Bestever Baby Mat, Pink Bear

Bestever Baby Mat, Pink Bear

Bestever Baby Mats are silky smooth and snuggle perfect for tummy time, naptime, playtime, anytime.  These large mats make an ideal floor cushion for baby and is a cute and convenient way to protect baby from the floor.  The 31″ mat provides plenty of cushy comfort while baby naps or plays. The mat is easily rolled up for those little ones on the go.  Moms will love that it is machine washable.  Age appropriate for 0+ but toddlers and small children love to use them to watch tv or read a favorite book.   A top 10 gift for children on NBC’s Today Show, and seen In Touch and OK Magazines.

Main features

  • Machine washable
  • Extremely soft plush fabric
  • Folds up easily for transport
  • For playtime, tummytime, naptime
  • Functional and adorable

Verified reviews


our baby loves it but…

this cushion is a very cute design (we got the monkey), nice colors and seems like good quality so far. one complaint of mine is that the back is described as a non slip material. it’s more or less just a coarse fabric material which slips on our hardwood floors. there doesn’t seem to be much grip at all. so i think the description is a little misleading. also besides the head and arms/feet, the amount of cushioning in the body is minimal. so if you try and lay down hard on it you would surely feel the floor underneath. but our daughter likes to snuggle her face on this cushion all the time because it’s very it’s great for the softness and cuteness factor but as far as cushioning, it’s really not a cushion. it would be great if the same amount of cushioning found in the head and arms/feet were the same for the body. had i seen this in the store and felt the body, i might not have bought it. i give it 3 stars for the somewhat inaccurate product description.

Camille Earlville, NY

Super Cute and Soft but Sheds HORRIBLY

We registered for this item and we were thrilled when one of our friends purchased it for us. The frog is super-cute and very soft. However, it sheds horribly and the fibers are everywhere, including some I found in my baby’s mouth! I’m returning it because I’m worried that it’s a choking hazard. Wish it had worked out for us.

Rhoda Virginia Beach, VA

We were so looking forward to this gift … but..

We got this product as a gift from a friend of mine and boy did we looked forward to get it because our little boy loves giraffes. He simply adores that animal so our friend thought that this will be perfect.When i saw it and when i saw the reviews i got very excited and i couldnt wait to see our baby`s face when we show it to him.But the thing is this …We got it. And it looked perfect. So i put it in the washer and washed it as described. It said dry flat so i did that too. And the next day i laid it flat and put our little boy on it. He was sooo happy, he was simply smiling and biting the giraffe`s head. For some reason i looked at his little face and i noticed little hairs. When i pinched a little from the furry part of the giraffes head, i got a finger full of fabric.Immediately i put it again in the washer. Washed it again and still the same thing. The fabric keeps coming out :-((Now im scared to put our little guy on it because i dont want him to end up swallowing any of it. He is at a stage where he licks and bites everything.I am wondering if i should write the company about this or not.I always get good products from amazon, i have bought so many items here and this time i feel cheated :-(Its a child product and i dont think that they should be exposed to something like this, at any age. No parents would want their kids to end up having a mouth full of fabric.Please if u have some advice on how to make it stop loosing fabric, im all ears. Our baby really likes it. I like it. Except for the fact of constantly releasing fabric :-(((

Lorie Weissert, NE


There have been so many good maybe the one I got was defective. While it is very soft and baby liked it a lot, it was pilling and the loose fabric/material was a choking hazard to my baby. If not for this, I probably would have given it 4 or 5 stars. I will return it immediately.After removing my little one from the mat after he was on it for maybe ten minutes, he had quite a bit of the thin fibers stuck between his toes . I had to quickly check his hands as he’s now starting to suck his fingers . I used a wipe to quick remove any fibers. This is such a poor quality item. DO NOT BUY!!!

Jeanne Madison, MO

Cute but Disappointed

I bought this for my daughter, who is now 6 months old, because I thought it would be ALOT bigger than what it actually is. I based it off of one of the pictures provided and it is the angeling of the photo that tricked me. I am really disappointed because my daughter is too big to lay on it. She likes to look at it but that is all it’s good for now. I ultimately envisioned her napping on it like the kid in the picture, maybe that is my first-time mommy crazy idea… but at the end of the day I am very disappointed and wouldn’t have paid $35 for this.

