Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Micah – Birth and UP

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Micah – Birth and UP

Beco Gemini Baby Carrier Features 4 in 1 baby carrier Newborn to toddler (7-35 lbs / 2.5-16 kg) Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry Great for nursing Direct contact intuitive baby carrier High quality tested materials Machine washable Buckles to attach head support Head support – folds down Tall & Wide body – supports growing baby in the proper ergonomic position (13″ wide x 18.5″ tall with head rest up, 14″ tall with headrest folded) Wide padded Waist Belt for lumbar support – adjusts from 28″ to 57″ Wide padded Shoulder Straps for ultimate comfort – adjusts from 22″ to 45″ Adjustable Chest Strap for even weight distribution Safety Buckles – prevent accidental opening Width Alternating Base – accomodate small babies & to enable for facing out position Each baby carrier comes with: Foldable head rest Adjustable base for growing baby Materials: Shell: 100% Cotton Fill: 100% Polyurethane (body & shoulder foam), 100% polyethylene (waist foam) Flame retardants free Packaging: 100% recycled content, printed with soy based inks Please consult instructional booklet for all safety tips

Main features

  • Multiple carry positions – front facing in, front facing out, back, and hip
  • Use – from newborn to toddler (7-35 lbs / 3.5 – 16 kg)
  • Great for nursing, allows direct contact with baby
  • Colorful BECO flower on white background
  • Espresso colored straps – adjust from 23″ – 45″

Verified reviews


They sent me the WRONG color =(

After literally 6 months of research, i was so looking forward to receiving this product. I ordered metro black, only to receive luca black – the 2 designs could not be more different. SO annoying. I now have to return to Amazon and re purchase a new carrier. Not exactly what i want to be spending my time doing in my last week of pregnancy on a $130 product!! Hopefully they’ll get it right the 2nd time around.

Enid Trail City, SD

Baby didnt like it.

Tried many times over the course of 4-6 weeks and my baby would not sling happily. Although my son is bigger than average I think this sling would be better suited for babies 6+ months.

Lina Elm Hall, MI

Great carrier for my infant

I just started using this carrier – my son is 3 months old and about 15 lbs now. I tried it when he was a newborn but he didn’t like it that much. His head was kind of smashed against my chest and he kept trying to turn to look around. Now that he can hold his head he can face out and he seems to really enjoy it. I haven’t used it longer than a 15-20 minute walk around the neighborhood when we walk our dog but during that time it felt safe and secure. My back did not hurt but I didn’t wear it for an extended period of time. I do think it would be good for at least an hour. I also have a Moby wrap but I didn’t like trying to fold it and the massive amount of fabric. I could never get it to feel secure enough where I felt like I could use my hands and not hold the baby too. With the Beco Gemini carrier I am able to move my arms and use my hands. I would recommend this product, especially if you have a baby that doesn’t like to be put down as this would allow you to get some things done around the house while keeping your baby with you.

Janine Radiant, VA

The best carrier out there!

I have used a lot of carriers, because I like to wear my babies, and my daughter in particular did not tolerate the stroller well. While attempting to make us both comfortable, I bought an Ergo (returned), a Mei Tai (returned), an Oh Snap! (returned), a Baby Bjorn (quickly outgrown), a Moby Wrap (given away), and a Beco Butterfly II (still used as a backup). Then, I found the Beco Gemini, and I stopped looking for something better – I had found what I wanted.This carrier is extremely comfortable, and can carry up to 35 pounds. The Baby Bjorn began to hurt my back before my baby even hit 6 months old, but the extra hip- and waist-support on the Gemini makes it easier to carry heavier babies, as do the crossing straps (which are more comfortable for me). I took my VERY tall 30-pound two-and-a-half year old to a festival and wore him on my back comfortably for over an hour. This carrier is great for infants and toddlers alike!This carrier is versatile! It can be worn as a front carrier with the baby either facing in or out, straps crossed or back-pack style. My son refused to be carried if he had to face in, so the Ergo and the Oh-Snaps just didn’t cut it. My daughter, on the other hand, hated facing out, so those carriers might have worked fine for her. But I didn’t know what personality each baby would have, so having a carrier that can do both was beneficial. The Gemini can be worn as a back carrier with the straps in either position. It can also be worn as a hip carrier. It can be tight across your body to hold the baby close, and it can even be used as a nursing carrier without removing the baby, or it can be worn more loosely depending on your baby’s preferences.Plus, the quality of the materials are just above and beyond, the straps are heavily padded and soft, and the various patterns are so cute! I recommend this carrier to every one of my new-mom friends. It’s worth the extra cash!

