Bidet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers with Brass T Connector

Bidet Sprayer for Cloth Diapers with Brass T Connector


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Works well

Works great for our diapers. The only thing is that sometimes it sprays water all over, but I think that is with any sprayer. Easy to install, sits on the little holder w/out fuss. Also great to clean the toilet. I recommend.

Lottie Custer City, PA

Leaks, haven’t been able to use it

Leaks. Tried it with the washers. Without the washers. Tightened it to every degree of very tight, tight, not so tight. Not going to go to the hardware store to spend more money on a product that should work. If anyone has any suggestions that do not involve spending more money on this thing, I’d love to hear it. Was really looking forward to using it to help get the poo off my baby’s cloth diapers.

Sonia Maywood, NJ


So, I was nervous reading reviews and being new to cloth diapering that the sprayer would not be powerful enough to get all the poop and such off the diaper. Well, to my delight, I was totally wrong! This sprayer has some POWER to it. My husband joked that he can’t imagine how people could use it as a bidet, b/c the water pressure is enough to where it probably wouldn’t feel so great for that use. It was easy enough to install, although it did lack detailed installation instructions. The directions were extremely basic and were written on the outside of the box, but there really wasn’t much to that installation. So, if you don’t have someone around is at least somewhat handy person, you might want to recruit one — it’s well worth it. It took all of 5 minutes to install. Just check your connection on your toilet to make sure it’s the right one, before you purchase it (a metal one, rather than plastic). I saw some reviews where their toilet didn’t have the correct connector. However, I have also read the connector is easy to change out/update for the “right” one at the local hardware store, that will work with the sprayer connection. Someone more hardware savvy than myself would know all about that, and again, this isn’t rocket science–it’s just replacing one connection with another to suit your needs. I would recommend this sprayer to ANYONE in cloth diapering. So much cheaper than some of the other bigger name brand sprayers out there — and overall seems to have way better reviews than any of them, too. So glad I went with this one!

Angeline Garrisonville, VA


It was very easy to install and works great. Water pressure is more than expected. Should work great for cleaning the cloth diapers.

Earline Loraine, IL

Worked fine for awhile

I use this to spay off my son’s cloth diapers. The sprayer worked great for the first few months. It has great pressure, it’s easy to install, and it was easy to use. However, after 4-5 months the on trigger would get stuck and I would have to pull it out. Now 6 months later (with normal use) it is leaking and can not be turned off. I will be purchasing a different one as a replacement.

Lula Lexington, IL