Belkin Baby Moniter – Firmware Update

Belkin Baby Moniter – Firmware Update

The Belkin WeMo Baby lets you monitor little ones from anywhere using only your iPhone or tablet. You no longer need to carry a second device; WeMo Baby conveniently works on your existing iPhone. Allowing you to stay on top of it all and be alerted if your baby needs you. Get crystal-clear secure digital sound with no interference -listen from the backyard, garage -anywhere. Works with Wi-Fi or 3G networks to provide access to multiple iOS devices simultaneously. Know exactly what’s going on with your baby at all times with state-of-the-art visual and audio indicators designed to keep you informed. You can even upgrade to receive Cry Notification email and text alerts. Never be out of earshot again – WeMo Baby is always with you.

Main features

  • Turns your iOS device into a digital baby monitor. Hear your baby from the backyard, garage, anywhere.
  • Youve already got everything you need: WeMo Baby works with your existing Wi-Fi router and any Apple iPod touch, iPhone, iPad – iOS v5 or higher.
  • Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet, at home and away.
  • Free WeMo app.
  • Wemo no longer supports the WeMo Baby Monitor (F8J007) and WeMo Baby App. Service will continue through May 1st, 2016, but after this date neither the device hardware nor the app will function

Verified reviews


Reliance on mobile app kills this

While it was very easy to set up, it was actually very hard to use… why? Because the app you load onto your phone is prone to crashing and or freezing up…. Which makes this damn near impossible to use.Stay away until the fix out all the kinks!

Staci Beason, IL

Small. Compact. Good Sound Quality.

We have a number of baby monitors and have come to realize the great benefits of using wifi for listening in on our children.Setup.Setup is really as easy as downloading the app from the Apps Store (It’s called WeMo), taking the monitor out of the box, plugging it in, changing your wifi network on your phone to the WeMo network and then following the steps. It was really easy. It took me maybe 5 minutes from start to finish to get it working.App.I have had no trouble with the app locking up or crashing on my iPhone 4s. I installed the app on my wife’s (dying) iPhone 4 and both were able to connect to the device at the same time. Again, no problem with locking up or crashing.Sound.There is a bit of a delay in the sound but it is half a second maybe. So there is lag as compared to our radio based monitors but nothing that is fatal. There is a noise canceling feature that seems to work pretty well. I have mine set to a couple bars from Silent. The overall sound quality is good for what I want from a monitor. I can understand what is being said but you aren’t going to use this for recording an album. The sounds quality works and is good.Remote Access.I am at work right now and am able to hear my kids at home. Neat. It’s been running for about an hour now with no drops or the app crashing.Subscription.The base function, sound monitoring, works out of the box after you install the free app. You have the option to subscribe to the Evoz service and get data tracking, sleep coaching and cry notification. I have no idea why you would pay $50 a year to subscribe to these functions.

Anna Youngsville, NM

Doesn’t work without the app, and the app doesn’t work

The title pretty much says it all. This monitor sends a signal to your iDevice through an app, and the app doesn’t work. In my experimentation, it fails to connect more often than it connects, and crashes more often than it fails to connect.If Belkin can get the app stable and functional, this product has potential. No baby monitor i’ve tried (2 audio-only and 3 video/audio monitors) can get a signal from the nursery to the deck. That means that on beautiful summer evenings, i can’t sit out on the deck unless i’m willing to not be able to hear the baby. I can, however, get a very strong wifi signal on the deck. So if this product worked, i could go have a cup of tea before bed without worrying that i won’t hear if the baby starts fussing.Even so, there could be some improvements. There’s a setting for noise cancellation, so you can set a baseline of how noisy the nursery is. For example, if you have a fan or a white noise machine, this gives you the opportunity to set the monitor to not activate on the constant hum of the fan. There is not, however, an auto-detect option. You can’t tell them app, ‘Ok, this is the current ambient noise level. Set the noise cancelling for exactly this level of noise.'(Or maybe there is, who knows? The box only includes a quick-start guide, not a full manual.)In addition, the top of the monitor lights up with a giant green ring and microphone symbol to let you know it’s on and working. There’s a little wifi indicator, too. If you’ve got a distractable baby, or one who likes to wake up at the slightest hint of light, you’ll have to paint over the lights or something similarly dramatic.If the app were stable and functional, this could probably be a 4-star product. I assume Belkin will get around to working the bugs out sooner or later, but for now, it’s a glowing paperweight.–And if i may go meta here for a moment: see up at the top, where the product description says (Firmware Update)? That’s the differentiate this product from, well, the exact same thing also listed on amazon. When this monitor had clocked in 40 very negative reviews, some clever marketing person re-listed it on amazon as a new product. It’s not that the firmware isn’t updated – it is. You’ll find that out when you start trying to use the product and a pop-up window on your iDevice tells you there’s a firmware update available. You click ‘ok’, and your monitor goes dark for 10 minutes, then comes back with no improvement in functionality.Yep, that’s right: what differentiates this product from the one with a slightly different name and a 2-star average over 40 reviews is… nothing. You can almost certainly update the firmware on the other version of this monitor. Belkin basically cheated to hide the negative reviews they already had, and lure unsuspecting customers into buying a product that isn’t ready for prime time.Stay classy!