Billie Manns Choice, PA

Better Than Ergo Because of Versatility!

I have a lot of carriers–the Hotsling Adjustable, the Moby Wrap, the Baby Bjorn, the Ergo, and the Beco Gemini. If I had to do it over again, I’d go with just the Beco Gemini, and maybe the Hotsling.The Beco Gemin is superior to the Ergo because of its versatility. I will say that I like the hood on the Ergo better than the pop-up collar on the Gemini, especially for privacy when nursing (I’m sorry I waited so long to try nursing in the carrier…once I was brave enough to do it, it was so easy!) or when the baby is sleeping. I also miss the Ergo front pocket on the Gemini. The buckle for the Ergo is easier to unlock one-handed. But the cons of the Gemini stop there, and are far out-weighed by the fact that I can do front-facing or inward facing with the Gemini.My son loves facing outward, especially now at 13 months, but even when he was much younger, if he was awake, he wanted to face out. The Ergo was only okay for him if he was taking a nap or nursing–then it was great–but the Gemini does the same thing, and does outward. Before I bought the Gemini, I was toting along the Baby Bjorn (incredibly uncomfortable and not ergonomic! but does outward facing) or the Moby (don’t love it for outward facing–getting my son to sit lotus-style was hard, and if I didn’t tuck his feet up, it didn’t feel as secure, not to mention the incredible amount of fabric that dragged the floor while I had to set him down to put it on…to much work!). I already tote enough with the stroller and diaper bag…two carriers is too much.I loved the Hotsling far more than the Moby when he was a newborn, but he did outgrow it. I never found the sitting position on the side for the Hotsling to be easy or secure, but maybe I just never mastered it, once he was too big for the sling. But the Moby did not get much use at all. I got the Ergo around when he was 4 months, and from that point on, it was my preferred carrier–if I’d had it when he was younger, maybe I wouldn’t have loved the sling so much.We did a lot of baby carrying in the early months, as he was not a good sleeper and slept only while being worn or on the go, so I got my use out of the Hotsling and the Ergo…but once he was older, and he was awake for longer periods, it was hard that I couldn’t rely on the Ergo…and that’s when I found the Gemini. I invested in it even though I already had the Ergo because I knew I’d get my use out of it, assuming it was comfortable.Comfort wise, the Beco Gemini is absolutely just as comfortable as the Ergo. I can do without the pocket, and I can use a blanket if I miss the hood for privacy while nursing, but I don’t have to carry a second carrier anymore, and for that, I love it.I will say the Gemini and the Ergo are both great for air travel–you can’t wear the baby in a carrier during take-off or landing, which means you have to unhook the baby if he is sleeping. Fortunately, with both the Ergo and the Gemini, you can unhook the buckle behind your neck and slip your arms out while still holding the baby close, so he won’t wake….or at least that worked for me! Love both for air travel!

Jennifer Maple Shade, NJ

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Beco!

