap near the neck is impossible to adjust without help, and the strap does not stay in place. I dad to readjust after one wear. Won’t be using until baby is older and with more neck control. Even called Beco for help and never heard back. Poor customer service. Waaay over priced product.

Jan Boykins, VA

Love my Beco!

I bought this beco in prep for flying cross country alone, with my 7 month old daughter. I knew I would get tired carrying her in my arms, but I knew lugging around car seats, bags, etc. I would need my arms free.I was able to nurse her while in the carrier, no one was the wiser. It is hands down the most comfortable carrier for both her and I. Worth every single penny!

Elvia Hudson, CO

I couldn’t survive without my Beco

As a mama of a 2 1/2 year old and an infant, the Beco Butterfly has made it possible for me to function!! I wear my baby in this everywhere – shopping, zoo, park, etc. I am almost always guaranteed a nap from her when she’s in it. I don’t have the patience for a wrap or tie style carrier, and I find this carrier very easy to use and put on/take off. It’s very comfortable (although it does take several wears to get the adjustments just right), and I’ve worn it for 2-3 hours at a time and been very comfy. And, it’s so pretty!! Love this carrier, HIGHLY recommend!!!

Lindsay Langworthy, IA

Recommended by friends.

I must say that I only use this a couple of times but it is sturdy and seems safe to me. Of course there are times I wish it can be forward facing as my baby loves to look around. Yet to carry her on my back using this product but based on my friends’ comments, Beco is much better and they are really the very fussy and careful mothers. I have no negative comments about this product as of now.

Marguerite Hondo, TX

great front carrier

This carrier was great for my newborn-3 months age. It has the inset that keeps them nice and snuggy inside. Never had back or shoulder problems. But I have kids once they can hold their heads up they hate to be restrained and I wish now I would have bought one that allowed forward facing. For this price I wish that was a feature.

Ofelia Pentress, WV

Love it!! Love it!! Love it!!

Both my husband and I love our Beco carrier!! We have been using it with our baby since he was just a few weeks old and he loves being close to us when we’re out in public. In a stroller strangers are free to come up to your baby and touch them, but when you have them in the Beco close and secure to you, you control access to them. Our baby is five months old now(over 15 pounds), and it’s still just as comfortable now as it was when he was just a few weeks old.

Traci Galeton, PA

Finally a perfect carrier

What a relief for my sore back! My baby is on a tall and heavy side, and other carriers were either too flimsy or too tight and short. I chose this one over Ergo because this one has an inner insert, which makes it more scure and lets me easily move it to the hip or back with baby in it. My baby likes to fall asleep when I carry him in it, while I walk around the store or in a park. It is also very cute – I get compliments all the time when I wear my baby in my Beco. Best ergonomic design that I have found so far, and I did a lot of research before ordering this one. It is SO WORTH the investment!

Melva Napoleon, IN

Love the “butterfly” feature

I could never get used to wearing my baby in a sling so I finally decided on a soft carrier. It was down to this and the Ergo and I happened upon a video on YouTube that demonstrated how you can hike the baby onto your back without worrying about dropping the baby because of the cloth insert between you and the baby (I think that’s what makes this the “butterfly”) that isn’t present in other carriers. That is what sold me on this brand and I think it’s genius–I can put the baby in this carrier and get him onto my back with no help from anyone else. The other thing that’s great is that he’s fallen asleep while my husband was wearing him and we were able to transfer the baby to me without waking him up, again thanks to the cloth piece that lies between you and the baby. Another thing I love about this carrier (besides the pretty designs!) is the hood that snaps on. It’s great for cradling the baby’s head or creating shade so he can sleep. I love this carrier!

Erna Indianola, IL

Long lasting Carrier

To begin: I’m 5′ 2″. Before pregnancy I weigh about 120 and after I’m about 145. I have three little ones (5 month old twins and a 26 month old). I’ve tried on many carriers. Many.With my first we tried the Moby, the Beco, and the Bjorn. I was miserable with the Moby. My neighbor, who was about my size loved it… as for me, it made me grouchy. That one was returned. I bought the Beco. Oh so complicated. Place the baby wear? How? Clips? Snaps? Sizing? Sheesh. We were given a Bjorn as a gift and it was so so so easy to use. And as my son got bigger the Bjorn became increasingly uncomfortable. After 6 months we just gave up. My husband would use the Beco in the back carriying position for our boy on shopping trips, but that was about it.Now, I have twins. And I decided to commit to learning how to use the Beco this time, because I didn’t want to pay for another carrier. Why is it so easy this time around? Who knows. I followed the videos. Simple. The more I use it, the easier it is to put the baby in and snap it up. Here’s the catch: My 5 month old son wants to face out and is miserable in the Beco, so I put him in the Bjorn and it became uncomfortable after about 15 minutes. My 5 month old daughter is content in the Beco and I can wear that thing for a couple hours. AND When I was on a walk with my older son he wanted to be carried and did not want to be placed in the stroller. I just readjusted the Beco and plopped him in there and placed him on my back piggy back style. That thing is good up to 45 pounds!So while no carrier is entirely comfortable, the Beco allows you to carry a baby or toddler “comfortably” for an hour or two.

