Bento Decoration – Food Picks

Bento Decoration – Food Picks

Kids love this cute and small fork. Great for Table decoration for kids party or Lunch Box!

Main features

  • Total 15pcs of Kids Fruit pick Fork
  • 1.5-2.5 inch height
  • Green Monkey, Orange Giraffe, Blue Cat, Yellow Puppy, Pink Bear
  • Reusable
  • Great for Lunch Box or Party supply

Verified reviews



These things go great in my little bento boxes. They give it some pizzazz, and they make eating certain hand held food easier.

Cortney Burlington, IL

Didn’t work for us

These arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to try them out on my picky eaters. They are smaller than they appear in the picture, but they really are the right size once you try using them. My kids are really bad about eating anything that isn’t a chicken nugget. They say making food more fun is supposed to encourage kids to try foods. I have tried so many “picky eater” tactics, and none of them have worked. Sadly, little bites with fun animals didn’t work either. They just pulled them out of the little bites of sandwich and played with the animals, and left their food behind.

Eva Merepoint, ME

Big ones are great. small 2 prongs not so much

My kids love these however the small 2 prong animals are not the best at picking up stuff. Overall I recommend them.

Angelina Tallahassee, FL

Fun way to make food look cuter for fussy eaters.

These tiny little food picks are adorable, and they do a great job of encouraging my fussy eater to eat their food. Bento food picks are the easiest way to incorporate a little bit of Bento fun into your child’s meals!

Hannah Knippa, TX


My children LOVE this “forks”. (Think party food picks.) They are the perfect size for small fruit and cubed cheese. I too pack them in my daughter’s lunch box, and they are always a big hit with the other kids. Yes, I tend to use the larger forks in this set more often than the small ones… but mainly b/c the small picks have only 2 prongs, and it limits the types of foods that the kids are able to pick up on them.

Ida Imbler, OR

Tiny and cheap plastic

Those are super tiny and cheap plastic. Plus way overpriced. Wouldn’t buy it again ever . And of course not safe to have around young kids, easy to break

Evangelina Monocacy Station, PA

Cute way to keep fingers clean(er).

These are a cute alternative to sending forks or toothpicks for eating fruit or other messy bite sized foods. My only complaint is that the two-pronged ones are pretty useless. They justdon’t seem to stick into whatever you are trying to grab. They would still be really cute as part of a bento scene though. So, overall — cute, cheap, fun way to keep fingers clean.

Tommie Maud, OK


My 2.5 yo daughter LOVES these in her lunch! I got it to make lunch fun, and now she actually eats with them, like a fork! They make lunch cute and lively and makes her smile 🙂

Mayra La Belle, PA