Best Bottom Cloth Diapers – Snap – Orange Sherbet

Best Bottom Cloth Diapers – Snap – Orange Sherbet

Best Bottom Diapers are so easy to use!! First adjust the front snaps for the rise to get the right size for your baby. (You do not need to unsnap the rise snaps when washing. Just adjust them once and your are good to go until your baby grows!) Then snap in the insert, put the diaper on your baby and go! When you need to change your baby, just snap out the soiled insert and snap in a clean one. Because the inside of the Best Bottom shell is wipe-able, it can be used over and over before washing. You may want to air-dry between uses but that may not always be necessary. Because you can reuse the Best Bottoms shell, you won’t need to buy as many. With pocket diapers, all in one diapers and fitted diapers, you will need to change the whole diaper every time! When it is time to wash your Best Bottoms Diapers, you will only be washing inserts and a few shells – this takes up much less space! Therefore, you will save money by using Best Bottom Diapers! If you buy 8 shells/$16.95 each & 24 inserts in 3 sizes/$3.95 each, it will cost you $420 to diaper your baby from birth through potty training! That is so much cheaper than disposables and also cheaper than other cloth diaper systems! You can have convenience, reliability and save money too! The Best Bottom shell fits from birth to 35+ pounds. There are leg gussets to help keep the messes in, an adjustable rise with four settings, and overlapping closure in both snap and hook & loop. When putting the diaper on your baby, check to be sure the insert is completely in the shell – just pull the leg gussets out around your baby’s legs. Why sized inserts? Newborns and toddlers certainly are not the same size so any insert that fits both will be bulky and ill-fitting on a newborn and may not be adequate for a toddler. By having 3 sizes to choose from, you will have a diaper that fits well and is very absorbent at every age! You may not need all 3 sizes of inserts – all babies are different.

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baby shower

I was invited to a baby shower so I got a set of cloth diapers because I have been told they will be what will be used…

Meredith Wolf Island, MO

Great diapering system

We purchased this diapering system because we liked the idea of reusing the outer shell and just replacing the insert. We purchased 10 shells and 15 inserts (12 hemp and 3 stay dry). Our daughter has been using them since birth – 11 weeks later they are still in great shape. It is true that the water proof lining of the outer shell does sometimes stick to her upper back/upper thigh but it is rare and only when she has a super duper poo or we waited too long to change her. This sticking doesn’t seem to bother her or leave any mark/rash on her skin. We experience one leak every couple days, again because we waited too long to change her i.e. her long sleep or we used the wrong size liner (she’s approaching 12 lbs but we’ve waited to purchase the Medium size).Our care practice:1. Put dirty shells and liners through one rinse cycle with 1/2 cup of white vinegar (to get the smell out)2. Immediately wash on warm cycle (we use Rock ‘n Green Classic)3. Dry on regular heat (shells might be dry before the end of the cycle so check if you have the time or remember to do so)4. Take shells out and re-run liners on a second dry cycle if needed (we found the hemp liners took a second cycle to dry fully).If you’re thinking of using the hemp liners primarily, you may want to invest in at least 3 stay dry liners too. Once your baby has found his/her long sleep period (our daughter’s is around 2-3AM and she’ll sleep for 6-7 hours), time the diaper change right before that one and use the stay dry liner – no leaks ever. Overall, I am extremely satisfied at how simple and easy this system is. The double gussets, snap inserts and one-size makes this the best fit for our family. I’m hoping the outer shells last for baby #2 when we’re ready.*****Update 9 months later…******Well, my little girl is just over nine months now and we’ve been using this diapering system since we brought her home – the same 10 shells! They’ve held up very well, NO sign of wear using the same care practice listed above with just one exception – we only pre-rinse in the washer if she had some particularly nasty poos. We still use vinegar and Rock ‘n Green. I guess you can say we pre-rinse the really nasty liners with our cloth diaper sprayerCloth Diaper Sprayer – whitebefore we put them in the wash bagPlanet Wise Diaper Pail Liner (Avocado)which is also the original bag (we bought 2 to rotate). Little one is 19 pounds so we use the large liners most now but the mediums are still fine. We pair 30 Stay Dry liners with Bummies flushable liners and go several days between loads (reusing the shells from wet diapers).

Meghan Jackson, NJ


I had to get it because of the hedgehogs, but the material and construction seems like it will hold up well. I’ve yet to test it out though.

