Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Micah – Birth and UP

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Micah – Birth and UP

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Features 4 in 1 baby carrier Newborn to toddler (7-35 lbs / 2.5-16 kg) Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry Great for nursing Direct contact intuitive baby carrier High quality tested materials Machine washable Buckles to attach head support Head support – folds down Tall & Wide body – supports growing baby in the proper ergonomic position (13″ wide x 18.5″ tall with head rest up, 14″ tall with headrest folded) Wide padded Waist Belt for lumbar support – adjusts from 28″ to 57″ Wide padded Shoulder Straps for ultimate comfort – adjusts from 22″ to 45″ Adjustable Chest Strap for even weight distribution Safety Buckles – prevent accidental opening Width Alternating Base – accomodate small babies & to enable for facing out position Each baby carrier comes with: Foldable head rest Adjustable base for growing baby Materials: Shell: 100% Cotton Fill: 100% Polyurethane (body & shoulder foam), 100% polyethylene (waist foam) Flame retardants free Packaging: 100% recycled content, printed with soy based inks Please consult instructional booklet for all safety tips

Main features

  • Multiple carry positions – front facing in, front facing out, back, and hip
  • Use – from newborn to toddler (7-35 lbs / 3.5 – 16 kg)
  • Great for nursing, allows direct contact with baby
  • Colorful BECO flower on white background
  • Espresso colored straps – adjust from 23″ – 45″

Verified reviews


Very comfortable carrier, almost perfect

I was going to get the Ergo carrier (and in fact got 2 as gifts, which I returned), because I know many people who swear by it, but was really bummed that I wouldn’t be able to face my baby forward. So I got a Baby Bjorn original on Ebay for $12, to see if my baby would even like a carrier like this (we have a number of slings, but this would be the first backpack style carrier that he’d be upright in rather than on his side). He liked it, and it was much more comfortable to have the weight distributed on both shoulders. But with the Bjorn, after about 5 minutes, my back and shoulders would start to kill… My son is 13 lbs now. I cannot imagine carrying a 20 lb baby with the Bjorn. So I started searching for something like the Ergo, that has the waist support, but one that also would allow him to be on my front but facing out. The Gemini was one of the only ones I could find (Bjorn does have some, but they didn’t seem as soft and supple and friendly). I ordered, and now wear it for probably 1-2 hours per day. It is comfortable, and easy to get on once you get the hang of it, and he loves it and falls asleep no problems. It’s also relatively easy to get him out of it. Tonight for example he was asleep, I put him in it, I walked 1 mile home, and then took him out when I got home. He didn’t wake up at all through any of it.What’s great:Easy to get on (tho not super easy to get off; it takes getting use to the safety buckles…)Pretty easy to put baby in and take baby outAll the positions baby can be inThe neck support (even with the flap down, my 11 week old’s neck is supported)The fact that you don’t need an infant insert for it to work with a little babyMaterial (soft and comfy)Ergo positioning of babyWays to improve it:Add a little pocket to the front of it! I’d love to be able to just slip my keys and phone and a few dollars into the front, so I don’t have to carry a bag when I go for a walk.Add a sunshade like the Ergo. Seriously. It’s sort of annoying that it doesn’t have this…Add more padding to the shoulder straps/make the padding go down further on it.

Maureen Castleberry, AL

A little too much padding

There is too much padding that it is a little uncomfortable. This sling is great to carry on the side. But the best thing no back problems. The Gemini sling is kind a complicated. You have to practice on connecting the sling connectors. I also have the moby and Bjorn. The moby was great until my 4 month son got a little heavy ( 90th percentile in height and weight)…. I am 5’3 and the Bjorn hurts my back. My husbad is 5’10 and loves the Bjorn has no back problems. I will continue on finding the right sling for me.

Lisa Natural Bridge, VA

My Top Carrier Pick! And no, you don’t need 2 hands to unclip it.