Gina Heyburn, ID

IMHO: useless

We bought this for our 3-month-old son and ended up returning it. It is very comfy and quite large but useless if you have a play mat. Of course, all kids are different, so while it did not work for us, I can see many other babies really liking it.

Joan Mapleton, ME

Very cute and soft

I lay my baby on this mat a lot.. It is very very cute the only drawback is no matter how many times I wash it the fuzz is always coming off on pacifiers, bottles etc. other than that I would recommend this to anyone

Lottie Elgin, ND

Super Soft, Comfortable, and Durable Mat for Baby

This was a Christmas gift from my aunt for our eight and a half month old daughter. It wasn’t something I ever thought of buying or thought I needed, but now that I have it I can’t live without it! Although our daughter is sitting up, she still flops back or to the side at times; I was propping pillows next to her on the floor during playtime, but it is a pain to always drag the pillows to the play area and you can’t just throw them in the washing machine when you are done.This mat is the perfect answer! We love it! It is SUPER soft and the size is perfect. You can throw it in the washing machine (cold water, gentle cycle) which is ideal for spit up/drooling babies. The kitty one is so cute and perfect for our daughter since we have a cat that she adores. I saw the others and they look really sweet as well.The only negative: it seems to shed slightly (our daughter does love to pull on the fur though).I will consider giving this for baby showers in the future! I uploaded a picture 🙂

Selina Patricksburg, IN

Soft and adorable – Baby loves lounging here

The Bestever Baby Lamb Mat is one of my favorite impulse baby buys to date. At first I just thought it would be a cute addition to Baby’s nursery, but the lamb mat has actually become one of the most used items we have. It’s large and thick enough to serve as a great portable napping spot, quick changing mat, play mat, and photo prop all in one. At 5 months old, Baby loves looking at Lamb’s sweet face and pulling on it’s legs and ears. I’m sure this item will continue to be a staple as she grows since the lamb’s head is very thick and would make a comfortable pillow.

Fannie Clarksburg, MO

Love it

My son loves this. Its soft and perfect for tummy time. He loves to look at it since it is a bright green. Wish it had a little more fluff to it but it does what it is meant to do.

Karen Amf Ohare, IL

Not very thick but still great for tummy time

My daughter is 3 1/2 weeks old and the doctor recommended placing her on her tummy for tummy time. This has worked out great. We lay it in the living room on our carpet and place her on her tummy and although I wish it was a little thicker it works great. For added thickness I would sometimes add another of her thicker blanket under the bear or sometimes place the bear on theFisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gymfor added thickness and stimulation. Under my supervision I’ve also let my daughter sleep on it and although she doesn’t sleep for long periods of time it beats picking her up and moving her.I originally purchased theBestever Baby Mat, Frogto go with her room decor but the frog doesn’t feel as plush as the bear. I give it 4 stars because I wish it was thicker but overall it has been a great purchase.

Milagros Highland, KS

One of our favorites

My son is two years old. This has been one of his very favorite things since he was a tiny, tiny baby. He hates sleeping and has a hard time drifting off, but this bear helps him more than absolutely anything else. The cushiness and softness are just perfect. The mat washes beautifully and is extremely durable. We plan to buy another for our second child.We received this as a baby gift when my son was about a month old. (We have the bear with the blue tummy.) He was very happy to lounge or be changed on the bear. If he hadn’t had reflux, we would have used it constantly from the very beginning — this bear is actually the only place where he ever really took a nap lying flat on his back, as he needed to sleep at an incline most of the time. Over the course of his first year and as he grew out of the reflux, he used the bear more and more. By the time he was a year old, we had realized that this was far and away the best item we had for helping him sleep. He snuggles into this bear and can actually drift off. He usually has a tough time relaxing (too much fun being awake!), so this mat is invaluable to us.At 26 months of age, he still sleeps on this bear for every nap and all through the night. I can certainly vouch for this bear’s durability — we’ve washed it many, many times and it’s in terrific shape. (We don’t put it in the dryer. It takes about 4 hours to dry out completely when draped over the side of his crib, with the ceiling fan on full blast.) It doesn’t look new, but it doesn’t look at all worn or old — it’s in much better shape than most of the other baby items we’ve used this long. It doesn’t hold stains or odors. And the cushioning and fur are just as thick and soft as ever.One tip, for those with kids who like fuzzy stuff like these mats when they sleep: Our son slept much better when we started using a velour crib sheet, like theCarters Easy Fit Velour Crib Fitted Sheet, Blue. He used to wake himself up when he rolled off the fuzzy bear pillow and on to the normal crib sheet, but he slept beautifully when we got the velour sheet.

