BenBat Head and Neck Support, Beaver

BenBat Head and Neck Support, Beaver

Travel friends (4-8 years) – the innovative solution for providing your child with total head and neck support. Designed especially for “on the go” time, travel friends feature a range of accessories for use in the car, bus, plane, or any other way you choose to move. The perfect travel companion for your child all year round. With travel friends, every trip is a pleasure, no matter how far you have to go!

Main features

  • A variety of fun, friendly, and creative designs fit for age group
  • Sides rests are thicker in front to secure head in the headrest and offer gentle neck support
  • Double sided fabrics: softer, heavier fabric for the winter, and a lighter fabric on the other side for spring/summer to cool the skin
  • Magnets connect side rests to provide chin support
  • Buckle Strap secures your Travel Friend to any head rest for maximum support

Verified reviews


Too bulky on the back of the head

There are a few problems with the design. The biggest one is that the part that is supposed to be under the kid’s head is too thick and makes my son’s head fall forward. I wish it was totally flat or maybe had puffier parts that go on the sides of the head (similar to the neck support).The pillows on the sides of the neck are ok although my son’s face looked a bit squished when I looked at him (pic attached).It is too bulky for the kid to have it on while awake, at least for an almost-2-year-old, so it needs to be put on after the child falls asleep. I guess this would be a problem with any of pillows like that.When he was asleep I put it on and he stayed like that for 45 minutes or so. When I tried to adjust his head tot he other side, the magnets let go and I couldn’t make them stick any more.I am going to continue my search for a travel pillow.

Tia Roachdale, IN

good idea but doesn’t work that well

We got this for our 3 1/2 year old because we were doing a week long road trip from California to Arizona hitting some National Parks along the way… He is a good sleeper in the car so we wanted to get him something to make him feel more comfortable… since he’s head does tend to slope forward during the car ride. It’s a cute design so our son loved it but when he actually fell asleep with it on, his head still sloped forward because the back head rest pushes his head forward more and the front of the pillow “caught” him but still he had his chin on the pillow and started to push up against his nose, not making it easy for him to breath… we are disappointed about this pillow… we are still in the middle of our trip, don’t see how this can help anymore… I think best way to make sure he keeps his head up during his naps in the car ride is to figure out a way to tilt his car-seat back without disturbing the integrity of the car-seat.

Amelia Keyes, CA


I would have loved the idea of the whole cuteness and the little pacifier strap, except the fact that it seems small for my baby’s head. I ended up buying another (bigger in size) to fit him better. But this is definitely cute and useful, I just wish it was a little bigger.

Anastasia Glen Rose, TX

Love it!

This is actually a replacement that we purchased through Amazon. Originally, we had the yellow lion but we lost it. We love this pillow and it support our daughter’s head well when she naps. The pillow is suppose to be for 1+ year, but we use it for our 8 month old anyway. Daughter is sweaty, so the cool side is good for the summer. The magnet is cool and it keeps the pillow part in place. I am planning to order a couple more and use as gift at baby shower.

Marisol Fennimore, WI

Neck support, and a distraction

Not only did this cute little pillow provide my son with head support on our first long road trip, it also was a fun toy when he started to get fussy. He is usually a big ball of sweat in his car seat, the "cool" side of the pillow stayed relatively cool and kept the sweat to a minimum. However, I am not a huge fan of the "cool" side’s yellow color, but it’s not that big of a deal.

Nikki Milan, OH