Bella Tunno Fabric Binker, Mod Matrix/Fireworks

Bella Tunno Fabric Binker, Mod Matrix/Fireworks

A fashionable spin on our Bella Binker. Our new fabric binkers have a fresh and fun pattern on one side and a coordinating fabric on the other side. Our fabric binker is a safety-tested pacifier clip that keeps binkies close and clean.

Main features

  • Over 30 fun designs to choose from
  • Pacifier not included
  • Fabric 100% cotton

Verified reviews


Cute but kinda bulky

I like these paci holders but…they are kinda bulky. I wish the width of the fabric was a bit skinnier.Cute patterns though.

Delores Talmage, UT

holds up nicely

Our son never took to pacifiers, but these came in handy to attach toys to him (so that he couldn’t toss them!). They look nice still, and we’ve been using for well over a year.

Meredith Josephine, TX

Great binky clip!

Love this color and design. It’s the cutest clip ever! The part where you thread it through the pacifier handle is too thick, though, so it’s really difficult to get through. I’ve seen better designs. But the cuteness rating is 5 stars!

Deidra Drift, KY

Bella Tunno Fabric Binker

Does what is supossed to, cute colors, holds pretty well and for a long time, best quality binker so far in the market and believe me I’ve tryied several. They are a little bit pricey but is worth it.

Nadia Chautauqua, KS

Very cute colors, good fabric!

I saw these binker’s in a store and was mad that I didn’t buy them. I was very happy to see them later on Amazon! They have cute colors and are made of nice fabrics. Being someone that can easily sew, this is still worth the buy because they are so cheap to purchase that it is not really worth the effort of making one myself!The only issue I have is that my baby still likes Soothie pacifiers and this only has the velcro on the one side. I just buy extra suspender clips from the fabric store (about $3 for 2) and loop them through the other end (so there are clips on both sides). For the pacifiers that don’t have a ring (like in the product picture) I just jimmy-it with a thin hair tie (tied on like a luggage tag to the binky, then velcro’d to the binker). May be a bit ghetto, but it still works great!I still give them 5 stars because they are super cute!

Susanna Hermitage, AR