Berta Robertsdale, PA

The head is the best part!

I got this as a present for my baby for Christmas. I love it (he is too small to appreciate it). The head, which is wonderfully squishy is my favorite part. The rest of the giraffe ain’t bad either. My only problem is that I’m afraid to wash it (afraid it will not be fluffy, but matty). My baby peed on it, so I haven’t been using it.But otherwise..its great!

Tamara Lingo, NM

love it

This is so adorable. ,much more than I anticipated. It is bright, big, soft and cuddly. I see this being a big part of baby’s day.

Cathleen Wilmot, AR

I love this bear!

At first, I thought this might be a frivolous item, but knowing me, I purchased it anyways – I’m glad I did. The bear is made out of the softest fabric ever. My daughter loves laying on it and it’s very convenient to move from room to room. I use it while i’m not using her diaper table to change her. It works great. It’s a great buy, and lets not mention the cute design! It’s completely washable as well, i think the bear gets softer with every wash. 🙂

Autumn Clearwater, SC

I should’ve researched other products.

Down side: 1) the fuzz drives me NUTS! It’s everywhere. 2) It seems like a great choking hazard. Upside: 1) It’s cute, 2) it’s so soft and cuddly that I like my 3 month old to lay on it while we’re playing. I wouldn’t recommend tummy time at all on this thing. He also gets up with all this fuzz on his clothes and hair… Run it through the wash, this helps in eliminating so much fuzz. Hope this helps :).

Sydney Apache, OK

So soft!

I got this rug in pink for a baby present and we love it! It’s SO SO SO soft and a great place for baby to rest and play. It took so long to get around the circle at my baby shower because everyone wanted to hold on and snuggle up with it. I really didn’t think we’d use it much but we leave it out in the living room with toys around for her to play on. It’s also a nice soft spot for changing clothes (or diapers if you’re daring!) Now at 6 months we still sit her on the bear mat to play but she somehow ends up rolling and scooting off.As all baby products should be – it’s very easy to clean. Machine washable. I’ve always air dried it just to be safe. It’s seriously so soft. I’ve found myself napping on it several times while the baby plays nearby.

Nora White Sulphur Springs, WV

Most original gift!

I ordered this for new parents who had already received everything under the sun at their baby showers. They both loved receiving this item and mentioned that it arrived in a most impressive large box in order to not have any fold marks made on the item. They love it and have used it a lot since receiving it a couple of weeks ago. I will purchase this item again when a new baby boy is born and I need to send a gift.

Leticia Glendo, WY


This is one of those items that’s kind of fun to have around, yet wasn’t used a ton by our daughter. We now have our son and have put him on it a few times, but it’s definitely not a necessity. 🙂 Soft and cute and has held up really well, but didn’t get as much use as many of our other baby products!

Tricia Otsego, MI

Sheds in babys hands

I thought we would love this after using it at a friends house. I can’t use it now unless I have a blanket over it b/c it sheds in my baby’s hands…which of course means it goes straight into his mouth. Such a waste of $40+

Mina Griswold, IA

excellent bear

ordered for my daughter we are expecting. As soon as I opened it up my three year old love it, lying on the floor with it, putting it on a chair as a back, and jumping on it. Product is very soft feeling and seems well constructed.

