BESTEK drain stopper hat shampoo cap bath hat shower cap baby shower accessories baby hair shampoo and body wash

BESTEK drain stopper hat shampoo cap bath hat shower cap baby shower accessories baby hair shampoo and body wash


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Tiny Children ONLY

Cheap foam material and it’s tiny! Didn’t come even close to fitting my 1 year old – Might work for a newborn or a kid with a tiny head but that’s all!

Katie Larimore, ND

good idea!

I used to have one of these years ago when my children were small. I got this one for my grandson (8 months old). I was thrilled that it had an adjustable snap because he has a very large head…Unfortunately, his head is even larger than your product provided for…I do love the product and recommend it for anyone with a baby with a normal or large head…but for the super-sized heads, not gonna work!! He was an 11 lb baby at birth and weighs 30 at 8 months…sooo…just sayin!

Katelyn Okaton, SD

Does the job, wish it was larger for older kids.

It functions well, but for my toddler (3 years old) it is quite snug, even on the biggest setting. I wish there was more room to adjust it for bigger kids who don’t like getting water in their face. NOt the most durable material, but for the price I’m pleased with it overall.

Effie Royston, GA

Makes bathing baby much easier….

Great item for keeping soap and water out of babies ears and eyes. The adjustments are great so you can use this as baby gets older. Love the fact that I can wash my daughter from head to toe then put her under the water and rinse her all at once and I don’t have to maneuver her into different positions to rinse her body then her head. The soft foam makes it easy to make it snug without hurting baby. Great buy!!

Karen Mammoth, AZ

Great product

My daughter hats when the water runs down her face as I was her hair. This product stops that from happening. I purchased it when she was a little over two. She is almost three now and there is still room for growth. It makes washing her hair a less torturous process.The quality is great. I am sure I can pass it down to someone once she now longer fits it.It is a great investment.

Aileen Whittington, IL

Too small

This is really good idea although my daughter still doesn’t like to have her hair wash but that’s nothing to do with this product. It’s well made. The only problem I have with this is it’s way too small and even with adjustable buttons at the back we can’t use it. Didn’t expect there would be problems with sizing when ordering.

Shari Vining, IA