This has been a life saver. I love that it’s organic. My baby seems so comfortable and happy. He gets a little crabby during the day and I still have to get things done so I put him in the carrier and get laundry and dishes done and whatever else we need to do. I read some complaints about the clips that lock into place because they require 2 hands to unlatch. To be honest, it isn’t a big deal. I simply wrap my arm around baby and the one side and vice versa to do the sides. Take baby out. And then unlatch the back. It isn’t complicated at all. And my baby chews on this thing constantly so I’m happy that I chose an organic carrier. I did not want a carrier that carries the baby by the crotch. I did call the customer support number to obtain some info because it seemed like I couldn’t get him seated correctly and they were extremely helpful. My baby is currently 22 pounds and 28″ and he’s nice and comfy. He falls asleep in it while we are at baseball games. I would definitely recommend this one as opposed to some of the other popular ones to anyone. It’s also comfortable for me as I haven’t had any issues with back support and I wear this for over an hour at a time. I’m 5’3″.

Rosario Moscow, OH

NOT suitable for newborn…works great after 4 to 5 months

Had some trouble getting it on the first few times….my son screamed like crazy. Finally at 2.5 months old I got him in the carrier while he was in a deep sleep. He is 23 inches long and over 9 pounds.Even with the top folded down, the tip of his head is even with the top of the carrier so he can only face inward. Also the side straps just barely clear under his armpits, leaving big red marks on his armsIt seems I can not adjust the waistband small enough.. The front of it dips down from his weight and I’m not sure if it is supposed to do this. I feel like all the weight is on my lower back and none on my shoulders. Also, the clips are hard to use and each wearable position has like 9 steps of instructions. Only saving grace is that he has been in it for 20 min and didn’t wake up yet.I will try again when my son is much older and can face out. Definitely not enough support on the sides for a newborn.———–REVISED REVIEW at 5.5 MONTHSNow my son is big enough to see over the top of the carrier. He likes it very much and I find it comfortable. I also discovered that I can adjust the waistband from both sides which allows me to get it small enough. He even enjoys the outward facing position. I don’t mind the safety clips anymore, as it is easier to handle an older baby with head control while unfastening the clips. I did notice that you must be careful not to insert the clips backward because it will close, but the safety can not engage.

Cherry Inman, KS

Best Baby Purchase

Like so many first-time mom’s I bought way too much stuff to prepare for our baby girl. This was by far the best purchase that we made. I use it almost every day. We use it to walk to the dog, grocery shop, do dishes, work on the laundry… Anytime that I need my hands but need to take care of the baby, I use this. I also use this to go out to eat with friends. Baby will fall asleep during a meal at almost any resturant. I even took my baby to work lunch in this, and she just slept the whole time.

Cecelia Bryant, AR

Secure baby carrier

This is a great baby carrier. I wanted to replace the Baby Bjorn carrier that I’ve been using because my son was starting to outgrow it and it was really starting to hurt my upper back. I wanted something that was easy to use, like the Baby Bjorn. Here are the things I like about this carrier:-Easy to use–it doesn’t take long to figure out how to strap the carrier on. I had my son in it within 15 minutes of opening the package. Now that I know what I’m doing, I can get him in and out within seconds.-Very easy to get the baby in and out of the carrier–much easier that the old carrier I was using.-The fabric is soft and well padded-Multiple positions for carrying baby (front, side, and back)-It doesn’t hurt my back!-Not bulky like some other carriers I had researched. I’m 5’5″ with a small frame and didn’t want something super bulky.-Will fit a newborn without having to buy any extra inserts. *My son is 8 months old so I can’t comment on how well it works for newborns. I am happy to know that I can use this when the next baby comes along, though.-The buckles have double locks on them and require two hands for release-Feels VERY secureMy only complaint about the Gemini is that the extra fabric from the straps hangs down quite a bit. You can’t tell from the picture of the carrier. The waist strap is the one that bothers me the most. I just tuck it in after I get my baby secured. That’s really a minor complaint and wouldn’t keep me from buying another one!

Genevieve Hiwassee, VA

Good quality carrier

Bought this as I was looking for an alternative to the ever popular Ergo carrier, which you can’t use with newborns without a special insert. So far, my son seems to like it plenty. I like how there’s more positions you can put your baby in compared to many of the other carriers on the market. My only 2 complaints: the material is a little bit rougher than I imagined (sort of backpack-ish) and got even rougher when I washed it. The buckle at the waist is a little hard to undo. There’s an extra release button on it that needs to be held down when you release the clip. I know this is probably a safety feature to make sure you don’t drop your kid, but even with both hands on the buckle, the safety release button is pretty hard for me to depress effectively. Not exactly a deal breaker though.

