BecoThings – BecoPotty in Natural

BecoThings – BecoPotty in Natural

BecoThings’ eco-friendly potties are made from waste plant material, so while they last for years in your home they will start biodegrading as soon as you pop them in your garden. So there is plenty of time to train your little one and then save the environment.A BecoPotty starts life as bamboo waste and rice husks, which are leftover materials from farming. BecoThings takes these natural plant fibers and grinds them into a fine powder. By adding a biodegradable resin and pressing the powder in a hot mold a BecoPotty is born.The ergonomically designed Becopotty is comfortable and easy to use. The high back offers extra support, while the large splash guard helps keep potty training hygienic. The BecoPotty is available in 3 colors, natural, blue and pink.

Main features

  • Made from natural plant fibres the BecoPotty is sustainable to produce and biodegradable when it ends up in landfill after potty training
  • The natural plant fibers plastic is tough and durable, so the potty will last for years in the home
  • Ergonomically designed it is comfortable to use
  • Has a high back rest for extra support, and large splash guard to make potty training hygienic
  • Once potty training is finished encourage your child to take the BecoPotty into the garden and bury it, the end of potty training

Verified reviews


Best seat for ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION! Perfect size for NEWBORNS (6 weeks old!) & great design for BOYS!

We wanted to do the EC technique with our baby and have been doing so straight out of the gates, around 3 weeks old. However, it isn’t easy trying to potty a newborn boy in the sink, as things tend to squirt everywhere trying to hold him in your arms and direct his stream. This potty is absolutely PERFECT for him. We just plop him right on it, click a few times, and off he goes.It is narrow enough for a young baby to use, straddling it like a saddle rather than a seat, like many of the other toilets out there. The front is high enough that he doesn’t pee out of the potty. It really is the greatest potty for boys. Zero complaints.

Kathryn Ann Arbor, MI

Heavy potty, splash guard angled wrong

I was so excited to see a biodegradable potty. I was going to keep it in the car because it (hopefully) wouldn’t release toxic plastic fumes. The potty is a bit heavier than a regular plastic potty like Baby Bjorn’s, even heavier than their two piece potties. The sides are rounded but not as wide as the Baby Bjorns, but my little girl sat on it with no problem. The only worry I had was with the splash guard. On one side, as you can see on the picture, it is very short. I had my little girl sit on it with the tall splash guard on the front, but the angle of it had me worried that the urine would spray out. And I did see splashing all the way up to the top (not sure if it got on the carpet). Thankfully it’s not a potty we use often, but I have it in the car just in case.

Shirley Saint Marys, KS

Eco Potty for Cheaper than a Regular Potty

This has a nice ergonomic shape and is sturdy as well as ‘green’. My son loves it too and fits on it well. He will sit on it so long (watching Curious George on the iPad mini) that his legs will fall asleep.**UPDATE**Since we started using this potty more regularly it has developed a few cracks in it. It hasn’t affected the use as of yet but the crack is getting worse and I may have to buy another. Like one of the other reviewers said, I would rather buy a couple of these that will compost than one that will last forever and ever and ever (although, I do suppose the others are made of a recyclable grade plastic). I wasn’t expecting it to last forever since it is suppose to decompose so the cracks aren’t really bothersome to me.We took this potty on a road trip and it was small enough that my 2.5 y/o son could sit on it and potty on the floorboard behind the drivers seat rather than having to find a rest stop every time he needed to potty during our 20 hour drive. It was pretty awesome. We’d just dump the potty on the grass on the side of the road wipe it out and keep driving. We first tried it when one of the first rest stops that we did stop at was only an outhouse on the side of the road and it was only 12 degrees out.

Vonda Bullhead, SD

Great, no-fuss potty

I like that it has no bells and whistles–literally. This makes my daughter the star of the show (and the sticker she gets for a successful trip, of course)…I find all of the lights/sounds of the new potties to be a little redundant and tedious. I mean, how much of a party are we throwing here??? This is nice- it sits very neatly in her "area," and she loves it.Quick things about it, though: it is pretty small. Like, it looks like it would be best for a small/short toddler. My daughter, though is really tall and brawny and still loves it, so I say give it a try anyway. You never know.The stickers on it don’t come off very easily, but she loves to sit there, picking at it while we’re waiting for her to…you know…so again, whatevs. I’m not trying to showcase this as an objet d’art in my bathroom or anything. I’m sure they’ll come off completely in time.The one actual problem? It could really use some non-stick pads or whatnot on the bottom. It slips and slides all over the tile floor (which I assume most of us have in our bathrooms)- I have been looking to find solution to this but I just can’t bring myself to put a "rug" type deal underneath it. Most of them have pretty noxious fumes and then on top of that they can just be just plain gross- (kid+potty training+rug=ew). I mean, I am pretty close to just seeing if I can coat the rim on the bottom with something, but seriously–by the time I figure the science out behind it, she’ll be done with it. :)Overall, I really like it. It’s super easy to dump out/ clean/ sanitize, too.

Fern Whitney, PA


I am a mother of six and I have had this product for over a year now and it is the best I have ever used. Simple, easy to clean, easy for my toddler boy and one year old girl to use. I love how it is basic and not all complicated and dressed up!!! Buying one in pink now that my girl wants to use it all the time!!

Betty Owls Head, ME