Odessa D Lo, MS

A New Record: 30-Day Nose Dive from 5-Star Game Changer to 1-Star Junker

***UPDATE POSTED 8/1/13***Only about 30 days after first testing this product and giving it a rave, 5-star review (see that review below), my wife and I have decided it is time to pull this monitor off from life support. Its condition has deteriorated to the point where it flashes randomly and uncontrollably as if it is in the midst of short circuiting, self-destructing, or transforming into a string of Christmas lights. In any event, it was hopelessly lost as a potential monitor for us a week or so ago, when it began working properly only about 25% of the time. We are replacing it with an IP CameraFoscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (White)that has audio and can be accessed via an app on our iPhones.***UPDATE POSTED 7/27/13***That’s it. I’ve had it. As you can read below, I once thought this was a truly ingenious invention. Now, I can only wonder how they got SO CLOSE to perfection, only to fail the most basic performance requirement of all–reliable performance. When the app is not crashing and locking up my phone, then the receiver unit is losing wifi connection, even though every other device in the house seems to maintain wifi connection just fine. I am supremely disappointed, mostly because when this monitor works, it is amazing. If only it worked more reliably, but it does not. Soon, we will probably be back to our old Tin Lizzie of a baby monitor. Speaking of cars, perhaps this baby monitor should be called an Edsel.***UPDATE POSTED 7/8/13***OK, so after a couple more days of usage with this monitor, I have had a couple of the app crashes (where the app just freezes up) that other reviewers have mentioned. However, this has not been a huge issue. The app has not crashed unexpectedly while in use. Rather, the crashes seem to occur when restarting the app after an interruption, such as a phone call. To fix things, I tried several things, including simply restarting the app. When this didn’t work, I double-clicked the home key on my iPhone and shut down the WeMo app by holding my finger on the app and then clicking the minus sign. I then restarted the app. Still no fix. The fix I have found on both occasions is to do a reboot on your phone, which involves holding down the home key and the top/power button on the phone. Hold them for a long time–until you see the Apple reappear on the screen. Then, release and your phone will restart. Upon restart, the app works fine. On an unrelated note (different crash scenario), if you ever try to start the app and it shows that it is “buffering” but you cannot seem to get connected, simply close the app and restart it. This has worked for me on a couple of occasions. I am only dinging this monitor 1 star for these app imperfections. Why? Because it is still a stunning creation, and I am thoroughly satisfied with it. Further, I have full faith and confidence that the crashing issue will be resolved with an app update soon. If you are considering this monitor, do not let this minor issue cause you to go back to an ordinary/traditional baby monitor. You would be missing out on SO MUCH TO LOVE!***Original Review Below***My wife and I have 3 kids ages 4 years old and younger. We have seen our share of baby monitors. Honestly, I can only guess that we have gone through 4 sets of baby monitors since our son was born 4 years ago. Though there is a wide range of performance from brand to brand, even the best baby monitors we had found before this one suffered from the age old problems of traditional baby monitors:-1. Interference/Static: There are few things as annoying as hearing static or, worse yet, the neighbor’s baby on your baby monitor. Yes, we even had that happen one time. I remember my wife saying, “Calvin is crying.” I responded, “Nope, that is the neighbor’s kid.” Needless to say, that was one of our poorer performing baby monitors over the years.-2. Limited Range: I like to do yard work while our kids are down for a rest. This had always been a challenge with traditional baby monitors, due primarily to range issues. Most of the monitors would not work in a good portion of our yard, due to limited range.-3. Dead Zones: There are certain areas of our house, such as in our basement, where even our best performing traditional baby monitor would lose reception. Granted, this is 2 floors beneath where the kids were sleeping, but it was still an annoyance that we had learned to live with.-4. Extra Device: We all have plenty to tote around without having to remember the baby monitor or clip it onto ourselves as we walk around. Traditional baby monitors are what they are–an extra device.-5. Battery Life Issues: Every traditional baby monitor we have ever owned had a shorter battery life than we hoped it would have. When the batteries go dead, you either have to replace them or recharge them. What a hassle!