Bink Link Safety Harnesses, Candy

Bink Link Safety Harnesses, Candy

Wood beads on this pacifier attached are designed to replicate the edible candy necklaces that have been popular for generations. Many colors just like the real candy. Our most popular style.

Main features

  • Attaches to child’s clothing preventing being dropped, lost or dirty
  • Safe tested by independent labs CSPIA certified safe tested by U.S. customs and Canada Health
  • Fashionable colors to match apparel popular with children
  • Fun to use and be seen

Verified reviews


Adorable paci clip!

Solid, well made pacifier/teething toy clip! Added bonus is that the wooden “candy” beads seem to double as a teething toy…our daughter loves to gnaw on the beads, as well as her paci!

Serena Parkers Lake, KY

Cute, but the hinge isn’t as strong as you think

I’ve had this for two months, and the hinge is surprisingly very weak….when I started using it, it would stay attached to anything. Now, I find it falls off quite easily.

Victoria Waterville, VT

Cute but probably not for older babies

It’s very cute. But after a few months of use the word "candy" has rubbed off and the clasp is becoming loose. My 8 month old daughter pulls it right off so we don’t use it anymore. Maybe just better when baby is younger.

Tracey Aurora, MO

Candy Necklace!!

These pacifier holders are the best!! They are super cute and we get compliments all the time. They also are extremely easy to use and the baby loves the texture of the little smooth wooden beads!

Haley Iota, LA

So great.

This is used every day and is still working very well.Cute design and holds together.Would recomend and buy again.

Claudine Clear Lake, IA

Too heavy for my baby

I used light one.bought this one.i think it’s too heavy for my baby to use .he disliked it……I have to find anOther one for him.

Iva Morristown, NJ

Very cute pacifier clip

The “Slugger” blue pacifier clip is extremely cute with little wooden baseball bats and balls. On the practical side, it helps prevent the pacifier from being dropped on the floor or lost. I find it very handy to clip it on the car seat so it doesn’t get tossed and it is easy to find.

Maritza Lake Junaluska, NC