Enid Ferndale, NY

Can’t get a good fit for my tall baby

I really wanted to like this cover. The quality is really nice. The foxy frolic print is super cute for my little girl, and it washes up very well. However, I just can’t seem to get the right fit on my baby. I don’t use the Best Bottom inserts, I use either a prefold or flat diaper fastened with a snappi, that might be part of the problem. My daughter is only 6 months old but she is in the 95th percentile for height so she is a very tall girl. Her weight is average so she isn’t super skinny or super chubby. I already have the diaper on the second to highest rise and I still can’t get it to fit right. Everytime I try to put it on her the rise buttons unsnap and I have to keep resnapping them, but then if I leave the diaper completely unsnapped there is too much material between her legs. The rise is just way too small for her. I end up only using this cover if all of my others are in the wash because it takes so long for me to get the fit right. I really don’t see this diaper lasting her much longer. Now maybe with the Best Bottom inserts it would be a different story but I bought this as a cover to use over things I already have. If you don’t have a super tall baby then this would probably work a lot better for you too.

Harriet Sumatra, FL

SUPER Cute, great diaper cover & system!

LOVE the Best Bottom diaper covers & snap in inserts. The covers are trim, fit BELOW the baby’s belly button (important for newborns) and are truly a ONE size fits all adjustable diaper. I had the rise snaps on the bottom row and overlapped the waist flaps as shown in the picture when my son was a newborn. Now that he is two months old, I have moved the rise snaps up to the second row and leave one snap showing on the waist. The legs are gusseted so they DON’T LEAK.The liners SNAP IN, which makes changing diapers on a wiggly baby infinitely easier than having to lay the liner inside the cover. The hemp liners are the trimmest & very absorbent. The stay dry liners are slightly bulkier, absorbent and keep baby DRY, and the overnight inserts are great for overnight. All three inserts are narrower between the legs than inserts from other brands which I like because my son can move his legs more easily & freely.This DOES mean that runny breastfed poop occasionally goes beyond the liner & gets onto the inside of the diaper cover, but with the leg gussets I have NEVER HAD IT LEAK outside the diaper. I just got two extra covers to accommodate for this. With so many CUTE colors & patterns to choose from and a reasonable price point, this was not a big deal to me. Give them a try! Made in the USA.

Tommie Bryce Canyon, UT

it works

just not my favorite diaper cover, but doesnt leak. didnt fit our 6lb baby over all was too big even on the smallest setting.

Mara Chancellor, SD

I love this cover!

I love Best Bottom diapers! They are so easy to use and clean. We use a few pocket diapers as well, but the Best Bottoms are always the ones we use when we go out. They take up much less room in the diaper bag because you can just reuse the shell. I carry one shell and a few inserts with us when we go out. If the shell gets dirty, I just use a wipe to clean it and put a new insert in, I’ve never had a shell to get soiled to the point where I couldn’t just wipe it clean (I change the shell after about 2 diaper changes just to use a different print).I definitely recommend these diapers because they are so easy and convenient to use!

May Bono, AR

One of my favorite covers, but fabric is starting to wear out

We’ve had these covers for a few months now. They’re our go-to covers when we don’t want to deal with leaks or blow outs. They do a great job of holding all wetness in, and we have a "heavy wetter"! I like the contrasting patterns, too (black on white, etc.). However, I wash these about every other day–never dry them in a dryer, just on the line–and they are already starting to show some wear & tear, fabric getting fuzzy on the trim, stuff like that. When I first started using cloth diapers, I was expecting these types of purchases to be "lifetime" but I’m slowly giving up on that dream. I just feel that something you know is going to be washed a lot should hold up better in the wash. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find a diaper cover that works well AND washes well.

Eve Kinston, AL


I do not use their inserts.. These are the BEST shells ever!!I have been cloth diapering for two years and this is the best brand I have cam across for shells!If you use a different liners, you will never have to worry about poo getting on the shell!

Tia White Pine, TN

easiest cloth diaper

I LOVE this cloth diaper. First I tried a diaper trial (although this wasn’t one of the choices), so I have had the opportunity to use several different types and brands of diaper. I’ve been looking for convenience since my husband is barely on board with cloth diapering and these have been just what we are looking for. The absorbent liner snaps into and out of the shell, 1-2-3, so the liner doesn’t shift around and poke out, causing a leak. Cute patterns (fashioned after ice cream flavors) and they aren’t as bulky as some of the other brands. They are also relatively inexpensive (~$20 per completed diaper [one shell, one liner] as opposed to $30). So glad I found these!Update: I’m 6 months in and the diapers are still working great. The only downside I would say is when using them with the overnight insert, the bulkiness is a bit ridiculous… but the baby doesn’t seem to mind, so I don’t either!

