Best Bottom Diaper Insert – Overnight

Best Bottom Diaper Insert – Overnight

Best Bottom Diaper Insert – Overnight (Medium Microfiber – 2 Pack) …

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Efficient with barely any leaks

The insert works very well with the regular insert and diaper cover. We’ve only had a few leaks (which we also have with disposables occasionally). I’m sure this stands true for any overnight insert, but it is very bulky since it has so many layers. The baby doesn’t seem to mind though, so I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

Alyson Bailey, NC

Too bulky

These are so bulky they barely fit in the cover at the largest setting, even with my baby < 20 lbs. I just use the regular Best Bottom doublers at night now, and they’re plenty absorbent for our needs.

Sheena Farmersville Station, NY

Very absorbent!

Best Bottom diapers are one of my favorite cloth diapers! The ease of using them is what first drew me to cloth diapering. These inserts are very absorbent, my daughter is a very heavy wetter (especially at night) and I would always layer a regular insert over these just to make sure there were no leaks. It was kind of bulky, but since she was sleeping it didn’t bother her any.I definitely recommend buying a few packs of these if you have a heavy wetter, they saved me from waking up with my daughter soaked along with the bed!

Suzette Cayuga, TX

Love BB

We love our BB diapers. With the doublers they absorb better than disposable. In fact I hate using disposable diapers now.

Nikki Russellville, AR

absorbent but threading came undone after the first wash

absorbent but threading came undone after the first wash. No. 2s tend to leak out of the insert and into the shell

Krystal Jamestown, MI


These are great! The only thing is you want to use a liner as the micro fiber isn’t good against babies skin.

Alana North Metro, GA

Great for heavy wetters or overnight use!

Great overnight inserts for heavy wetters! I haven’t had any leaks when using these! Can be used by themselves or with the regular inserts, and either way they work great!

Mercedes Birch Run, MI

Work Great!!!

These seem to work great. No issues with leaks. My little one is 2 months old and she can go from 9 at night to about 8 in the morning and we haven’t had any leaks. I will say they do make the diaper very bulky and give her "splayed" legs, but they do the trick. They don’t take that long to dry, which is nice.

Opal Wrightstown, NJ

Fantastic for nighttime use even with a heavy wetter!

This are great when attached to the stay dry insert. They held up to my heavy wetter 12 hours nighttime routine without leaks.

Gracie Columbus, TX

Good help

My friend is planning to cloth diaper at least a bit and these are perfect to help with that 🙂

Deidra Rock Camp, OH