Lacy Scaly Mountain, NC

Just as everyone else says–great!

Love this carrier, is a must-have for taking baby around even in a stroller, cause if he gets fussy at all, pop into the carrier and he’s happy as a clam (or falls right asleep). If he’s too stimulated by all the sights and sounds but is def getting tired, I can just put on the hood and tie a A&A; muslin wrap around my neck so it drapes over baby’s body and blocks all views–that gets him to sleep much faster.I like how easy and quick it is to put on because it’s all plastic clips (like hiking backpacks), and basically, if you adjust it to your desired settings, you just leave the shoulder blade strap attached and can just clip/unclip the waist strap and then slip the shoulder straps over your head–no need to readjust anything except the lower side straps which are easy to loosen and tighten.When I first wore my 19 pound baby, I felt like I was squashing him against me and it wasn’t so comfortable, but after playing around with and tweaking all the settings, it’s now pretty comfortable for me and I can wear it/him for a good period of time (few hours) while still feeling overall comfy (I mean, as comfy as you can be carrying a weighty baby). It’s nice that there are lots of ways to adjust it.Don’t feel like it’s super bulky (the shoulder pads are thick but pretty soft/flexible, and the waist belt is substantial but I like that so the weight is more distributed on my hips) but when it’s hot, it’s not so comfy since it’s another layer of thick fabric against your tummy and hips (sometimes end up being a bit sweaty there when I take it off), but I figure that is true of any carrier. I did notice that Ergo has a version that is made of more mesh and therefore supposedly cooler and more breathable, but don’t know how that carrier is. I’d imagine it would still be hot in that carrier though–just can’t get around that in hot weather!Another plus is that if you wrap up the carrier (the way you do if you’re storing the carrier), you can wear it on your hip as a makeshift hip seat/shelf (can look up a video on youtube that shows this). Don’t use this that often, but was nice to have the option and have used it once or twice.I chose the butterfly2 over the gemini because I liked the inner panel that allows an easy back carry (which I’ve heard is really the most comfortable way to wear baby for long periods of time), the weight limit is slightly higher, I didn’t care that much about front-facing carry and honestly I found a print I loved (Tyler) while I didn’t see any prints of the Gemini that I really liked. I am so glad they had this old print still available cause I really don’t love any of the newest/current prints for either Butterfly2 or the Gemini on the Beco website. I actually had my eye on a charcoal grey BabyHawk with this print a long time ago, so am glad they had this for the BB2!I had been considering getting drool pads (cause it’s true, babies can’t resist straps that are put right at mouth level–they will suck and lick constantly!) but actually i found it easier to just put on a thick, absorbent bib on baby and kind of lift it up over the strap so he’d be licking the bib on top of the strap and the bib soaks up all the drool–easier to change/replace/wash and thinner to dry (and 2 less things to buy, since I’d need 2 sets of drool pads to rotate while the other is washing/drying).Lots of reviews were positive for the Gemini too though, so if front carry is important to you, that prob would be a good option. Thankfully our baby likes being carried facing inward so it works for us–I remember reading about how some people’s babies don’t like being carried unless they are facing outward, but guess that’s hard to know until you try (and they can also change as they get older).Overall, am so glad I got this carrier, esp. for travel. Thank you, Beco!

Vickie Proctorsville, VT

warmly recommend!

we love our beco butterfly and use it every day! it’s super-comfortable, our son’s 5 months old and 17 lbs and i don’t mind at all carrying him around, my back never hurts. we loved the infant insert and more than once took advantage of passing him from one parent to the other with ease. we’re wearing our baby when washing the dishes, watering the garden etc. he loves being in it and participating in the daily activities and falls asleep in it a lot. 🙂

Kelly Limington, ME

Best carrier I’ve tried!

Love, love, love this carrier. The quality of construction is perfect and the material is high quality. It came with an excellent dvd to explain exactly how to use the carrier. It’s the best carrier I’ve used and I have the Moby wrap, Snugli Carrier, and the Munchkin Jellybean sling. The Moby is too much work now and my son doesn’t like it anymore (he’s going on 4 months old). It is however great for newborns. The Snugli is poor construction and really constricts his pelvic area in an uncomfortable way. Not worth saving the money. The Munchkin sling doesn’t feel stable. It’s not a hands-free option like the Beco. The Beco is comfortable and my son loves being held in it. Very similar to the Ergo except it has cooler patterns and a panel separating Mom and baby so it’s far easier to move him to the back position when he’s ready.

Maryellen Columbia, SC