Belmama and Cherub The Shower Hug, Petal Pink Trim, X- Small

Belmama and Cherub The Shower Hug, Petal Pink Trim, X- Small

The Shower Hug is unlike any other maternity product. The Shower Hug is a wonderfully soft bandeau wrap essential to soothe breast pain associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lightweight and absorbent, this snugly alternative to traditional nursing bras may be worn in or out of the shower.  While showering, The Shower Hug helps ease pain by creating a barrier between Mom’s tender breasts and stinging shower sprays while simultaneously absorbing shower water to create a comforting warm compress.  The Shower Hug has no straps or elastic; it simply hugs mommy’s breasts in place which makes it ideal for sleeping or wearing around the house under comfy clothes. Moms love this practical, affordable, multi functional accessory which, once you’ve tried it, seems more of a necessity. The Shower Hug is not just for expectant and breastfeeding moms. Women who experience mastalgia, cyclical breast pain and those who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer and/or breast surgery also benefit from the Shower Hug. The Shower Hug is made with pride in the USA of the most luxurious knit terry velour blended from 75% cotton and 25% polyester. It is available in four sizes. Each Shower Hug is size adjustable and closes with a four ” band of ultra low profile Velcro for a perfect fit. Shower Hugs are available in white with petal pink or slate blue trim. Coordinating sets of wash cloths and burp cloths are available for purchase to make a perfect gift set for both mother and baby.

Main features

  • 70% cotton, 30% Polyester
  • A wonderfully soft bandeau wrap essential to soothe breast pain associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding, mastalgia, cyclical breast pain, and treatment for breast cancer and/or breast surgery
  • Lightweight and absorbent, a snugly alternative to traditional nursing bras; great for overnight wear
  • May be worn in or out of the shower
  • Extraordinary quality; 75% cotton 25% polyester luxurious knit terry velour; Made in the USA; 4″ ultra low profile velcro closure; white with petal pink or slate blue trim; 4 sizes
  • Practical, affordable, multifunctional accessory; coordinating wash cloths and burp cloths available

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money

I purchased this the last month of my pregnancy in anticipation of breast feeding and tenderness. The Shower Hug doesn’t prevent your nipples from getting wet and makes a big wet fabric to wring out after every shower (usually dried in 24 hours). More hype than needed for a busy new mom!

Kelli New Castle, KY

Amazing for new moms and engorement

I had gotten one of these on a deal site and I was amazed at how SOFT it was. When I came home from the hospital my baby had latch issues and my nipples were literally shredded. I started using this in the shower and it was amazing – it kept the soap from getting on my raw nipples and was so soft I didn’t want to take it off. I quickly decided I wanted two as when it was in the wash (just after a few days of use) I was soooo sad. Around 2 weeks pp I was engorged. Being a first time mom it took me some time to realize how to help this – but daily in the shower with my hug I was in heaven. I even wore one of them dry at bed time for a while because it was so soft. The only thing that was rough was the velcro – I have sensitive skin and it would itch badly if it wasn’t lined up right. That just meant I had to be careful! 🙂

Hilda Ferris, IL

Excellent product, a must have for new mothers who are nursing

I found this product to be a lifesaver after I had my baby. It was super soft, and it can be worn inside and outside of the shower. Its durable, easy to wash, and I bought a small/medium for a 38DD.

Ester Stockholm, WI

Made showering bearable the first two weeks of breastfeeding

With my first baby, I just used a washcloth and tried to balance it on my chest in the shower. This was SO much better! I wear a 36D and I ordered the Small/Medium and it fit great, even after being engorged. I only used it for a couple weeks, but it was awesome! I highly recommend this!!!

Evangeline Starrucca, PA

Buy a smaller size

I know others have written about buying smaller, but here is a note for the well-endowed.I was a 34 H before pregnancy and jumped to a 42I. I’m probably now around a 38I. But even at this size, the goddess was still way too big. I’m happy with the large. Also note that it stretches out each time you use it. So unless you plan on washing it between each shower, you might want to get more than one.I’d also like to add that my use for it changed. At first when I was super sensitive, it was was great for in the shower.Once that passed, I’d put it on after the shower to prevent leaking while I was getting ready.Now… it’s kinda great for sex to avoid leaking mid-fun 🙂

Lucinda Sentinel, OK


this is the lamest item I have ever purchased on Amazon. I wore it once in the shower and it fell apart. The velcro came detached and actually ripped right down the middle. as a breastfeeding mother I was looking for comfort in the shower. This would have solved the problem, but it fell apart. Also it was huge and did not fit. Right now I’m going to cut it up and use it as a dish towel

Willa Westfall, OR

nice but a bra would work

It works well but the sizing is big and it’s just not convenient. Sports bra works the same and is cheaper.

Heather Kula, HI

Nice concept, but was itchy & sizing is off.

Bought and had to return this for 2 reasons:1. Sizing was wrong, making the coverage area for the breasts a bit weird2. Skin was irritated after wearing it.

Katy Winchester, KY

Five Stars

love it

Tricia Owego, NY

Not really needed….

I got this because everyone said it would be painful to shower after delivery but honestly this was a waste of money and not needed for me. With that being said, it was a nice soft material and I would assume it would be helpful if needed.

Angel Western Springs, IL

didn’t need or use

Before I had my baby I was nervous about pretty much everything and imagined the worst. I never had any issues with very sore boobs from nursing and I nursed for a year. No problems showering or otherwise. Didn’t need this. If you are considering purchasing this before your baby is born, wait and see if you are going to need it first. This as well as other similar products were a complete waste of money for me.

Lula Arrowsmith, IL

Great! Get bigger size than you think you need

This works great, but as a 38B, I can just get it to fit around my middle, and it does get a bit tight when its on. Being in the HEAT, I just wear it around the house without any other shirt

Dorthy Ashburn, MO

Not worth the money.

If your breasts are sore, the last thing you want is this thing wrapped around you. Just skip it and you warm towels.

Earlene Ector, TX

Shower Hug is a GODSEND!!

I found this to be the most useful gift I received for being a new mom. My baby Charlotte and I didn’t find nursing as “natural” as it was supposed to be. I found myself often crying from the pain of latching because of her tiny little mouth. I dreaded the next feeding. And to think of a shower, I cringed. But putting on the shower hug was like being enveloped in a blanket. Who ever made this “gets it”! Stepping into that first shower is a luxury instead of dreadful. The fabric is so soft and luxurious I even used it in the hospital over my C-section incision. It was soft enough so it didn’t irritate my incision, and the binding made it feel less vulnerable. For my next baby I would like 3 of these handy! My baby is 8 months old and I still use my Shower Hug everyday, what a worthy investment!! It is worth every penny because it is so soft, but also very durable. Thank you Shower Hug for helping to make it this far in breastfeeding my baby!

Iris Lewes, DE

Havent really had a use for it

Bought this in preparation while pregnant but so far 4 weeks after having baby I haven’t really had a use for it. Showering hasn’t been unbearable that I’d need to use it so far! Concept seems good. If I use it I will update this further.

Latasha Carlton, OR