BinkiBear Original Brown

BinkiBear Original Brown

BinkiBear The Original Binkibear in Brown

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Easy to use with pacifiers and teethers
  • Plush and easy for baby to find, grasp and cuddle.
  • Safe design – pacifier attaches to loop at end of bear’s arm – keeps bear off baby’s face. Pacifier is to remove for celaaning or replacment.
  • Baby-friendly 100% cotton inside and out, machine washable

Verified reviews


Grinning and bearing it

Binkibear was another attempt to see if my daughter would use a paci. She was never very interested in a paci for long so this helped because she liked sucking and playing with the bear just as much as the paci. The best benefit of this brand over others is that the paci is removable so you can just sterilize that without the stuffed animal.

Ellen Stoneham, CO

Good idea, didn’t work for my baby

I bought this because my baby was always waking up in the night looking for her binky. The bear is not too big or fluffy so I felt fine about leaving it in the crib. It did help baby find the binky, however, as soon as she rolled over, the bear would pull the binky from her mouth and she woke up again. I think it’s a great product for a baby a little less squirmy than mine

Briana Sidney, TX

Not 100% Cotton as Claimed- Just be Informed!

This bear is very cute, soft, and seems well made as a stuffed animal, however, this bear is not 100% cotton as BinkiBear claims it to be. The tag lists the filling as PP Cotton which is a tricky wording for Polypropylene filling. I’ve also seen some of the stuffing coming out of the seams which also confirms that it is definitely NOT cotton filled. The fiber filling is probably the “recycled material” part of the bear as Polypropylene is usually used to manufacture plastic beverage containers. This explains why other reviewers comment on how “light & cheap” this bear feels; if you’ve ever had a cotton filled stuffed animal then you may recall that cotton filled animals usually have a heavier feel to them while those stuffed with synthetic fibers feel more light and airy. I feel that the manufacturer has been very misleading in their description of BinkiBear since they state that “BinkiBear is 100% cotton inside and out”.The other qualm that I have with recommending this bear is that the pacifier is very hard to attach/remove. I feel like I may accidentally rip the bears arm off trying to fit the pacifier through the loop. The problem is that the loop that secures the pacifier is just a bit too short so it’s a very tight fit trying to thread the pacifier through it. The problem could be easily remedied by the manufacturer by simply making the loop longer allowing more space for the pacifier to fit through or they could modify the design so that the pacifier is secured by a button, snap, or Velcro closure instead. Perhaps they don’t all have this problem and we just received one with a short “arm”.Like I stated earlier the product is well constructed and the bear does wash well so if you don’t care about the materials being 100% natural then maybe this bear will work OK for you (hopefully you’ll find the pacifier easier to secure). If you’re like me however and want something made of natural material instead of synthetic then I would recommend taking a look at the organic binkie towel dolls by Kathe Kruse. Despite my disappointments in the product my son is quite taken with binkibear so we will not be returning this bear. We will however be using him just as a bear, not as a pacifier holder.

Juana Calhoun, LA

My daughter is obsessed

I used this bear to break my daughter from her pacifier. We used her own paci on it for a while and then switched over to the included teether. It actually worked! She’s 19 months old now and she still loves this bear. She won’t sleep without it. I wound up buying a second one just in case she loses the first one.

Claudette Dublin, VA

Okay but

after using a Wubbanub for a few months I dont’ like this as a pacifier holder. It’s HUGE compared to the Wubbanub. My baby is seven months and when he is napping the bear doesn’t move with his head from side to side like the Wubbanub does. It was slightly difficult to put the soothie pacifier on but not impossible. I ended up cutting it off because I just couldn’t get it off to use the teether attachment it comes with. I like it much better as a teether holder!

Patti Pekin, ND

LOVE the classic look of this bear; we use it as a lovie…

We have a high-need son who has a lot of trouble sleeping on his own. When we transitioned him to a crib and stopped rocking him to sleep we introduced binkibear (we call him george) as a lovie. I searched long and hard to find a bear that has that classic look without being cartoony or stupid colors. This is perfect! We just removed the pacifier and my son uses the loop arm to better hold onto George while nursing. I also LOVE that it is 100% cotton. So few child plush toys are — this is refreshing.We still swaddle our son for naps with theWoombie Houdini Swaddlerand use a paci for daytime naps, so when his arms are swaddled we use aWubbanubto keep the pacifier propped up as he moves from light sleep sucking into deeper sleep on his own in the crib.