-6. Inevitable Drops & Damage: We are really careful with things, but accidents happen, especially when you are juggling lots of tasks around the house while listening to the babies. Drops are sure to happen. We have either damaged or ruined several baby monitor handsets over the years because of these sorts of mishaps.Enter the Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Baby Monitor. When I read the description and considered what this might mean, my first reaction was, “NO WAY!” Surely, this device must be less than it’s cracked up to be, I thought. If it worked as it claimed, I thought, it would not only solve all 6 of the negatives I listed above, but it would offer new functionality that would make ordinary baby monitors seem like buggy whips–obsolete instruments of a different age.Several days ago, I opened the Belkin box after it was delivered and set out to prove this gadget was just another false promise, as are so many baby products on the market. First, I was blown away by the simplicity of the installation instructions. They are so simple that there is not even an instruction manual. The few simple steps are printed on the inside of the box. Again, I didn’t let myself get carried away by this impressive showmanship. Until the monitors performed as they claimed, I wasn’t going to get carried away by this Apple-esque approach to baby monitors.After a few simple minutes of installing the free WeMo app from the Apple App Store, I had reached the moment of truth–time to give it a test drive. Here are the highlights:+ Open the App: It defaults to the main app view–“Monitor”. In the upper right corner, I clicked the button that said “Listen”. Very intuitive. The center noise meter, which resembles a tachometer on a sports car, indicates the level of sound coming from the room where the receiver is located. The button in the lower left of the screen temporarily mutes the monitor, if you don’t want to hear what is in the room for a short period. Finally, the button in the lower right allows you to temporarily deactivate the noise canceling function (more on this function below). All in all, this main app view was impressive–sleek, simple, intuitive.+ Set Baby Name & Add Picture: Very cool. I was able to enter the names of our twin daughters and select a picture of them from my photo album on the phone. Now their picture and names appear in the center of the noise meter on the main Monitor screen of the app.+ Set Noise Canceling Level: Are you kidding me?!? I can set the level of noise that I want the monitor to ignore before the sound comes through my phone speakers? Amazing, but true, and it works beautifully. Now you can play music in your baby’s room or use a sound maker and not have to listen to it through the monitor. The wow factor began to set in for me here.+ Marvel at Sound Quality: Crystal clear. Plain and simple. I can hear my daughters breathing, and the monitor is 6 feet away from them.+ Multi-Task: But could it continue to work as a monitor if I checked email, texted people, or surfed the Internet on my iPhone while using the phone simultaneously as a baby monitor? Amazingly, the answer is YES! It operates in the background, just as if you are listening to streaming music (such as Pandora/Spotify). There are only a few things that will cause the app to shut down, requiring a restart when you want to resume using the phone as a monitor. First, if you receive or make a phone call, the app will not work while you are yapping on the phone. Second, Siri the personal assistant seems to stop everything on your phone, including this app. Third, YouTube stops other apps, including the WeMo app. These are very minor inconveniences and only require that you press the “Listen” button from the main WeMo app screen when you are ready to listen again.+ Test 3G: Already thoroughly impressed with the monitor, I thought it was time to really put it to the test. Supposedly, it would work on 3G if I was outside the range of my home wifi. So, I turned off the wifi on my phone to test it out. It did not miss a beat. It worked PERFECTLY. In case you are not immediately connecting the dots here, this means that you can listen to your kids from the next room, the next house, the next block, or from across the country (this last option more for homesick businesspeople than for parents wandering too far astray while babies are sleeping).+ Consider Additional Features: There is even a snazzy upgrade available that will allow you to receive text messages or emails when your baby is crying. This is for those who are so good at blocking out noise that they cannot listen for the monitor itself. Of course, we are all so glued to our devices that we spring into action like a shocked jackrabbit when we hear a text or email chime. I am passing on these features for now, since “upgrade” surely means more money. Why would I want to upgrade a device that is already breathtaking? It’d be like trying to book a first class ticket on Air Force One, but suit yourself!So, in summary, this baby monitor, in my opinion, is the Apple iPhone of baby monitors. Before now, baby monitors were pretty much all the same, except some worked better than others. This baby monitor went back to the drawing board, rather than just improving a feature here or there. Honestly, I cannot imagine a baby monitor working any better than this one or having more advanced features.As for drawbacks of this device, I offer only one. If you are thinking that you can set up a phone on this monitor via 3G, you are incorrect. You MUST be on wifi in order to initialize a new phone on the monitor. From that point forward, you can connect via 3G. This presented only a minor challenge for me, as my wife’s iPhone has poor wifi reception. After I nursed her phone through the app installation and initiation with the monitor, she has been fine, operating almost entire on 3G.Just watch. Like the iPhone, you will soon see every baby monitor maker out there emulating this work of art. Stunning. Simply stunning.