I’m expecting my third child and whittling down my baby gear collection to the “greatest hits.” This carrier has been THE baby carrier that has worked for my kids. Style, comfort, versatility, ergonomics for both parent and child, and ease of use can’t be beat. Easier to use than a wrap, WAY more comfortable than a Baby Bjorn (and I had the “sport” model with extra lumbar support!), and I cannot tell you how many comments I’ve gotten about it–how happy my kids are in it, how stylish it is, how comfortable it looks (it is!), asking what brand it is, etc.Now, many parents swear by the more popular and frequently seen Ergo. However, neither of my children have liked facing in, so an Ergo has never been a viable option for us. Also, both have been delayed walkers. When you have a 15-month-old who’s not walking, you need something comfortable, yet more streamlined than a huge hiking backpack carrier. This carrier has been an amazing solution!Great for:-Babies who like to face out (not newborns so much; this is best for babies over 8 lb.)-A variety of different sized parents (my husband is 5’2 and strongly built; I’m 6’0 and slender)-Older babies who aren’t walking yet-Errands, outings, getting things done around the house!-Parents who want a unique, stylish carrier that isn’t the same one everyone else has-Parents seeking something made in the U.S.A. from eco-friendly, phthalate-free, truly baby-safe fabric.A few tips:-Your teething baby may want to chew the clips. Tuck them away or they may pop off (happened to me with baby #2)-Darker fabrics hide stains better. My carrier is all khaki and I love that it’s cool in the heat, but my second child has tinted the center of the front flap orange with spit up. This carrier does wash up well, but darker fabrics will hide more over time.UPDATE 6/13/2013: A frequent negative comment I see about this carrier is that the clips require 2-handed operation. Not so! I simply depress the tab in the center of the clip with my index finger while pinching the sides to open with the other fingers. May sound complicated, but it is really easy-peasy! (And I am certainly not the world’s most graceful or coordinated person; hence my preference for a structured carrier). Once you’ve worn the carrier a day or two, you do it without even thinking about it. I have had a Baby Bjorn carrier start coming spontaneously unclipped at the side when I bend over, and it is WELL worth a little simple finger coordination to have the extra security!

Rhea Martinez, CA

great…with one seriously annoying design aspect…

I wanted to love this carrier, I really did. Overall, its a great carrier. I bought it to replace my Moby Wrap because in addition to hurting my back after a while…can we say *chore* to get the thing on?!? I really wanted something that was easy to put on, and the Beco definitely fits the bill. However, taking it off, well, that’s where it lost it’s fourth and fifth star. The plastic buckles (like the kind you find on life jackets) have an extra added “safety feature” wherein you must press down on a button while simultaniously squeezing the sides to get it undone. This means you need two hands to undo each buckle, which means you need a bench, carseat, stroller, husband, kind stranger, etc. nearby if you don’t want baby to plummet to the ground. It means that when she falls asleep in it, I have to remain standing until she wakes up, because I can’t get the darn thing off without waking her. I don’t know, maybe I’m missing something, but I find the feature annoying and completely unnecessary. I mean, that kind of buckle is not coming undone until you want it too…it doesn’t need a “safety button”.Other than that, I really do like the carrier. It doesn’t hurt my back at all, and it provides a wide sitting base to spread baby’s hips (as opposed to the “crotch danglers” which are not good for hip development). That’s what led me to the Beco in the first place. I researched the Beco and the Boba, because they both offer the proper hip placement, and both got fabulous reviews. I had a hard time deciding between the two…infact, I almost bought both and figured I could return one once I decided. I ultimately went with the Beco because it offered the hip carry position as well. I now wish I had bought both…I’m curious to see how the Boba compares…I kind of wish I’d gone with it instead.Don’t get me wrong, this carrier is hands down better than others I’ve tried, I just can’t get past the houdini buckles. I read lots of reviews and no one else mentioned having a hard time getting out of it, so maybe it’s just me, but if you’re on the fence, I say search for the Boba and read the reviews on that as well, then decide for yourself.***EDIT UPDATE:I’ve now had and used the beco on a pretty consistent basis for about 7 months. I will hand it to beco, they definitely make a comfortable carrier. We’ve been to the pumpkin patch, amusement park, you name it, my back has never hurt once with this thing, and my hands are always free to tend to my 3 year old. I definitely like it better now that she’s a little older. Maybe it’s just not a great *infant* pick. I wound up using a sling with her early on more often than not and think that’s definitely the way to go when they’re itty bitty. But like I said, now that she’s a little older, I’m a big fan of my beco. Don’t get me wrong, the buckle thing still drives me crazy, but I’ve learned to undo the two side ones one-handed, so I can at least get her out and into her carseat, then undo the big waist buckle by myself. It’s so easy to get on and go, I use it on an almost daily basis now. I find it easier (and more sanitary) to stick her in the beco than a cart to go to the grocery store or target. I’ve upgraded from 3 stars to 4…and if I could I’d give it a 4 and a half. Sorry beco, I can’t give the fifth star because of those buckles, but having used it for a while now, I would definitely buy it again and I’ve even recommended it to my friends (with a disclaimer about the buckles, of course:).

Ericka Quebradillas, PR

good for tall people

I am 5’11” and my husband is 6’5″. We tried on tons of structured baby carriers at different stores before finding this one. It’s the only one that fit us both and transfered the weight of the baby to the hips instead of to the back and shoulders. We also like that it allows the baby to be carried front, hip, or back.

Rosanne Galesville, WI

So comfy!