Debbie Brookland, AR

Uncomfortable for baby and parents

Not comfortable for parents or baby. Returned and purchased an ergo baby carrier.After several adjustments neither my husband or I could get the straps to fit comfortably. We also had a very hard time working the clips.

Roxanne Bridgehampton, NY

Very comfortable

I had an older baby carrier that my mom got from a friend for me, and it was SO uncomfortable. The straps dug into my shoulders and the excess bit was very long, it seemed uncomfortable for my baby’s legs, too.After researching a lot, I somehow came across the Beco Gemini, and I’m so happy with how comfortable it is.Pros:-Very comfortable, doesn’t tug on your shoulders at all. The weight is all on your hips (which is a good thing).-I love the ability to roll up the excess straps. You can even roll up the entire carrier when you aren’t using it! =]-Easy enough to get baby in and out pretty quickly on my own, although I haven’t tried having him on my back.-I love the Expresso colorCons:-Even with the flap folded down when my baby was facing outward, it seemed to be very high. His nose and eyes would basically just peak out from the top, haha. His mouth was in the perfect position to chew/drool on it even after I tried adjusting him over and over to be a little higher. (If you know how to fix this, please tell me! =] )

Melissa Zwingle, IA

The best of the 6 types of carriers we own

We’ve used 6 different carriers now: Baby Bjorn, ERGObaby, Moby, Beco Baby Gemini, Aprica side carrier, and S.P.O.C. (simple piece of cloth).Our favorite carrier of all, it has the support and quality of the Ergo, only with more versatility. The padded head support folds down and snaps to stay down (unlike the Bjorn that buttons down, but still flips up). The crotch area of the Beco Gemini folds in and snaps into place to allow a forward facing position (our son’s current fave), a position that the Ergo does not offer. The forward facing front position of this carrier reminds me of the Baby Bjorn, only with the large support base that is sorely missing from the Bjorn. The Beco’s larger support base provides ample hip support for the baby, preventing the promotion of hip dysplasia (as some other forward facing carriers, such as Bjorn, have been shown to promote). I was a little concerned about the ease of use, since it’s so similar to ERGO, and we found that carrier to be intimidating with all of it’s pieces and configurations; however, we both learned the Beco quickly and can remember how to use it without looking at the directions for a second time. Oh, and we can each get into/out of the carrier alone (not so with the ERGO). In a nut shell, the Beco carrier has the best comfort, safety and versatility for both parents (mom & dad) and for baby.

Nelly Cohoes, NY

Doesn’t hurt your back

I liked this because it doesn’t cause back, shoulder or neck tension like I found with my other carrier. Fits great. Plenty of options for front, side, back carrier. Well made. I didn’t like it when he sat facing forward which was the reason why I purchased it. It was too high in the front even with it buttoned down. He is at the 70% in height so I was surprised that it didn’t fit correctly. Also it was too hot. My son is very hot natured so he would cry if I wore it longer than 15 minutes. It was during the summer. I ended up returning it.

Elnora Polo, MO


I have three kids and have tried five carriers:The Beco Gemini, the Classic Bjorn, the Ergo, a frame backpack style, and a sling (OSBH).The Bjorn was okay while my kids were newborns–comfy until they reached about 10 lbs and then forget it. My back was killing me!The ergo–I am not sure why anyone likes it. It gets great reviews but my six month old son HATES it. He will not stand to be in it for longer than a minute. He screams. I tried to rig it up so he wasn’t so chlaustrophobic and pushed against me but he hated it still. The main drawback is that the baby can’t face outwards. The other carriers I tried are not even worth mentioning. Since we have financial issues I wanted to get something that’ wasn’t expensive but when I did the reviews the Gemini kept coming up and I liked it because it can face forward and out and is trim.So, I forked over the money and boy am I happy I did. This is the perfect carrier. My son is now 20 lbs and can be in it for HOURS. He loves all the positions, never cries and it never hurts my back. Good job, Beco!!!!P.S the owls insider print is very cool. Works for my husband too.