Kristi Kirbyville, TX


Like any other Belkin products I have tried in the past, the design is very stylish and appealing, but that’s pretty much everything that can be said about this baby monitor, its functions are very limited, basically a microphone that picks up sound and transmits it through the internet. For the price, you could find a decent wifi infrared camera with pan & tilt, and it picks up sound too.

Janet Cottonwood, AZ

I Got It To Work But My Faith In It Is Low

I read so many reviews saying the Belkin WiFi Baby Monitor simply does not work and for quite awhile it seemed as if the reviews were correct. I simply could not get it set up despite the ludicrously simple instructions. I even found a video online from Belkin with a woman demonstrating setting it up but despite trying over and over again I could not get the sound monitor to communicate with my wife’s iPad through our WiFi. I mean I can kinda understand the difficulties with PC’s that can be set up a million different ways but we’re talking about an iPad here. I simply gave up until hours later when my wife discovered it was magically working.Let me start by saying that despite the product advertising this for iPhone and iPad you have to download the iPhone app because there is no iPad app. For another thing the app is terrible and it tries to get you to plunk down more cash for additional features. However the monitor does work and it works pretty good once you get it working. At least it worked for me. It’s almost like you have to wait for the stars to achieve alignment but it has continued to work. My other baby monitor seems to have difficulties with crossed signals or something but the WiFi monitor doesn’t seem to get any interference.My biggest issue is I don’t really have faith in the monitor and given that it’s a device to monitor a baby you really want to have faith in it. I haven’t had the chance to really put it through the paces because for now my daughter is sleeping in the room with my wife and I but once she moves into her own room and I really start to use it I may update my review.Update: Having used the monitor more I can say it’s much worse than I thought. The sensitivity is very low so when my infant daughter cries it often doesn’t register. If the electricity goes out for a moment at night you need to replug the monitor back in to get a connection and sometimes it just loses it’s connection for no reason and you wouldn’t know it. So I would only use this monitor if you’re not really concerned whether you not you can actually hear the child which makes it almost useless. Nice Idea, doesn’t work.

Fran New Bedford, IL

App doesn’t work, and monitor doesn’t work without the app

This would be a great device if the app worked. Hopefully one day parents will have a FaceTime-type baby monitor, but after using this piece of junk I think that day is far in our distant future.

Audra Strum, WI

If you love your child, look elsewhere

Only pro I can give this device is that it looks great and the description and features look very tempting. When I first read the description, I thought this would be a great device to use with my son’s iphone for use with his new baby when they were spending time here last month. Well, I couldn’t be more disappointed. App keeps freezes (read the other reviews on here) and my son eventually stopped even trying to use it. Spend some extra money and go for a better device if you truly love your child (or grandchild). Not worth it, even as a vine freebie.