I have the Gemini in Luca and love it. My son is 14 lbs and I can easily wear him for hours. It’s very comfortable and easy to put on/ take off. I am able to get so much done around the house and my son feels secure. I wear him while grocery shopping and he is so happy. He HATES the car seat so the Gemini has been a lifesaver for going anywhere!I have many friends with Ergos and I’ve heard them complain that it’s too big, hot, and gets in the way. I personally recommend the Gemini.

Katelyn Aquebogue, NY

Great for newborns

I searched high and low for a carrier that would work for a newborn without using a separate insert and that wasn’t a wrap. I started with a woven wrap but I knew I’d never use it. I wanted something that was fast and easy to put on for trips to the grocery store. I returned the woven wrap and bought this instead. So far, my almost 10 lb baby loves it. He falls asleep in it almost as soon as I put him in. He loves to be held all day and I could not get anything done. Now I can! Plus my husband can use this too. He took one look at the woven wrap and said no way. We are both tall, I’m 5’11 and my husband is 6’1 and we can both use this comfortably. Time will tell how comfy it is for long periods of time.There is a strange smell. I bought the Travis pattern (white tiger) and I want to wash it but I’m afraid the black will fade. It really smells quite strong. Also, with the top part folded up its tough to tell if my baby can breathe sometimes because I can’t see his face at all. I think it will be a lot better when he can hold his head up better.Update:I recently discovered my baby has silent reflux and has to be held upright for 30 minutes after each feeding. This carrier works wonderful for this! My son also seems to hate his car seat and will not sit in it without screaming. This carrier allows me to grocery shop in peace. I soaked the carrier in white vinegar for 10 minutes prior to washing in cold water and it did not fade at all! I do regret getting the black, it picks up lint from everything. After 1 wash the smell still lingers. But we love it!

Tamra Portland, AR


Love this! Was perfect when our son was a newborn. we would take him on walks and he would fall asleep. It will grow with him which is great. It is a thicker material, so probably not for too warm of climates. It can get warm but not too bad. Very comfortable, good back support.

Tami Tamworth, NH

Best carrier ever!

This carrier is absolutely awesome! I just wish I would have found it sooner. We originally bought an Ergo with an infant insert which worked great until about the 2 month mark when my son outgrew the insert (12 lb weight limit). We tried to put him in the Ergo directly but his legs couldn’t open wide enough and he hated being froggy by that point. That’s where the Beco came in. The base on this carrier is adjustable for smaller babies. Plus you can cross the straps over your back which is great when you’re carrying the baby on the front – way more comfortable than the regular backpack style. You can also face baby out if you like which you can’t do with the Ergo. The only thing this carrier is missing is a pocket and a hood, but I think you can purchase a hood for extra, we use a hat. I also have a ring sling and moby and this is by far the most comfortable for long walks since most of the weight lands on your hips. I can’t say enough great things about this carrier. One tip, make sure to soak the carrier in vinegar (1 part vinegar 1 part water) before washing for the first time as other reviewers mentioned — it really does work and keeps the carrier from fading. I also just hang dried it even though it says you can tumble dry to be safe. Looks brand new after washing.

Janine New Meadows, ID

Love My Gemini

I read a ton of baby carrier reviews and I came down to the best 3 (in my opinion): Cybex, Ergo, and Gemini. Then I read more and more about each one And which will fit my needs. I wanted a carrier to be comfortable, especially for my son. One that will be easy and simple to use. The one factor that really had me with the Gemini was the side carrying. I don’t have the Cybex or the Ergo to compare my Gemini to, but I am very, VERY happy with my Gemini purchase. 🙂

Lizzie Tinian, MP

Better than others like Baby Bjorn

It’s comfortable and versatile. Unlike most other similar carriers this has a support bar down at your waist which does a good job of distributing the weight of the child throughout your shoulders and hips. My wife and I take walks every evening with the Beco and we never have any back pain like we would with other carriers.My only complaint is that it is a little complicated to get on by yourself the first few times. Eventually you get used to it and its not a problem

Cynthia Donner, LA

Makes life so much easier!

The Beco has been a life-saver! My daughter LOVES to be held and snuggled by her momma! As a first time mom I was more than open to baby wearing. After doing lots of reasearch and trying different baby carriers on, we landed on the Beco, and could not be happier that we did! It is super easy to put on and take off. The latches are very secure and can be easily adjusted to keep the baby snug and secure against your body. I have worn her on my front facing in and out and on my back as well. I have not tried her on my hip yet, but considering the ease I’ve had with it so far, I do not anticipate any problems. The Beco has allowed me to function while keeping baby girl happy and content. It is much easier to wear her while out shopping instead of lugging a bulky stroller. She has nursed while being worn without much trouble. Also, it is simple to adjust for another person to wear, making it easy for my husband to strap her on as well. I wore her outside on walks in the summer and she never got too hot. My only wish is that it had a pouch of somesort for keys, a small walet and phone as some of the competitors have.

Malinda Butterfield, MO