Angelina Kenyon, MN

Snaps broke the first time using it!

I had so many people recommend this carrier. The very first time putting it on to see how it fit one of snaps (metal) was bent and the other one (plastic) just popped right off. I’m ordering an Ergo Performance now. So frustrating.

Kristine Montville, OH

An almost perfect carrier for my baby and I

I bought this carrier after my baby started a serious hatred of both his stroller and naps around week 6. I was going nuts and needed 1) for him to sleep 2) for me to get some exercise and 3) for both of us to get out the house! I bought this carrier at a fancy Manhattan sling store where you can try things on. If a fancy sling store is an option for you, do that because it is really hard to find the right sling/carrier for your and your baby without trying it on. If that isn’t possible, at least buy somewhere with a generous returns policy. Fancy carriers are worth every penny if you get the right one but a huge waste if you don’t use them.I was pretty set on buying the Ergo based on friend recommendations before I tried it on. However, the Ergo requires smaller babies to use an awkward and hot insert and also to have their legs pulled up froggy style. But I have a summer baby who wants his legs OUT! Needs his legs out. Hated the Ergo. Screamed at the store. Tried on the Beco and Voila! – mom/baby bliss. So, I forked over the considerable cash and use it multiple hours/day. I feel freed from the worry about where I can go with a stroller and not plus I get exercise and the baby gets a nap. Wonderful!Why not totally perfect… 1) the material used for this carrier is too hot! I so wish they had a sport version (like the Ergo) as baby and I can get pretty sweaty in this thing. 2) NEEDS A POCKET!! Duh! I cannot fathom why you wouldn’t put a generous pocket on the front on this thing. Does the person who designed this have a baby? Something that could hold your keys and phone and maybe even a diaper and travel wipes. I like to be out in this thing for hours and it isn’t fun to have it strapped on to me and a diaper bag over the shoulder. Want perfect freedom! If they make a Gemini 2 – I hope they can work that in!

Denise Wilmore, KS

LOVE IT! Our favorite of our 4 carriers

We have the K’tan, Bjorn, Ergo, and Beco Gemini. The Beco wins. My daughter is 6 months old and is so happy in the Beco. The reason we bought the Beco is its front-facing option. She’s just so much happier when she can see out. We take her to the mall, on trails, to the zoo, stores, and just about everywhere in it. She gets to see the world and our backs don’t hurt. If your child doesn’t like to face forward, I suggest getting the Ergo since it’s cheaper and has a pocket in the front. Beco, you need a pocket for us to put our cell phones and keys in. Pretty please.I read about the issues with the buckle safety buttons and I agree. It’s annoying to get it off and makes me feel like I’m trapped in it. Also, I always have to double check the waist buckle since sometimes it’s not completely snapped together even though it seems like it is. The instructions are not great. We watched a youtube instructional video and it was much more helpful.If I had to do it all over again, I’d buy the K’tan and Beco. The K’tan is great when they are tiny. It’s much simplier to figure out than the moby and it kept my girl close to me securely. The Bjorn killed our backs. The Ergo is a great carrier but it doesn’t have a front-facing option. Beco=happy baby carrying!

Lottie Forest City, IA

Love, love love this carrier!

I really did a lot of reserach and tested carriers before I bought this. I had narrowed it down to the Ergo and the Gemini but after trying them both, I liked the comfort of the Gemini better. My little one is now 6 months, and does not like to be in any carrier but her Gemini. It is really comfortable to use for both of us. Every day I walk my kids to school pushing a double stroller with my infant in the Gemini and it works perfect. Also, it’s a pretty decent walk and I have never had any kind of back pain, and my little one has never complained.