Margery Minerva, OH

AMAZING product ***IF*** the APP is stabilized

I was very excited to try to Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Baby Monitor, specifically since it does not rely on a bulky “speaker” which usually ends up being set down somewhere out of ear shot. Most everyone has their phone on them at all times.The set up was elementary. It does require the download of an APP, which is readily available. I was immediately impressed with the ease and simplicity. The WeMo provides for UNLIMITED range monitoring; BUT it is dependent on the stability of your network.The WeMo can be set to work over your data network (3G/4G) which actually adds the capability of listening in on your baby from a completely remote location, such as work. This would allow for the unintended BENEFIT of being able to “listen in” on how a sitter was interacting with your child. I think this is an AWESOME capability.However, my delight was short-lived when the APP crashed within the first half hour. I tried to close the APP and relaunch; but the only real solution seemed to be a complete re-start of the phone. This is most certainly an annoyance. As I continued to use the product, I found the APP to be MUCH TOO SUSCEPTIBLE to crashing.In short, I think Belkin has created an AMAZING product. I think it has a real value in the marketplace. But, they must find a way to stabilize their APP in order for the WeMo to be convenient and user-friendly. I will continue to use my traditional monitor for now, but I will keep the WeMo in hopes there is another APP upgrade soon which will correct the all-to-frequent crashes.GREAT product, Belkin. Now, please get to work on upgrading the technology for stability.

Juanita Aurora, ME

Frustrating to, there are definitely better out there

The app that comes with this was killing me. I could never get it to reliably work. I also didn’t realize that this was an audio only monitor. I didn’t think it would be a big deal, but after having used video monitors that have an iPhone app to view the room/baby, I’m not sure why you would purchase a sound only monitor (besides cost, I guess). As a mom of 2 boys, I need to see what is happening. I also just feel better when I can look on the screen and make sure baby is still breathing. Bottom line, save your money on this one. If you only need audio only, still skip this one. It will have you pulling your hair out with all the app crashes and freezing.

Darcy Dickson, TN

NoMo WeMo

The WeMo Wi-Fi Baby monitor is a good idea on paper, but is flawed in implementation, purpose, and features. How does it sound to be able to pick up your iPhone or iPad and be able to check in on your sweet baby sleeping in her crib? Great, right? Don’t we also want to have the monitor constantly running? How long does your smart phone battery last? This will put a huge drain on the battery to leave it on constantly, and it serves no purpose to turn it off unless you sign up for the pay for service of receiving a text alert when crying. Why not just use a cheap baby monitor that is a separate device? The 3G function is pointless too since you shouldn’t ever be that far away from your baby that you would require 3G.It is bad enough that the function/purpose of this device adds nothing to what current devices offer, but the implementation is terrible. It is flakey and refuses to connect at times. It seems like the range between the Wi-Fi router and the Belkin device is extremely limited, and very sensitive to interference. After multiple attempts I finally got the device to work in the room directly above my router, but I first had to set it up where the WeMo was about 3 feet from my router or it wouldn’t connect. So good luck if you can get it working reliably.Finally, the device is very expensive for an audio only monitor. Considering smart phones are audio-visual devices, there is no reason to make a monitor that doesn’t also support video for a smart phone. Also, this device works over 3G, which means it is creating a tunnel through your router’s firewall to the outside world that could pose a security risk, but I am unsure of the implementation so I can’t comment on it.Bottom line is I can’t in good conscience recommend the WeMo baby monitor over cheaper, better alternatives. I would have given it 3 stars without the setup issues I had.

Marisa Pottersville, MO

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

The problems of the past version has been fixed. This version was easy to set up and easy to use. I set it up on both my iphone running ios7 beta and my wife’s ios6 and both programs worked flawlessly. Set up took less than five minutes. The only problem, if any, was there was a little bit of static in the sound quality and it’s not quite as crystal clear as I hoped. For the convenience of this product, the static didn’t interfere with listening to the baby. There’s also added fee’s if you want “cry notification” which is disappointing. Nobody likes paying a lot for a product and then asking to pay for more “premium” services. It would be nice to see everything all included.

