Bink Link Safety Harnesses, Skully

Bink Link Safety Harnesses, Skully

The Skully pacifier clip includes a fun skull and crossbones, perfect for the little pirate with attitude.

Main features

  • Attaches to child’s clothing preventing being dropped, lost or dirty
  • Safe tested by independent labs CSPIA certified safe tested by U.S. customs and Canada Health
  • Fashionable colors to match apparel popular with children
  • Fun to use and be seen

Verified reviews


Bought this for my niece

After one use, I was unable to close both the clasps and the product was completely useless. I would not recommend this purchase.

Ollie Amity, AR

Amazing Paci Clip

Unique, fun, ad functional. Better than the cheap-o fabric/velcro ones! I bought a few different styles of the bink links and they are all very cute. Especially nice because they will fit through the holes of the big Soothie pacis.

Erma Bronson, FL

Very nice

Very good quality! I don’t have any complaints although I’m not sure how strong it would be for an older child who might tug on it.

Staci Wallagrass, ME

Cute, but broke after the 5th use

We got this for a pirate theme party and loved this binky holder! Sad that the clasp broke after the fifth time using it. Cute but not long lasting.

Elisha Calipatria, CA


My husband and I love this bink link!! It looks really cool and it’s so unique. My son loves it as well and is constantly playing with the beads. The length is nice, it’s not too short or too long, and the clip is very durable. We use this as my son’s “going out” bink link and we have gotten tons of comments on it!!!

Jessica Hurdle Mills, NC