Beco Soleil Baby Carrier – Metro Black

Beco Soleil Baby Carrier – Metro Black

The Soleil Baby Carrier System is a result of Beco’s research, survey, and customer feedback! The Soleil has all the features baby wearers have been asking for! With it?s easy-to-use, ergonomic and intuitive design, the Beco Soleil is a super versatile baby carrier. It can be used to carry your baby in the front, hip and back carry positions. Improved ergonomics to transfer baby’s weight effectively for all body types makes it more comfortable than other baby carriers. Features a built-in expandable pocket on the waist belt – just the right size for cell phones, keys, cash or credit card and a toy ring on the right shoulder strap. The Soleil Baby Carrier system has a chameleon-like ability, allowing you to change the look. Create your own style by adding a printed hood or infant insert. Use is for newborns through toddlers with a weight capacity of 7-45 pounds. Requires Soleil Infant Insert for babies 7-15 lbs, Sold Seperately.

Main features

  • Soft structured carrier with multiple carry positions – front, back, and hip
  • Use – from newborn (with infant insert – sold separately) to toddler (7-45 lbs / 3.5-20.4 kg)
  • Large shaped ergonomic seat, padded headrest & leg openings, ability to cross straps across back.
  • Simple all black piece, great for both parents
  • Black colored straps – adjust from 23″ – 45″

Verified reviews


It’s ok

This is my 1st carrier so I don’t anything to compare it to. But I guess I like it. I got the Enzo color, not as pretty as the picture. So it has one little pocket. iPod touch fits. Toy loop, key loop, hood snaps on/off. Side buckles and hip buckle has the stupid safety lock… 2 hands. I had a hard time getting my toddler out of it from the back carry. I haven’t even attempted the back carry on my own yet. No place to stuff the hood so I just let it hang there. Of course I get hotter in it on a hot day. I find it more comfortable not crossing the straps, which was why I got it, I heard crossing the straps can be more comfortable. Not with my 6 month old. I feel like I can’t keep her high enough but I wonder if she could fit better with the infant insert. I’m still trying to give it some more time. I might get the carry all bag so I have a place to stuff the hood. I’ll update once I get the hang of things better.

Sandy San Miguel, NM

LOVE that the straps cross; buckles are not difficult

I had a Boba, which my baby loved. I did not like how the straps went straight over the shoulders. It was hard to maintain good posture, and the straps felt uncomfortable between my arms and my sides. I switched to the Soleil because it has the option of crossing the straps across the back. This is MUCH more comfortable for me and better for my posture.It’s also much easier to clip the buckles on each side, rather than behind the neck like the Boba. Carriers that go on like a reverse-backpack need to be clipped just below the back of the neck so the straps don’t slide off your arms. This is kind of annoying, especially if you have hair that you wear down.The Beco Soleil has the same two-step safety buckles as the Beco Gemini (which some reviewers were unable to unlatch with one hand, and/or struggled to unlatch). I had no problem whatsoever even on my first try. To unlatch one-handed, just let the weight of your baby put a little pressure on the strap while you push in the safety button. Then squeeze the sides like a normal buckle. Very easy. (Or just reach across with your other hand and push the button in – it’s really very simple!)Compared to the Boba, the waist band is not as substantial. This wasn’t a problem for me though. Actually, I kind of prefer it as it doesn’t seem to make my pants ride down as badly as my Boba. Also the width of the seat is greater than the Boba, which is super comfy for my 12 month baby, but I’m not sure how it would fit a younger baby. The edges are padded, so they won’t chaffe baby’s thighs (versus the gemini whose entire body is padded and looks very hot).The height is about the same as the Boba but for some reason my baby seemed to have more freedom of movement and better visibility. I think she liked that. She rode very happily in this carrier.Overall I prefer this over the Boba. It’s more comfortable, easier to use, and a better ride for baby. Actually, I can’t think of anything about the Boba that I prefer. Maybe it’s better for younger babies? I don’t know, as my baby is already 12 months/22 pounds. Enjoy.Edit: One thing that could be annoying compared to the Boba (or any backpack-style carrier) is that the straps dangle when you are putting it on/off. There is no way to avoid this because they have to be unattached on one side to allow for crossing behind the back. Since the Boba’s straps are already configured into a backpack, they won’t dangle on the ground when you’re putting it on. I still prefer to cross the straps though, so this really doesn’t bother me. Just FYI 🙂

