Bella Tunno Ribbon Binker, Lily Pad Drops

Bella Tunno Ribbon Binker, Lily Pad Drops

Our binkers are designed to keep pacifiers off the ground for crawling / sitting babies. As always, Bella Binkers are fashion-forward and functional. The Bella Binker is a safety-tested pacifier clip that keeps binkies close and clean. No more life-size giraffe and teddy bear clips.

Main features

  • Bella binkers are 7/8″ – 1″ wide and 85″ long
  • Pacifier not included
  • Binkers come in over 60 grosgrain ribbon options, making a childs outfit funkier and a moms life easier

Verified reviews


Works but it doesnt last too long

I bought some of these and eventually the clip didnt work anymore. They are excellent choice for the price and quality but only temporary, you will need to keep buying more.

Maryann Castana, IA

What a lifesaver

These are such a necessary item. I found myself panicking when my daughter would drop her Nuk on the dirty floor time after time, which is really bad when you are out and about and only have a few nuks in your bag. These clip anywhere and stay on. She has never had any problem with them coming loose and they come in a bunch of great colors. They are thin and silky like a high-quality ribbon material and the velco is very secure. I would suggest getting two or three. They are great to leave one clipped to the carseat or stroller.

Winifred Media, PA

Not Fabulous

This pacifier holder looked beautiful on line but when it came the ribbon looked like it would frey and snag very quickly, especially given the wear and tear of a baby’s use. I returned it.

Malinda Lumberton, NJ

They are cute

my son never really took to pacifiers, so we used these more to keep toys while we were out and about. They worked well, and are easy to use on things other than pacifiers. They have held up well, he’s 18 months now and they still look great.

Dessie Webb, MS

Pretty good

It does what is supposed to, and very well It holds great and I like the ribbon has velcro for the paci, so for me works better as I can easily and quick change the paci for a clean one, the color is really nice too, for a boy I own the Little Man Stripes.

Tanisha Badin, NC