Rocio Arkabutla, MS

Fantastic product

These are the best diapers out there! So affordable to just buy sizeable shells & then different liner sizes. Our baby was small at birth, and so she didn’t fit these as a newborn (and that would be my only criticism-is that the info on the diapers makes it seem they’d fit a 7lb baby but they do not.Since we’ve started with these, we’ve not had a single leak that wasn’t due to user error. They’re simply the best. They’re easy to put on the baby & easy to wash. Also take up little space in storage compared to the all in ones we’ve used. I have recommended them highly to anyone interested in cloth diapering. My husband was reluctant to cloth diaper but I’ve actually heard HIM telling his friends how great they are. (We’ve used BumGenius and Grovia, so that’s what I’m comparing these to.)

Mercedes Lakebay, WA

My favorite cloth diaper brand out of MANY

This is the best diaper cover I have to date and I have many many brands. The inserts are a big expensive, but you dont need to snap in stay dry inserts for this cover to do it’s magic. It works great with any type of cloth diaper. Inside is water resistant and the double gasset works great to stop leaks.on the legs. I do recommend the stay dry inserts becasue they are great for sleep .. the stay dry inserts are magical i swear..i was amazed the first time we used them…the top of the diaper (the side your baby’s tooshy touches) is dry! the other side is wet.Best diaper cover weird too because it’s not one of the leading brands. HIGHLY recommended

Marion Oakley, MI

Great Diapers

I’ve been using these diapers for about a week now and have come to love them more and more! I only bought 2, assuming I would be able to use 1 shell a whole day! In reality that wasn’t the case! The shell lasted about 3-5 diaper changes, so I roughly used 2-3 shells a day, which still isn’t bad. If you are looking to get a stash of just Best bottoms, I would look into about 3 inserts per shell and about 10-15 shells to be safe! Considering if laundry is done every 3 days! Great product! A little more bulky than the pocket diapers but we love them, they absorb, and we rarely have leaks!

Jaime Kotzebue, AK

Picky toddler preferred!

My 2.5yr old has been potty trained since before she was two, but cannot hold her pee through the night. We had been using prefolds and plastic pants, but lately she’d been complaining that it wasn’t comfortable and it became a battle every night to put her diaper on. We tried gpants, which she complained about more than the prefolds because of the itchy straps. We tried these next, which I’m so thankful for! No more screaming whining complaining at night that her diapers hurt! The insert is so soft and absorbent even through the night, no leaks yet! My daughter sometimes wakes to drink water or downs a glass right before bed(I know, this won’t help train her to hold her pee through the night, but I can’t deny her thirst), so sometimes she pees a whole lot, but the diaper manages to still keep her dry. Love!

Kelley Mandeville, LA

Fits well and is very cute

This diaper fits very well and looks super cute. My only complaint is that the inside of the diaper is plasticy and sometimes makes my baby’s skin red.

Maryanne Skygusty, WV

My favorite diaper covers

We use a combination of diapering systems to cloth diaper our baby. We like these covers the best. We do not use the best bottom inserts, not because we don’t like them but because we just haven’t tried them. We use these covers with cotton prefolds and the hemp doubler made by thirsties. We have never had a blow out. The only time we’ve had a leak is when the cover wasn’t put on right (not tight enough or the inserts were sticking out a little bit).

Latoya Youngstown, PA

so much better than ALL my pocket diapers

I used only disposables for my first child. Then I heard about all the modern cloth diapers and decided to give the a try for my second child. Once the meconium was gone, I was cloth diapering my newborn. We are 5 months along and I have used all in ones, pockets, hybrid diapers like gDiaper, and now this. BEST BOTTOMS IS THE BEST! I don’t cloth diaper at nights because I need my infant to sleep as long as possible. we don’t cloth diaper on errands because I don’t want a s***ty diaper in a wet bag in my purse. So we only cloth diaper when we are home. Stuffing pockets at 11pm at night, when I am so freaking tired I can hardly think straight, is a pain in the arse. The gDiapers wouldn’t stop snagging in the wash. Prefolds are a big bulky nightmare. These are still pretty trim, and are the only diaper my husband while deal with. I put the shells on the left, the inserts on the right and grab them when it comes time for a change. The extra gusset around the legs helps catch poop. Something my Rumparooz also do but are much more expensive and bulky. so glad I discovered these 5 months in. I am going to sale most of my other diapers and get a bunch more of these.

