Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-Hook and Loop, Camo

Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Shell-Hook and Loop, Camo

Created to use the pros of all the different cloth diapering systems and eliminate the cons. The Best Bottom cloth diaper system is trim fitting, highly absorbent and not overwhelming. Just adjust the snaps on the shell to fit your baby, snap an insert into the diaper, put the diaper on your baby and go. Best Bottoms are easy to use and easy to clean. Simply lay the shell flat and snap in insert into place. When it’s time for a change just unsnap the insert and wipe the shell clean. Three sizes of inserts are available in stay dry and organic cotton/hemp.

Main features

  • Made in USA
  • One size (8-35 pound) with front snaps to customize for the perfect fit
  • Features durable snaps and a double layer of PUL (waterproof material)
  • Save money and reduce waste
  • Machine wash warm, tumble dry low or hang to dry; No bleach, additives or softeners

Verified reviews


Good Diaper.

This is a great shell. Easy to snap in the soaker pads. I prefer an AIO or pocket diaper though since my son is a heavy wetter. I can add more inserts as needed. My son does leak from this diaper, but over all it is good quality. A little bulky. I prefer a more trim fitting diaper. The inserts do take awhile to dry. Longer than any of my other inserts.

Kristina Theodosia, MO

Very Happy

I am a econobum fan but decided to try these out as my econobum liners became less absorbent from two years of use. I like the velcro as opposed to the snaps. It is easier to get tight without putting too much pressure on the baby. The gussets are also very nice in this diaper as, thus far, they have not leaked at all. The inside is easy to wipe clean. The material is nicer than the econobums and it appears to be of higher quality. This is also why these are so much more expensive than the econobums. The price is the only downfall to this diaper shell. If it were five dollars cheaper I would buy ten of these. I may buy a few more and mix them in with my econobums but because of the significant price difference I will stick with the majority of my diapers being the econobums.

Cecilia New Point, VA

I was just getting into cloth diapers and really liked the idea of the best buttoms. They are wonderful, slim, and easy clean up if its just pee. Be warned, that when your little one poops, it will get on the outer lining/seam (notice that on even the black diaper there is a white seam) and you will have to wash the whole diaper to avoid a stain. All in all, I really love the system. I would reconmend them to someone just getting into cloth diapers. They are pricy, but so far they hold up fairly well. Just make sure you add extra extra inserts for night time and change frequently during the day or they will leak, just like any diaper though.PS I like the velcro, but my friends have told me that it will wear out faster. My husband prefers the snaps, and we both swear that the other is faster putting on! lol it seems to be preference… the velcro can be a better fit bc you can angle the tabs.. even though it doesnt seem to make enough of a diff to matter…

Sarah Urania, LA

Love Best Bottoms, but not H&L.

We use best bottoms exclusively. I started with about half snaps and half H&L since I wasn’t sure what we would prefer. After just a couple weeks I had a strong preference for the snaps. My twins kept getting marks on their bellies where the H&L would rub and it was just a lot stiffer where the tabs came together. It also wears out so fast. I sold all of our H&L (except Freedom and Liberty, since I couldn’t replace those) and finished our stash with snaps.

Julianne Minturn, SC

Cute print and fit

Great shell but I was under he impression it came with inserts. This is not the case. The inserts need to be purchased additionally

Taylor Fountain, MN


Its a good hybrid diaper. I prefer AIOs but it’s nice. I keep buying because of the leg gussets and this works wonders in the pool. However if you use it in the pool it can ruin your PUL.

Stacie Irving, NY

Adorable print. So-So shell.

Of the diaper shells we have this is one of my husband’s favorite. The Velcro is strong but not too strong allowing diaper changes to go quickly. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the material is very thick therefore very stiff. I’m hoping that with time and repeated washes it’ll loosen up.UPDATE: The velcro isn’t holding as strong as the other brands of diapers. It pulls away some already even thought it has NEVER been dried in a dryer. Also, the material is stiffer than the other diaper covers I have which means that the diaper doesn’t really contour to my baby body but sticks away from her leaving gaps. It has never leaked but I get scared that it will.

Cynthia Pence Springs, WV

Snap is better, too small for 30 lb toddler

I’m giving this three stars mainly because of the hook and loop and the size. I got a snap one too to try and like it so much better! I thought I would like the quickness of the hook and loop better, but it actually doesn’t fit quite as well as the snap one, also on occasion the Velcro gets up against my baby’s (15 month old) skin and rubs it a little. Also the Velcro sometimes comes undone from the laundry tabs in the washer, even though it is really strong Velcro. Also tried it with my 30 lb, two and a half year old, definitely too small for her with added doubler or overnight inserts, which she has to have, so I can’t use it with her.