Johanna East Liverpool, OH

This carrier has saved my back

I have a sweet little 4 month old baby that likes to be close to mommy at all times. This has been challenging for me. I have just got used to holding him all day and carrying him around, but my back was starting to really suffer. I honestly didn’t know anything about carriers. We had a Chicco front pack (crotch dangler as I’ve learned since doing research), but that hurt my back worse, so I only used it a couple times. Plus, he looked super uncomfortable in it. A friend mentioned they were getting the Ergo and I thought maybe I should look into what made that so special. My eyes were opened to the baby carrying possibilities. I started doing some research and found this Beco Gemini and am absolutely in love with it and it has changed my life. I’m going to elaborate a little on what I’ve noticed over the last month with it.The positives:-Comfort: My first priority in finding a carrier was the comfort of my back. My pregnancy and my job (ER nurse) have really messed with my back, so I wanted a carrier that would give me the benefits of having my baby close without the pain. The Gemini has been WONDERFUL in this regard. It feels incredibly comfortable carrying him. I have walked a mile with him in it and felt no strain. I also have soccer practice for my older child 1 hours three days a week. I put him in the Gemini and everything is great. He’s happy and momma is happy.-Front facing: I’m soooo glad I got a carrier that also does front facing. The Ergo does not. My son does not like to be facing in. I try to always start him facing in to get him more used to it, but he usually only lasts 5 minutes before he’s fussing and wants to be turned around. I look forward to trying the hip carry and backpack carry in the future!-Ease of use: This carrier really only takes about a minute to put on and get the baby adjusted in. I’m so happy when I go to the store now I can carry him rather than leave him in his car seat. He seems so much happier.-Buckles: Like I said, I did extensive research when buying and I kept reading over and over about the annoying buckles. I’m putting them as a negative, but they really aren’t that bad. Now that I’ve got used to them they aren’t annoying at all. Reviewers say it’s hard to use both hands because they have to hold baby, but I don’t find it a problem. So, if I’m unbuckling the right side. I take my right hand and hold down the button. I wrap my left arm around the front, supporting my son, and push the buckles in. My son is never left unsupported. I can do this quickly and easily. I don’t see why the waist buckle needs to be the safety buckles, but the side ones are right at finger level. My 4 month old obviously couldn’t unbuckle anything, but if you intend to use this up to 35 lbs, a bigger kid riding backpack style might be able to. I think it’s a good safety feature.The negatives:-Height: When I put it on with my son facing forward the carrier comes right below his nose. This doesn’t seem to bother him, but he spends the whole time in the carrier gnawing on the fabric. I try to use a pacifier to prevent it, but he isn’t big on his binky. This is annoying… BUT when he’s faced towards me having that come up a little further helps offer a little more head support.-Straps: When he’s facing me the side straps are right in his face. This is another tempting chew toy for him. But additionally, I think this is part of the reason he likes to be turned out to the front. He seems very annoyed with the side straps.-No storage: This isn’t a feature I would expect on carriers, but when I read the some other carriers have a storage pocket I was jealous. Although it would be tempting to put my phone in the pocket and I am a little paranoid about the radiation from cell phones being too close to baby and for extended periods of time, so maybe it’s better for me that there’s no pocket.Overall, I am extremely thankful I bought this carrier. I wish I would’ve known about these when my son was first born. It would’ve saved me some aches and pains. It also can be used newborn and up without any extra purchases (the Ergo needs a special newborn piece), but I only got it when he was 3 months old so I didn’t need anything. I am a very excited, proud babywearning mommy now. I recommend this carrier to anyone looking, but I would encourage you to do your research and find the carrier that best suites you. Maybe a storage pocket is more important than having a carrier that faces baby out to you. I don’t know. But either way compare some. If you have a friend with a carrier, go try theirs to see what you think. It’s a significant purchase and you want to be happy with it.