Teresa Maywood, NJ

It’s love

I own a Beco Gemini, which I love, but I love the available accessories on the Soleil. Plus the Soleil goes up to 45 pounds as opposed to 35.Carrier is comfortable and baby feels very safe, plus it comes with "sleepy dust." ; )The print is even cuter in person. I recommend Beco to everyone inquiring about soft-structured baby carriers. I am a loyal Beco-ist!I was considering selling the Gemini, but since I love it so much I may just keep it. BUT if you want an all-purpose carrier with accessories (detachable hood and bag, plus a key and a toy ring), the Soleil is the way to go.

Ruby Sullivan, MO

Absolutely the BEST

Love, Love, Love! I have tried the ergo, babyhawk oh snap. This carrier is so comfortable and very stylish. The ergo was bulky and frankly ugly. I liked the print on the oh snap but it didn’t fit my chunky lil one. I never could get it to hold the baby snugly it kept sagging?? I have the Babyhawk Mai Tai which I love, not sure where they went wrong with the oh snap. I have the Beco Gemini which I have used from about 15-28lbs and am very excited the Soleil can be used to 45lbs. This carrier is very well made and I can comfortably wear my big chunky toddler for long periods.

Frances Gilcrest, CO


Nice carrier,excellent quality but I need to wait to use it because it’s big for my two month baby(12 lb) you need the insert baby for the solei. I think is to expensive and you’re not going to use it for to long.It’s a extra 25 dollars for the insert and 140 for the carrier. It should be a little bit less expensive (the insert).But anyway it’s a good carrier..much better than ergo and Moby.

Isabella Oak Harbor, WA

Very comfortable and works for bigger people.

This is a fantastic carrier. I use this at least five times a week and my daughter is just about two months. My husband also uses it with her. I’m 5′ 10" and he’s 6′ 2" and a bigger guy and it fits us both really well. Plenty of adjustment and very comfortable. I didn’t buy the infant carrier. A rolled up hand towel under her rear end puts her in the right position.

Dorothy Espanola, NM

Liking this better than the ERGO I used for 7 years!

I bought this baby carrier for my 24lb 20-month-old after losing the ERGO I used for the past four years. I decided to give the Beco a try because I felt like the ERGO carrier back was a little low, which led to my kids sometimes leaning out in a way that seemed somewhat risky and also made it hard for older kids to sleep in the carrier. I’m glad I made the switch! The fabric on this carrier felt a little rough when it arrived, but I washed it and air dried and it was fine. I like that hood snaps off if you don’t need it, and I really like the pocket on the waistband for my phone/keys. I do slightly miss the larger pocket on the ERGO that could hold a bag of wipes and a couple diapers, but this pocket is easier to access, even on my back. I also felt that the ERGO was less comfortable for the baby if you actually stuffed that pocket; this pocket won’t impact baby’s comfort at all. The seat back is taller on this carrier, and my child feels more secure. I think that this seat design would also be nicer for a younger baby, but don’t have one to test it out on at the moment.The shoulder straps feel a little flimsier than the ERGO, but I feel like the weight gets distributed more to my hips, so it doesn’t matter. I love that you can criss cross the straps for better support when wearing baby in front – much better support! The ERGO still wins for me for fabric (ERGO fabric is softer), but the Beco wins design-wise for me. My daughter is tall and thin, and we have plenty of growing room with this carrier. My child also seems very happy with the carrier, in spite of having grown up in ERGO carriers.I should note that I love this carrier at 5’8″ – not sure how it would fit a shorter person.

Elnora Benezett, PA

Not perfect but still love (not for small mamas)

I did way too much research before buying. Ended up getting this from frog mama for great deal with accessories. This one didn’t come with bag but did come with hood. For less $ I got bag and good and like bag for sure. Great looking carrier. Safety clips drove me nuts but used to them now. I’m 5’3" and 108 lbs and I am too small for the carrier with my 8 month old. I can only use with straps crossed. Very comfortable thigh which is great cause bijorn killed me and baby is too heavy for me to carry long. Get it. It is worth it. Just go to or where you get hood and bag.

Leeann Fountain City, WI