Goldie Amesville, OH

Updated: Started Experiencing Very Patchy Performance 2 Months In

We have been using the Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor every day for about a month and a half. We love it! The monitor functions as an audio-only monitor over wifi, communicating to an app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. A very nice feature, is that WeMo includes noise-cancellation, minimizing background noise appearing on the monitor, so that the baby’s noise is in effect amplified. We tend to put a lot of white noise in our kids’ rooms which can be a problem for baby monitors. We have had 3 baby monitors in the last 5 years, and WeMo is our favorite.Be aware, that you will need to have a wifi network in the location of the monitor. You can connect to the monitor from any internet connection, not just while on your home network. Most of the time, this doesn’t matter at all. However, it comes in handy if you want to listen in on the babysitter, make sure that your husband is paying attention to the kids, or check on your house while away.The app works well in the background, allowing you to surf the web or check emails on your phone. However, you cannot listen to other audio sources simultaneously or make phone calls. Therefore, we tend to dedicate a device (usually a spare iPad) to monitoring so that we are free to use our iPhones. There is the option to pay for “Cry Notification” for $50/yr where you are called if your baby begins to cry. We have not tried this service, but it seems to allow you to “monitor” your child while not listening to them or dedicating your device to monitoring.Upon first setting it up, it had us install a firmware update. It was then very easy to connect to our wireless network.We are using the iOS app, which works well on both our iPads and iPhones. At one point, we had a problem where one of our children unplugged the Belkin unit from the wall. After that I was unable to connect using the app. I fixed this by uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, and resetting the Belkin monitor. It has worked great since then.UPDATE: After about 2 months of use, we intermittently have it just stop working. The first fix that often works is to shut down the WeMo app on all iOS devices. If that doesn’t work we have to reset the device and reconnect it to the network. It is getting pretty annoying. When it works, we love it. It worked great for 2 months and then suddenly started giving us trouble.

Lenora Tujunga, CA

What’s the point?

This thing is the size of a stout soda can, which in my opinion, is far too large for what’s essentially just a mediocre microphone. I don’t get the exclusive focus on audio baby monitoring. What, is this 1970 where people were jaw-droppingly impressed with the advent of compact cassette recorders? For the money, this thing should at least have a mediocre camera to match the mediocre audio.Like so many of these new “easy setup” WiFi devices, its functionality is completely hamstrung by its own app; designed to lock everything down so tight, that the product is near useless. If it’s going to be audio only, then that audio better be flawless, and be capable of picking up sound farther than 3 feet away. And the base unit itself should be much smaller, given how little it does. As it is, this product is using modern technology to deliver highly antiquated results. So, it helps you hear your baby crying? Yeah awesome, and then what? You still have no clue if your kid is ok, or why they’re crying in the first place, cuz you are technologically blind. How does that help anyone? If anything, it’ll cause more parental fear than it subdues.Bottom Line – for me, WeMo is pointless, useless and just a waste of time and money.

Peggy Cheyenne, OK

Typical Belkin quality: it doesn’t work

I’ve had a few Belkin audio products and all of them have broken within a month or two at most. I tried this with high hopes that their video division is another animal entirely.Well, it might be, but that animal is at present wounded and lying under a tree wondering when the software folks are going to get their um stuff together.Like most everyone else here, the app for this ain’t working for us. Freezes, goes buggy, or just won’t even connect. And when wifi connectivity is the basic premise of your product, that spells one star.Belkin is doing a great job at making a bad name for themselves. I guess they sell their stuff semi-cheap at MallWart for a reason.

Cecilia Forestburgh, NY


Well, this is a classic case of “Wow, that’s such a great idea”…. if it worked. We put the app on our iphone and it did not work at all. Not only did the app not work, but it messed up others apps on the phone and then the whole phone went haywire. It took my husband 45 minutes of messing around to get it back in order. Oh well. Maybe when they work the bugs out.

Nikki Hancock, VT

Nice design! Bad app.

The Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Baby Monitor for Apple iPhone looks pretty cool. It’s sleek, compact and modern looking. The hardware looks and probably works pretty impressively, probably. I say that because I haven’t taken it apart to see for myself, haha.So… the App is exceptionally frustrating. I installed – uninstalled – installed, uninstalled and got the app to work once for about a minute before it locked up my phone. I’m hoping that Belkins does something to rectify the app soon because being just an audio monitor at the price point of ~$70 is already a steep handicap. Being an expensive audio monitor with a beta stage app is unforgivable.Not recommended.

Karina Lawton, MI

Couldn’t Get It To Work

I really wanted this to work. I hate the receivers that come w the other brand baby monitors. They are clunky and hard to carry around. How convenient would it be to use your phone as a receiver. Great concept, poor execution. As others have stated the unit sets up fine. All seems to be going well until you click on the app. It just won’t connect. It didn’t work on my Ipod, nor my kids’. Then my husband tried with his Iphone and it worked but only sporadically. It would cut off as if it lost connection and my husband was barely moving. I’m hoping there will be an update to the app which can fix this. If the issue is ever resolved, I will update.

Marianne New Baden, TX