Chrystal Staunton, VA

I love-hate this carrier

I’ve used the Bjorn, Ergo, and the Beco, and it is my most and least favorite carrier.Pros:- Most versatile in terms of positions- Most comfortable (I have chronic lower back pain and throw out my back easily. This is by far the most ergonomic carrier of the three.)Cons:- the material is the cheapest of the three carriers – the plastic buckles feel flimsy…which leads to my second con- perhaps I’m not flexible enough, but the buckles on this thing was the most difficult for me to use by myself, so much so that I returned the Beco.Details:Maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but between my somewhat short arms, my chunky baby, and the fact that I’m home with the baby, I needed a carrier that I can put on and off relatively quickly without any assistance. The buckles on this thing has a safety–you squeeze the two sides that are on most typical buckles (swings, boosters, etc.) but there’s a safety mechanism that runs across the flat panel that you have to depress while simultaneously squeezing the two sides…it was just impossible for me to do it with one hand while keeping the other arm around my son so he doesn’t fall off. I don’t always have the luxury of sitting down when I’m unstrapping and so the buckles ended up being a deal breaker for me. I did notice that the plastic that the buckles are made out of feels thinner/lighter and just overall more flimsy than the buckles on the Bjorn and Ergo. It makes me wonder if the safety is there for a reason. In any case, if the buckles hadn’t been an issue, I would’ve given the Bjorn and Ergo away and used just the Beco.

Susana Ipava, IL

Not for smaller babies.

Neither of our twins, both 9 & 11lbs will fit in this – they are just too small. Pity. Will stick with my bjorns.

Dessie Derby, CT

Excellent carrier

This carrier is comfortable, easy to use, fits both mom and dad (unlike our Baby K’Tan), is made in the US, and is insanely cute. (much cuter than the Ergo carriers). It also positions babies properly to accommodate their developing spines, which is why we bought this particular brand in the first place (Ergo does, too; Baby Bjorn does not). The only hesitation I had was whether I should have ordered this owl pattern or another pattern I liked! Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this carrier. The best part is that baby seems to like it, too. It’s the only carrier that we’ve tried that doesn’t drive him to tears, and that’s priceless!

Jeanine Washington, CA

Irritated at First But…Now I LOVE It

This carrier took some getting used to, but now that I know what I am doing, I absolutely love this carrier. In the front facing mode, it was a little difficult to use, but fortunately, baby gains head control at a relatively young age, so I wasn’t going to be using that mode of transport for too long. Once my little one began to hold her head up, things got easier. Now that she is older, we use this carrier all that time and it is a snap to put on. As long as you follow the directions and use some common sense, you will find this carrier to be both comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. Slightly difficult to remove due to the manner in which you must undo the clips, but that is a safety feature and it is not overly bothersome nor cumbersome. It just takes a bit of getting used to.

Marianne El Mirage, AZ

still not ideal

Just received this item today. I purchased it because of the front-facing-out option, but will be returning it. I am being generous to rate it 2 stars because it does support baby’s legs much better than other popular carriers that allow the baby’s legs to just dangle. HOWEVER, it still does not even come CLOSE to supporting my daughter’s legs knee-to-knee, which is what is really recommended in a carrier, and she just turned 6 mos today, is 28″ long, and weighs 17 lbs- not an abnormally large baby. As others have mentioned, the fabric that supports the leg was so rigid and tight that it was a struggle for me to put my finger between her leg and the carrier- again, not a chubby baby- and it left indentations on her thighs after 10 min of wear. I can’t imagine what it would do if she were in it for an hour! Also, she is in the 99th percentile for length and in the front facing out position, her face was shoved into the front of the carrier, even with it folded down, If a smaller baby were to be in this position, they would be face-first into the fabric, which defeats the purpose, not to mention would be uncomfortable and possibly a suffocation risk. Because the fabric was crossing her cheeks, she was constantly looking up to get away from it, which would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. The dangling straps were also fairly annoying. I was really hoping to love this carrier and it seemed like the best option, but sadly, it will be returned.

Madelyn Cambridge, WI

Awesome carrier!