Melva Bankston, AL

Very soft, smaller than expected

The mat is very soft and comfortable, my 5 month old loves to cuddle against it. However it is smaller than I expected, my daughter is average length and she can reach both ends (horizontally) during tummy time. Overall, very cute and great mat.

Ebony Walthill, NE

Super soft

We recieved the teddy bear mat as a gift for my first born and loved it so much, we bought the giraffe for our second. When they are tiny, this mat is perfect for them to lay on. Once they outgrow laying on it, I place it under the jumper as something soft for their little toes. My 3yo still uses hers to lay on when she watches tv.

Virgie Edwardsville, KS

It’s cute

Cute little mat. After reading all the rave reviews I thought this mat would be a big hit for our toddler. Our little Jack Russell LOVES this…our daughter could probably do without. But well made, stands up to washing (the dog), and is cute.

Tamara Lakewood, OH

Love this baby mat!

I had this baby mat for my first son and somehow in our move it got lost. So when I went to get it out for the baby and couldn’t find it, I was so sad!! I ordered a new one with regular shipping and it arrived the next day! This mat is so cute. Its so soft, easy to just throw in the washing machine if needed. It is great to lay the baby on and the babies love to lay on it and feel its soft fur. Its a very cute way to document your baby’s growth in photos–you can watch how big the baby gets in relation to the mat. This is a great mat for anyone looking for a cute monkey addition to their nursery-and a great alternative to a rug!!

Gail Prairie City, IL

Awesome and cute!

I love love love this mat. My baby loves doing tummy time on this, and sometimes when he accidentally bashes his head down (due to lack of strong neck control still), I don’t worry because the plush head of the lamb provides lots of cushioning. Easy to wash and pretty durable, although after several washes it isn’t as soft. I recommend putting a blanket down first so that all the drool doesn’t get on the mat, and you won’t have to wash as often.

Dina Northport, NY

Our most-used baby item!

At first, I ordered this just because it was so cute. It took awhile to arrive so I recommend ordering it earlier than you plan to use it if possible (it took about 6 weeks for delivery). It arrived shortly after my daughter was born & we laughed that there must have been some sleep-inducing additive in the fabric- our very active, awake newborn, instantly slept when we put her on this. It was her napping spot for months. Now she is over a year old & it is in her crib, as soon as she lays down on it, she curls up & goes to sleep. It is so soft, very well-made & has now been washed/dried over & over with no visible wear or tear. Each time I pull it out of the dryer, it looks new again. I’ve read other reviews that said they only drip dry theirs but I’ve had no issue with drying. No shrinkage, no matting of the plush parts. Also, we have the lamb & even with it being the light color (almost white), it still shows no dirt after washing. Absolutely my favorite baby product- and largely because it’s still being used daily after the 1st year. Highly recommend this as a gift or for yourself. Any baby or even toddler would enjoy it!

Mai New Lexington, OH

Super soft

This is a very soft place to lay down your baby. We have a leather couch that gets cold in the winter so I bought it for that purpose but have mostly been using it on top of a quilt in my bed to create a kind of "nest" or "cradle" for her to be put down in (with my constant supervision). It’s really soft and very cute. It would make a nice gift — especially for a shower etc.

Lee Eaton Park, FL

Fantastic for tummy time!

Purchased this based on the purchasers reviews, and the fact that it looks cute! The pillow is very large, and very soft, both brilliant! Our baby loves it, and appears to be comfortable while laying on both the tummy and the back. We did have to wash it when we first got it, as our baby got red bumps on her face after laying on this. It is very easy to wash, and dries fairly quickly.Would recommend as a comfortable place for baby to take a nap under your watchful eye (So he/she doesn’t decide to roll off the thing!). It looks great, is super soft, and a very good size (For a 2 month old at least, with plenty space to grow into!)

Debbie Wink, TX

Use it all the time!

I absolutely love this mat! It was a gift for our first born and my husband wanted to return it thinking we wouldn’t really need/use it but he is so happy I insisted on keeping it. We use it everyday as it’s great to protect the couch (as a newborn) from spitup and blowouts. Washes out really nice and has continued to stay super soft. Most of our baby pics have him laying on this. I highly recommend!

Serena Fort Smith, AR