Merle Jacks Creek, TN

New mom

We started using these diapers when our son was 1 month. We rarely have leaks, but when we do it’s because we didn’t secure the cover tight enough at the waist, didn’t have the insert entirely tucked inside the cover, or we left a wet diaper on too long.We tried the overnight inserts at night but have resorted to disposables for bed time. My son normally sleeps 11 hours at night with only dream feeds in between and the Best Bottoms just can’t hold that much urine. We’ve also never had an issue with diaper rash. If his cheeks start to look a little red, we just apply some A&D; ointment with a scrap of microfleece between his skin and the insert to prevent any damage to the inserts. As for washing, we store the soiled ones in a washable diaper bag then throw the bag and diapers in the wash. After a rinse on cold, a wash on hot, and another rinse we throw the inserts in the dryer and hang up the covers. The inserts take two cycles to dry. (We haven’t been able to line dry in this cold weather). We are exclusively breastfeeding so we don’t have to remove any solids before washing. I know that will be an added step once we start adding solid foods to his diet but right now the washing couldn’t be easier. With the amount of water and electricity required for washing them, they’re not necessarily more environmentally friendly than disposables, but we feel good about our investment and will same a lot of waste (and $$$) by using them over the next couple years…..or more if we have a second child.

Audrey Estero, FL

These are great quality!

First of all they’re adorable!!Second they’re a really good quality!They are the only of all my covers that have snaps that don’t feel like they’ll break. I like all the size options. I can get a good fit on my baby with these.I don’t have any real complaints, you’ll be happy with these!I do prefer my Rumparooz or Blueberry covers but I use prefolds. If you use liners then this part of my review won’t make a difference to you….With bulky prefolds you need a bit more coverage. Rumparooz and Blueberry covers do better. My Bestbottoms fit but it’s a bit more effort to get them around the prefolds. They have worked so far but I just prefer the fit of the Rumparooz and Blueberries. If I went back and reordered my stash I’d skip this diaper and go with those other brands. But like I said earlier, for inserts or thinner diapers like fitteds, these are wonderful and I highly recommend them!

Karla Buxton, NC

Great Cover

Its a good fitting cover. I like it as well or better than Flip. Honestly, I bought it for the color first! I primarily use these with GMD prefolds and Flip organic prefolds and pad folded flats. Fit well on my one month old!

Lacey New Knoxville, OH

Almost my favorite diaper…

We are 3 months into using cloth diapers and loving it so far. We have used BumGenius, Best Bottoms, Grovia, and Bumkins. Out of this selection, Best Bottom are my second favorite of the diapers, right after the BumGenius. They are slightly less bulky, and I love the concept of just snapping out the inserts and being able to reuse the shell. Using a wet bag, we can just take several inserts with us when we go out, and it makes for a lot more room in the diaper bag than taking multiples of the BGs. Really, my only complaint is not so much with the design of the diaper itself, but just the fact that my daughter has the uncanny ability to know when I put these diapers on her, and immediately take the biggest poops that leak out past the insert and into the shell itself. They are still usually contained within the diaper, but still manage to reach the cloth binding. These diapers are a neat design and pretty economical if you can get 3 or so uses out of them at a time, but if you have a big pooper on your hands like we do, don’t expect to reach that number. Owing to that reason, and since the inserts are probably just a bit less absorbant, I give the edge to BumGenius.

Desiree Arlington, WA

Not big enough

I have two of these and I love the prints. We use them with prefolds. Admittedly, we use large prefolds that need folded over (we use a service, so we can’t get a more fitted size). These just don’t give enough coverage from behind and around the legs. It’s hard to describe. But, basically, it’s really hard to cover the cloth around the legs with these. And, BTW, my baby is fairly small for his age. I prefer Blueberry and Thirsties to these.

Pam Drake, KY

Diapers work great, but they are not my favorite

They work very well, we have had very few leaks since we started using them. Personally though, I much prefer pocket or all-in-ones. The advertised draw to the snap/shell style of diaper is that you can get more use out of the shell since you simply replace the liner when it’s wet. However, I still have to carry around just as many diapers because if my son poops (and he is not a regular pooper lol), I am not going to reuse the same shell. And for that matter, even when it’s wet I don’t really like only changing half of a dirty diaper. I have bum genius 4.0 and alva baby diapers as well, and I find myself grabbing those much more often than Best Bottom.That being said, they do work very well and the prints are super cute.