Maryellen Ahmeek, MI

a bit bulky under pants but great at preventing leaks

a bit bulky under pants but great at preventing leaks. we’ve used it for only a couple weeks so I hope the velcro lasts

Sharlene Bat Cave, NC

Not the Best

Very nice design but they leaked more often than not. I did buy the large inserts and when prewashed they shrunk. Im not sure if that’s the issue or I just need to buy the medium insert. Mom of a 3 month old

Rosalinda Munith, MI

Cute prints-but they don’t hold up.

I bought the giraffe print less than a year ago (maybe 8 months) and it is pilly, velcro is curling and we always have leaks. I know the leaks aren’t due to wear and tear…its a fit issue. I have a tiny, skinny daughter but these still gaped in the legs. But I could live with it being a fit issue if these didn’t look 2+ years old after a few months of use in a LARGE rotation of cloth diapers. This was used maybe once, biweekly and started to fall apart. I have thirsties covers and flip covers that I’ve had much longer that look nearly new. Its unacceptable to me at this price point.If you’re looking for a similar AI2 system that will last from birth to potty training with at least one child, probably two then look into the flip system or grovia.

Stacie Foster, OR

Love Best Bottoms, but not hook & loop

My Best Bottoms covers are my favorites, so I thought I’d try the hook & loop version (I have all snaps). I was negative about hook & loop to begin with because it’s supposed to be less durable than snaps, but I thought perhaps I should give it a shot. Not only did I find the Velcro noise to be too loud for my baby, I also didn’t think this fit as well, which surprised me. It seemed sort of stiff and bulky across the front when it was done up. I returned this and will be sticking to snaps from now on!

Jasmin Whiteside, MO

Love the Best Botttomns 🙂

Best Bottomns are great love the design it wipes clean to be reused unlike many other hybrid designs so i get allot more uses out of the one shell. I bought snap ones when i was prego and got about 7 monyhs use out of them but then couldnt get a good fit….i decided to try the velcro just to see since i had bought new inserts already and it worked like a champ im in love all over again 🙂 plus the velcro is almost touching in the middle and the rise is snaped down 1 so im def gonna get ALLOT of use out of them i mean he is 22lbs and i still have all that adjustability left. The velcro shells have serious custom sizing ability…plus the hoot print is TOO cute!

Katharine Palmetto, GA

I loved it!… at first.

I’ve been cloth diapering my 3 sons for 1 year now and at first I really really loved best bottom covers. I really like the quality feel and how they seem to never stain. I do not like how they are a bit small. Here are my other beefs:after about 6-8 months I wound up with 1 different problem in each of my best bottom shells. In the first cover (my oldest) I noticed a slight tear in the PUL very close to the dryer tab, like right where it attaches to the PUL. I figure this could have happened from repeatedly pulling the velcro tight while putting on the diaper. The second diaper (only about 6 months old, used on only 1 baby, washed 2x a week) was giving me problems with the velcro. Even with removing the pilling constantly, it seemed to come apart frequently, while my baby was wearing it and walking around! After this happened, I can say I am no longer a huge fan of best bottoms.I have found after 12 months of cloth diapering using prefolds and covers that flips are the best for me. They are super durable, stretchy, contain poop very well because of their large size. I wet pail my poop diapers and my flips have been wet pailed often.. I say that to give evidence that I am not ‘gentle’ on them by any means! Yes, flips do stain, but who cares! Also, the velcro still works brilliantly and I have used flips on more of my boys and they have been through many many more washes than my best bottoms (bc of their size they were used for both my 2.5 year old and my baby frequently).

Germaine Groveland, FL

No Leaks!

I have been cloth diapering for almost 2 months now. I’ve tried several different brands and styles of diapers and I am in love with these Best Bottom Diaper Covers. I don’t use the full Best Bottom system but I use prefolds in these covers which pair up and make a great combo. I wanted to cloth diaper to be green and save money. I am loving my OsoCozy prefolds and Best Bottom Diaper covers. They have not leaked at all and I have a super soaker for a son. He has had leaks in just about every other cloth diaper we have tried. I recommend purchasing about 5/6 covers and a couple dozen prefolds if you’re on a tight budget and they should get you by for a long time. I have to mention that I have a chunky baby and these diapers have fit since he was a skinny little newborn till today and he is now an almost 15lb 2 month old… I look forward to purchasing more of these covers in the future since I only got a couple.

Gayle Russiaville, IN

Works well but seems cheap at first

The diaper does what is is supposed to so, but it seems cheaply made. It has held up well wash after wash though.

Tabatha Dana, IA

Love the velcro

So washing this item is ok—you have to remember to fasten the velcro down before tossing in the wash. I like this item, because fastening on a squirming baby is super easy and most like a quick disposable. I like the Best Bottoms with the snaps also, but baby always jumps when I use the snaps and struggles a bit more as I fasten them.

Erna Bayport, NY

Velcro is quick and easy

I like how it still has the snaps to adjust size, but also has the velcro which is quicker, simpler, and much nicer for any changes needed in the middle of the night. Print is fun too.

Juliette Scottsville, VA