Best Bottom Potty Training Kit, Blueberry, Large

Best Bottom Potty Training Kit, Blueberry, Large

Chosen by toddlers for the look and feel of real underwear. Easy for kids to pull up and down. Snap-in feel wet inserts are soft and absorbent, leaving just enough moisture for kids to feel when they need a change. With cute prints on each insert, kids want to avoid accidents just as much as you.

Main features

  • Made in USA
  • Looks and feels like real underwear
  • Cotton outer and waterproof inner
  • Snap-in inserts make clean up easy when accidents happen
  • Easy for toddlers to pull up and down

Verified reviews


They’re good, but…

I like these a lot, but my daughter (18 mos) seems less enthusiastic. They definitely do the job – they are more waterproof than other training pants, but I think my daughter finds them uncomfortable. When she wears them, I can see the outline of the insert snap on her bottom, and she tends to pull at them a little, so I think she can feel the snap through the fabric too. When given the choice between these and Carter’s training pants, she chooses Carters (I also think she likes the prints on the Carter’s pants better). If these had a cuter print on the outside of the pant, I think she’d like it better. I also think she’d like it more if it was less bulky. That, and it takes me a minute to assemble them. If she sees me do that, she knows right away that it isn’t "real" underwear (after all, grown-up underwear doesn’t require any assembly). If I ask her if she’d rather wear these or diapers, she chooses diapers. I wish she liked it more, because they are definitely more waterproof than most.

Aline Foxburg, PA

Pink trainer with 6 inserts all together

I bought the pink training pants with the 3 pink inserts included, plus 3 extra inserts in purple. These work great for a child that has already learned to poop in the potty, but has trouble remembering to pee. If your child poops in these like my child did.. oh man. She was coming out of the sides and it was a huge ordeal to clean up. The liner (animals) is stained badly, the poop wouldn’t come out all the way even after sunning it. I applied lemon juice to the microfiber side and it soaked through to the flannel part and tie dyed it different colors and it still didnt take out the poop stain. The pink panties part even has brown stains around the legs on the outside.This is a great potty training pant otherwise. She can pee twice in them before needing to be changed, they are super absorbent, Easy to pull down, they are a tad small though. She is 36lbs at 2yo and the large 4t fits her perfectly. If she were to gain any extra weight they might be too snug. I would recommend these to my friends who already have poop-trained children.

Lou Yigo, GU

Yeah, Waterproof Panties that are cute and inexpensive!

I got these for my daughter who is 23 months old. Brief overview of our potty training thus far: 17 months she went bottomless or wore Carters training pants and almost got it, but had to go back to daycare and diapers. 22 months, she decided she wanted to sit on the potty and would tell me, 22.5 months, she had about 1 accident a day and told me she had to go 70% of the time. (Over Christmas break) Back to daycare and disposable training pants that everyone called diapers, she stopped telling us when she had to go and success rate was about 20%. Put her in the Carters on the weekends, but all we got was peed on. I have looked desperatly for something waterproof that I can afford that also looks like panties. I found it!We have used for 3 days. My daughter (23 months now) thinks they are cute and wants to wear them. She is petite (24-25 lbs). I started wearing panty liners to show her that even big girls wear liners in their panties sometimes. She doesn’t want to get them wet and her success rate from this weekend was back up to 80%. She even told me she needed to go 3 times! She felt wet for her accidents too and told us she peed. She gets a horrid rash from disposables, so I am hoping this works at least as an at home solution. I am planning to order another pair to cut down on laundry and have a spare for big messes.A couple problems: poop was a mess when she did have an accident (although it would be with any cloth training pants, so I am not really counting it towards my rating) and she did wet through completly twice when she had to pee a lot. I now anticipate that this will happen right before bed, though. For average amounts of pee it was no big deal and could be reused (the panties, not the liner).Overall, helped her success rate and keeps pee off of us for the most part.

Josephine Mica, WA

Could be better

We loved this product when we first started using it, and my daughter loved it even more. We used it as her "night time underwear" instead of pull-ups (how pricey!). She loved that she could pick out the pads every night. Six weeks in…the seam started to come apart in two places on the underwear. So disappointed! Especially for a local company!

Krista Kenna, WV

Way too small and leaks

I got these for my 29 lb, 2 year old (25 months) toddler to help with potty training. We have cloth diapered since birth and wanted to keep up with using cloth on him. I did read in a review that these ran on the small side, so I thought getting the Large 4T would work. I was wrong they are so tight around the waist that he can not pull down by him self. They are also snug around the leg openings, so just all around too small for my very thin just turned 2 year old. The few times that we did use them he peed a tiny bit and they leaked all over. So even if they did fit it seems they would of leaked anyway. Totally regret spending money on this as I would not want to pass something that leaks on to others. I have found that the simple cloth training paints that cost way less to be just a good with catching tiny pee leaks and much easier for toddler to pull down.