Dominique Hamilton, CO

Love these and easy to use

These diapers are easy to use and have worked well for our baby who is now 6 months. Not sure if I would use on newborn, we started after he was 6 weeks old of so–they are a bit bulky on tiny ones.Hemp liners are thinner and help with bulk.

Leola Mcdaniel, MD


great fit…and will for a while. my son is 23 lbs and still snap flaps touch. love best bottem dipes

Christy Horse Branch, KY

recommend over Thirsties – thicker

I came back to buy more after my first purchse because I liked this brand better than the Thirsties that I bought along with it. I tried out these two brands of covers to use with my prefolds. I have the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Hoot, Size One (6-18 lbs) and Thirsties Diaper Cover, Baby Blue, X-Small (6-12 lbs). The Thirsties covers are thinner and seem to get damp with wet diapers, whereas the Best Bottom ones are thicker and don’t get damp. Also, because BB ones are a little thicker (I think they have an extra layer? or just different material?), it is much more sturdy (with the Thirsties snap cover, it feels like the snaps might rip if I’m not careful enough). It’s been a little over a month since I’ve used these and they’ve survived through lots of hot washes in the washer (I do my laundry everyday), and still in good condition, like new. I don’t put them in the drier though – recommended to line dry.Size-wise, for a newborn, I preferred the fit of the Thirsties Diaper Cover, Baby Blue, X-Small (6-12 lbs), just because this one’s a one-for-all and is a little bulky. But my baby grew so fast, it didn’t really matter. Right now he’s almost 7weeks (13pounds) and I’m on the second(middle) setting for the length adjust.(there are 3)

Heidi Cordova, MD

Good quality but doesn’t work well with prefols on 11 month old

I bought two of these covers last week. They are very cute and I like how they feel These covers could very well be used for multiple children. They dont leave red marks on my son’s chubby legs either (I have several covers that do). My boy is 11 months old, he weighs about 24 lbs, and is over 30 inches long. These covers are snug on him. The rise is also a tad bit too short. We use prefolds and they don’t lay in the covers very well. These covers probably work great with the BB pads. But the pads are exspensive. My son is a heavy wetter and he soaks right thru these pads. I would need to buy at least $150 of the BB pads and wash them every 2 days. Even the flip pads were too big for these covers. After I bought these covers, I read the reviews on Blueberry Coveralls. A lot of people complained that they were too big. Probably not for my boy. I may need to invest in a few of those instead.These covers didn’t leak overnight. But my son likes to save up the pee and wets his diaper heavily once he gets his first diaper change in the A.M. I mean, he soaks the whole prefold from front to back along with any booster pad within 30 minutes! Every other cover contains this morning pee (Flip, Thirsties, Econobum, even Fuzzibuns which he already outgrew). The BB cover did leak onto the front of my son’s pants, which is only a minor coomplaint. If you have a bigger baby and don’t wan’t to buy a bunch of pads at $6 each, these covers may not be the best option. I think we will try Blueberry Coveralls next time. Or Thirsties, which is a better value.

Magdalena Schurz, NV

My new favorite cover!

I’d been using Thirsties until a friend told me about these and they are AWESOME. They’re more adjustable than regular covers because you can snap the tabs to each other and they’re double layered. The fabric around the legs does not retain moisture so you really only have to change the cover if it has poo on it. Even so the fabric is still soft. I absolutely love these. I also love that you can snap in their inserts. I can snap in two overnight inserts (one on top of the other) and there’s no leakage. I’ve also had zero problems with leakage during the day. Great cover!

Melody Cashiers, NC

Great for 20 lb girl, too small for 30 lb girl.

I like this diaper for my 15 month old(20 lbs), but it is awful for my 2 and a half year old (30 lbs). Definitely too small for my older daughter when large doublers or overnight inserts are added (which she has to have). It works great though with my 15 month old with a large stay dry insert.

Faye Scranton, IA

works fine

These work well paired with their liners (not a fan of the liners) but they don’t work so great on my chubby 9 month old. He is a heavy wetter and I’m not a fan of this system b/c the liners need doubled and he pees out the top a lot b/c they sit sort of low on his belly. You can’t use any contour diapers with this brand but otherwise it does a half decent job. I like the leg gussets. They contain poops and pees well. Once the baby poops though, it’s an inconvenient system b/c poop gets all through the diaper and you have to totally change the whole diaper. I’ve never had a leak around the legs but out the top I have a pee leak almost every time. They seem to be made with quality material and being made in the U.S. is a plus. They just don’t work for my son.

Victoria Institute, WV