After reviewing several baby carriers while pregnant I settled on ordering this one. I chose it because it was made in America, offered multiple carrying options, was able to be used from birth up to 35 lbs, and because it offered back support for the wearer and has ample room during a forward facing position so that the baby is sitting on his rear and not dangling from his crotch (this is a problem with the Baby Bjorn). I was mainly considering this, the Ergo, and the wraps. I ordered this before our son was born and we have loved it! It is comfortable, simple to understand (comes with an step by step photo guide for all positions), and I can easily put it on and take it off by myself. The baby seems to love it- he often takes a nap while in it. I have worn it for hours (my two month old is 14 pounds) and provided I maintain good posture I do not notice any increased back pain, etc. I like that it is cotton, as I live in a warm climate and the baby is like a little heater. Very very happy with the carrier. I highly recommend.

Adrienne New Geneva, PA

Not the best for newborns

We bought this carrier before baby was born and was hoping it would be very useful all throughout his infancy. Honestly, we barely used it when he was newborn.Pros:-Different facing positions, but honestly we only use 2 often (baby facing out & baby facing in)-Sturdy and durable. Nice thick straps.-Great for those with back pain as I feel it comfortably distributes baby’s weight to your hips.Cons:-As a newborn, baby wasn’t very comfortable in it. I think he would’ve preferred a more swaddle-like feel that you can get from a wrap carrier.-No hood like the Ergobaby which would be very helpful for napping or shading baby.He’s now 10 months old and we’ve found that we use the carrier a lot more now that he’s older. It’s more manageable to put him in it when I don’t need to support his head at the same time.If I could do it again, I would purchase a moby wrap or a wrap-like carrier in addition to this one. The Ergobaby does have the appeal of a hood, which Beco does not. So I might reconsider that too.

Juanita Bel Air, MD

The only carrier you’ll need.

“I did a ton of research and ended up with this. It has great back support and baby can face in or out when in the front (some like ergo baby you can’t face out–silly!).’ It is also super duper easy to put on. It adjusts to fit husband and is comfy. Much more foldable than any of the bjorns, so it will fit at the bottom of a bag or stroller (good for airports).”And, no, there is no proof that facing out will cause sensory issues in your child, so why not have one where he/she can look out and take in the world!

Althea Oceanville, NJ


I had a Baby Bjorn but my baby is 22 pounds and my back would hurt so bad that I never used it. My friend recommended the Beco and I couldn’t be happier. It is awesome and versatile.

Ila Red Springs, NC

Good carrier when baby will tolerate it

I purchased the Beco Baby Gemini carrier in anticipation of carting around my daughter while enjoying the miracle of free hands. Since she has just reached the 17 month mark, it’s worth noting that, when it was needed, it worked well. Here is a list of the pros and cons I’ve encountered with the product over the last year and a half:PROS:1. Versatility of the carrying style – front facing, inward facing, and backpack – made this a carrier whose usefulness extended well beyond one stage.2. When my daughter was smaller, it was comfortable enough for her that she would routinely fall asleep in it while being carried.3. FREE HANDS to do things around the house plus a happy baby – need I say more?CONS:1. There was a substantial learning curve in figuring out how all the buckles and fasteners worked every time we switched the way my daughter was being carried or when she grew (which was constantly). Once the straps are adjusted and you’ve had some practice, you can set up baby by yourself, but you’ll need help the first several times.2. It leaves imprints on the back of baby’s legs despite how we adjusted and readjusted the straps. This just meant I was extra cautious in how long she was allowed to remain in the carrier.3. As baby gets older and more mobile, their tolerance of being stuck in the carrier (and probably any restraint) is severely limited (although this likely will vary largely according to baby’s personality). My daughter stopped tolerating it around eight months. With the substantial investment this carrier required, I was a bit disappointed we weren’t able to use it for a longer period of time.4. Wearing and being worn in the carrier is HOT work for all involved. Granted, this may well be the issue with carriers in general. It’s just worth taking into account that you may both need a wardrobe adjustment before sticking this on – even in the middle of winter.

Alba Sanger, CA