Lois Mount Holly, VA

Best Training Undies System! Great for those who loved the hybrid cloth diapering system

I am a cloth diaper lover, and for the most part have used the Gro-via Hybrid system. Our daughter has been using the potty off and on since about 9-10 months old, so moving on to big girl undies just makes sense. I have tried the Gerber trainers, and they were ok, but these are by far my favorite because less is more with this pack. My love for this may be generated for the same reasons I loved the Gro-Via hybrid system. I am all about practical hardworking products. I keep both this and the Gerber brands of trainers in my rotation, don’t get me wrong but the Gerber I use only when these are soiled. These seem to fit my 22.5 pound 15 month old very well and are not as bulky as I expected.To put her in them full time, I purchased 2 of the starter packs of one shell and 3 inserts, and one of the add on 3 pack of inserts, as well as 2 4 packs of gerber. This is more than enough.I keep a wet/dry bag in the bathroom for quick easy changes. (Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag ) We keep the clean/dry undies in the front dry pocket, and the soiled ones in the zippered wet bag Pocket. it makes it a snap to change out while she is on the big potty, or pick up and leave the house if necessary. It is a great medium sized wet bag – and holds a good bit. It works well for any accidents resulting in soiled clothes as well. Smells stay in and clean things stay fresh and clean. Super product.We have also had great luck with the potty training book: ‘girls potty time’ – We have used it for our daughter from about the 9 month time frame, and though she was/is young but the pictures of real girls, real potties, and real big girl undies are very helpful. I can recite this thing backwards in my sleep now. Thanks.

Randi Morgan, GA

Great deal!

This is a good deal because the items are more expensive if purchased separately! We love using this system because we cn keep using the same inserts even if we need to size up the pants! Clean up is a snap too!

Rosemary Kirvin, TX

Doing a good job

This has been helpful in our potty training pursuit. I like that my toddler can still feel wet or dirty but it holds in the mess. I also have the "waffle" training pants which are good too but the do leak. I like Best Bottoms fit and the fact that the liners are easy to swap out. The only issue I have is the liners bunch up when pulling up the pants so one the pants are up I have to readjust the liner, difficult with busy toddler. They are also a little small, but again they are doing the job.

Callie Hayes, SD

Great idea

These are a decent pant. I like that you can snap in the liner and they are compatible with their other covers and liners. I would like side openings though. When you have wet pants, this isn’t so much of an issue(although very wet, and they stick and are harder to pull off). Soiled pants, yuck. Not really much to be done about that – its part of the process, but it would make it so much easier to clean up accidents. Would have given 5 stars if there was side panel access, but they work well otherwise

Debbie Springfield, OH

Worked great

I bought these for my 4 year old daughter. Now she has been potty trained since she was 3 BUT she has some health issues where she is on medication for seizures. If we up her dose she tends to wet her bed for a few nights in a row. I bought these for this occasion. Also my son is two and we will be potty training him soon and he is a big boy so these actually fit. Win win!They work prefect, keep the liquid off the sheets and pull up like underwear.

Kim Robertsville, OH

Use them for nighttime/long car trips

These have been wonderful for overnight security on my 2 year old. She typically stays dry, but occasionally has a small accident/doesn’t wake up in time to make it to the potty. She likes the prints on her "special night night panties," too. My one complaint is that the sizing runs small. My toddler typically wears 18 month-2T pants (a lot of 2T pants are too big), but the medium trainers are really snug on her. FYI: These do not contain an entire pee. If you’re dealing with a potty learner who often "just goes" in his/her pants, these probably won’t work well.

Liza Bowling Green, KY

Could be better

I like these, but they are more for kids that are already trained to catch little accidents and you should get more than one cover, so it drys between accidents

Wendy Window Rock, AZ

not bad

These are well made, cute and work as intended. It would be great, however, if there was another method for removal in case of accidents such as some buttons on the side.

Carlene Knifley, KY

Just okay

Positive: less laundry, more designs, kid can pick which insert to use, prevents leaks very good, looks nice.Negative: kids cannot change themselves if they have an accident – it would be too difficult for a toddler to replace the pad. Sometimes after using the potty and putting undies back on by herself, the insert gets bunched up and I have to fix it, so she does not get the feeling that she really do it all by herself. Last one is subjective: my husband keeps forgetting to just change the pad and instead put the whole things with wet undies.I got medium for 31lb, 37in, 3 year old girl and I wish I got a large, they are a bit snug, I often have to assist her to pull them up/down.

Bethany Port Ewen, NY

Snap broke after 4 uses. 🙁

I like the look, fit and ease of these cloth trainers… but one of the snaps broke off when I was unsnapping an insert. So now, they are useless (I can’t get an insert to stay in place without the snaps). Major bummer!

Debra Fairfield, KY