Better Bath Ultimat Bath Mat

Better Bath Ultimat Bath Mat

Soft, Air Cushioned Surface Extra long and wide safety bath mat 100% vinyl – machine washable Super Grip Action 39 1/2″ long x 16″ wide 200 domed suction cups provide maximum security Better than old fashioned rubber tub mats Anti-bacterial and mildew resistant A must for bathroom safety Protect your loved ones Also available in Stall Size 22″x 22″

Main features

  • 39 1/2″ long x 16″ wide

Verified reviews


Great for infant/toddler in tub

Covers entire length of our tub. Prevents 8 month old from slipping as she stands and moves around during bath time. We do pull it up after each bath and spray daily to prevent mold and scum build up. Water will collect underneath and cause build up if not hung to dry.

Billie Sparta, MO

Non slip bath mat

This is a nice big bath mat – nearly covers entire base of our tub. Suction cups work pretty well and it is easy to clean. I use this in the bathtub used by my 1 year old daughter as it provides a little cushion and non slip. Non slip surface changes depending on type of bath soap used, so use a little caution when changing it.

Raquel Christmas, FL

Smells months later

We got this mat for our 9 month old so while she was playing the surface wouldn’t be as slippery.. It smells after 2 months of use everyday so I’m disappointed.

Lilian Whitehouse, TX

Almost perfect.

This is the PERFECT size. Only thing wrong is that the tops of the suction cup bubbles are smooth, and there are 200 of them, so a large portion of the mat is smooth, leading to slips. It would be perfect if the whole top was textured.

Myrtle Canton, NY

Great BIG mat

This was just what I needed. It covers the whole bottom of our tub unlike many other mats I have seen.

Ericka Hopedale, OH


It doesn’t stick well to the tub, it’s slippery, and it turned yellow from I assume the heat of the water?

Kitty Yawkey, WV

Fantastic for when babies insist on standing in the bath

My ten-month-old daughter refused to use her toddler tub, so we decided one night to use the regular bath. *Big mistake.* she tried walking and slipped all over. When we tried to take her out and abort the bath, she started screaming, as she loves bath time. This mat, combined with a faucet cover, has made all the difference. The mat is the full length of the bath, and our daughter has not slipped once. It has made bath time fun and safe. As a bonus, she now has such a good time in the bath, she actually sits in it sometimes, rather than trying to walk.The one thing I would note, as previous reviews have, is that it’s absolutely critical to dry out the mat after each use, or otherwise it will get moldy.

Guadalupe Castleton, VA


I bought this so my son wouldn’t slip in our tub. We have a textured tub and the decals weren’t sticking well. This also doesn’t stick to the bottom. It floats up, and then traps soap bubbles under it. I have to pick it up and clean it at the end of each session. It has helped him not slip, but I would have bought a thinner one had I known it would be so bulky. Others complained about a smell, and although I am usually pretty sensitive to smells, that was not an issue for me.

Allie Hagarstown, IL