Bella Tunno Fabric Loop Pacifier Clip, Happy Ripple/Cotton Candy Dot

Bella Tunno Fabric Loop Pacifier Clip, Happy Ripple/Cotton Candy Dot

Our fabric loop pacifiers can keep any pacifier close and clean. With a fashionably funky fabric on each side, our new loop pacifiers are as fancy as they are fashionable.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in US
  • To use: slip ribbon through pacifier opening, slide clip through ribbon loop to create a slip knot, securely attach clip to child’s clothing
  • Measures 85″x1″
  • CPSIA compliant
  • Child proof clip
  • Sold as single unit, the images displayed highlight the front and rear view of the product respectively.

Verified reviews


love these clips

My little lady will only take the Philips binkys they give in the hospital so it’s hard to find a clip with the string part. The metal clip part is secure and won’t go anywhere and is easier to attach because the plastic ones can just be yanked off. We also use these for securing toys!

Bethany Summerfield, FL


This is ONE pacifier clip – the pic is just showing you both sides. I hope I’m not the only person who thought this was TWO clips for $8 or so…overall a great, essential item at least for me and my baby as far as keeping up with pacifier….but pricey for ONE clip.

Deena North Yarmouth, ME

Not much to Dislike

These are simple and cute. I bought these before our daughter was born, but I was also buying everything else under the sun. Now, she is 10 months and I realize any pacifier holder would have worked. Not sure how much I paid for these…if they seem to pricey they probably are.

Yesenia Cherry Valley, MA

Short strap

The strap on this is very short and the clip is very large and bulky. I do not use it as often as I use some of the other pacifier straps I have because it is so short that baby pulls the paci out quickly.

Leona Tonawanda, NY


Love the design and function of these, wish they made an organic option and then they’d be the best clip on the market!

Karen Luzerne, PA

Adorable print..

It is just a wee bit shorter than all of the other clips that I bought but it works fine

Angelica Manokotak, AK

Good product, description somewhat misleading

In reading the description is makes it sound like you are getting two pacifier clips when you’re only getting one. The product itself is great. It’s made with good quality materials and easy to take the pacifier on and off. I do think that the length of it could be a little longer.

Dixie Doctors Inlet, FL

it’s only one clip not two

it’s only one clip not two- way overpriced for $8 so i sent it back. the Ulubulu clips are my favorite

Latoya Amasa, MI

Only 1; buyer be ware of photo.

Felt this was false advertising as the photo shows 2 but there was only 1 sold. Too expensive for $9.

Lilly Mc Farland, WI

Didn’t read reviews and…only one clip

I thought the price was great for two and the designs are super cute. But if I’d realized there was only one (image and description are misleading) I would’ve gotten something else.

Dee Hackberry, AZ

Love these, great product

These clips are so adorable – great colors, clip on easily, soft material – and hold the passie with ease. I think they will wash easily, as well – just through them in a lingerie bag. Would definitely buy more, and recommend.

Elva Marne, IA


Please read the reviews before purchase. I wish I had read the reviews, if I had known that I was paying $8 for one clip I would have not purchased the clip. Nothing fancy about the clip. The description does not state it’s only one clip, I based it on the picture and thought I was purchasing 2 clips. So deceiving.

Roslyn Parkhill, PA

two sides of the same clip

The picture is one clip showing both sides. I love the striped side. The clip is small and less obstrusive than some of the large plastic ones. Works great with the "soothie" pacifiers.

Pat Granville, TN