BFlowerYan Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard , Mixed Color [4pc-pack]

BFlowerYan Door Stop Finger Pinch Guard , Mixed Color [4pc-pack]

Item specifics, Categories:satefy gates, Weight:15g, Size:about 11*10*1.3cm, Material:EVA safety material, Color/Style: diverse,we randomly ship the color

Main features

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  • 1,It is very cute, Colorful and diverse
  • 2,Animal model, beautiful and lively
  • 3, Light and handy,Good gift for your home
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  • UPC:0099461332850

Verified reviews


good idea, cute, not using them though

i like the idea of these and they do what they are made to do. However, we end up leaving them around and the baby carries them off. We don’t know what to do with them when the door is closed. They don’t hang on the doorknob so we just don’t use them.

Marietta Hazen, AR

Simple yet they work

these seem strong and durable, simple but colorful pieces of foam. they do the job to save our kids from slamming the doors on each others fingers and are super easy to use. yet delivery took quite a while think they came straight from China

Erica Coleman, OK

works great

This product works great and I like the colors and design I put one high on door and one low so my son can play with one if he wants he likes to take it off and put it back on

Althea Olympia, WA

cuter on pic

Not sure how long they will last. They are made of foam not rubber. They do what they’re supposed to but they are not as cute as in the picture

Erin Kutztown, PA

Great buy!

These are very handy to have with a 2 year old who loves closing doors even on himself. But I didn’t expect them to be so big. I guess I just expected something a little smaller 🙂

Krista Milnor, ND


These are cute and aside from smudged paint, look like the pics. But.. the smell that emanates from these things is utterly horrendous! As I was pulling them out of the individual bags, my oldest son was standing b,y and within 20 second he actually got sick to his stomach. we have had them for a few days now and they are not yet allowed back in the house. We have had them outdoors to air out, but the offensive odor has not yet even begun to dissipate.

Lee Boring, MD

Piece of mind

My 14 month old baby loves opening and closing doors. Since I bought this I feel more relax letting her run around the house. The colors are nice, baby likes playing with them and chewing them too.

Candace Albion, RI

cute finger pinch guards, animals

these are adorable finger pinch guards. the problem is, since they are cute animals my kids want to play with them instead of them being used as finger guards like their purpose is. i think i have only had one last on a door in my house for a day or two unless i have them way up high so my son can’t get to them. very cute and useful if used properly (not in my house sadly).

Lucia Poughquag, NY

super awesome to avoid crying children

you place one of these on the top of all your doors and wala, kids can’t smash their fingers. I could not believe how affordable these were as well. The colors are great because the white ones (that I have purchased in the past) get dingy looking as you would expect from white. Kids like to chew on them (babies) so not sure how safe they are in that respect so I just make sure to put them up high where toddlers and kids can not reach.

Patsy Summertown, TN

Do what they are supposed to

These work well but the shipping took a while and there was a strong rubbery/chemical smell after initially opening the package.

Hattie Inverness, CA

Easy, Cheap like them

We use them on my bedroom door so toddler can walk in and not hurt her fingers. works great and they are soft.

Gale Warsaw, IL

nice stoppers

i use them to prevent the bathroom door closing so the cats can easily go in and out. one lasted us for about 6 months of non-stop use (maybe even more) and my little brother constantly playing with it and stretching. it just got stretched in the end, otherwiae it was still whole

Lidia Southside, TN

works well, but don’t let little kids chew them!

OK, so this is a product that works well, and is very cheap $$ for how many you get. But I don’t advise hanging it on the door handle if little ones can get to it. They will destroy it in second if they have teeth and chew on it! Aside from that, it works well to prevent fingers being pinched in doors, fits snugly on the door, I keep it up high out of reach.

Barbara Arrington, TN

A must have

These pinch guards have saved our toddler from many bruised fingers.The only issue with these is that our son sees these and wants to play with them so we have to place them high on the door.

Dolores Furman, SC

Just okay

These are a little flimsy, but they do okay. You do have to pay a little mind to getting them on and into place – it is not difficult but it is not intuitive. They have little give so if your door is not a standard size, these will neither expand nor shrink to size for you. They are also not very pretty so while they have the animal patterns, they do not double as decorations to compliment a room.On the upside; they make great chew-toys.

Sonya Oak Ridge, MO

Use them on several doors – saved some fingers

These work great – although my toddler contantly wants me to take it off the door to see because they are animal faces! But they hold up really well if the door is pushed hard-they are a very thick foam; we haven’t had any pinched fingers since using these. Easy on & off.

Tisha Old Mystic, CT

good product but arrived almost 2 months later

spongy, colorful, stay on the door very well, it holds it shape unless twisted. the only issue was that it arrived almost 2 months later. so that was upsetting other than that the product is good.

Elva Chuckey, TN

So cute!

These things double as toys! I love them! They are so much fun for my daughter to walk around with, then I can put them on the door so she doesnt get pinched I LOVE THEM!

Concepcion Palmyra, NY

So cute

Got a great deal on these, and we really like them. Easy to use, except they’re too tempting for my son to bite on.. he just can’t resist. But they fit on all doors, and are cheap enough to replace once worn.

Angelita Wentzville, MO

Good buy – perfect for busy toddlers

Good – does what it should. Fun for the kid to play with when not in use. Fun colors and creatures.

Grace Wellman, TX