Ebony South Boston, VA

Not for me

I don’t like the look of the bear personally. My daughter doesn’t use it either. The pacifier sits weird in the bear’s hand.

Edna Alum Creek, WV

If only it were a bit smaller…

…and less stuffed, it might be a decent thing. My baby loves his Nuk pacifiers and never took to a soothie. I’ve tried Wubbanubs to see how he’d take to them but he just chews on them and tosses them. So I thought, “Maybe this Binkibear is the answer to my son’s needs.” It wasn’t. This bear is waaay large. The good thing about Wubbanubs is that they’re small and easy to manage. My son can easily take the Wubbanubs to and from his mouth. Well, my son gets frustrated with Binkibear because it’s so big, it’s not easy to keep the paci in his mouth while he does other things. If Binkibear were half its size and not stuffed so full with fluff, it would be a great item. As it stands, I could only give it two stars because I don’t hate it, I just don’t like it and neither does my son.

Madelyn Rowesville, SC


I like this model. My son has not taken to it.I like that it will universally fit any binky with. It’s washable. No button eyes.It’s perfect.I will keep trying to get my son to like it. It will make a nice transitional object when it’s time to get rid of the binky.

Leeann Stronghurst, IL

Cute but not optimal for baby pacification

Binky Bear is VERY cuteHe is fully stuffed and a pudgy soft ball of bear cuteness that happens to hold a pacifierBinky bear’s arms are proportional with what we expect from a teddy bear… that makes binky bear not so great for a binkyI find the Bunnies by the Bay product to be infinitely superior because while many complain that they are under stuffed and not "stuffed toy like" enough, their long bendable under stuffed arms enable babies to contort their little under stuffed bodies and arms in ways that allow the pacifier to remain in babies mouth in ANY positionBinky Bear’s short little suboptimal arms mean that if your baby moves at all the binky is out…and we all know that is not a good situation.

Colette Lake Como, PA


There are so many reasons your child will love this bear! I had two wubanubs for our infant, which is all well and good. But when he grew out of the infant pacifier and was teething, he couldnt use them anymore, they are sewn in! This binky bear I was able to attach a teething binky to him! And take it off and put a different binky on another day, my son prefers this bear at bed time now because he cuddles him! I love the binky bear!

Imogene Hebbronville, TX

A Nice Little First Bear

I bought this for my grandson before he was born, based on the reviews for this and similar items of different brands with the pacifier attached. I chose Binkibear because I liked the idea of the detachable pacifier. As it turned out, I made a good choice because my grandson has never really cared much for pacifiers. He’s 4-1/2 months now and he prefers chewing to sucking most of the time. This bear is at least twice as big as the other animals that have the attached pacifiers, making it the perfect size for an actual stuffed toy. He will pick it up off his play mat and hug it and chew on its arms or legs. Maybe when he has a bit more dexterity he’ll put the pacifier in his mouth now and then. For now it is a cute, safe toy. He has other toys made for teething (He’s not teething yet) but he prefers to chew on this bear and on the leg of a small stuffed cow I gave him.

Camille Hualapai, AZ


The package states that this is suppose to discourage babies from using the binky (break the habit) I was hoping for more with the Binkibear. I thought I could combine the lovey and binky together with this but not likely. You can use it with Gumdrop pacifiers that’s a plus but the arm the binky is attached to is filled with stuffing it should be flimsy otherwise the binky keeps being popped from the baby’s mouth from the arm being to stiff, I squeezed the stuffing from the arm but it doesn’t stay. I also think it’s filled with too much stuffing it should be flatter and easier to lay with baby. I didn’t buy this to break the binky habit, so I guess that’s why I’m disappointed. I wanted a lovey and binky in one. Maybe when my daughter is older I can appreciate it more she is 10 weeks (2 1/2 months).It is 100% cotton and has embroidered eyes, no small parts to swallow.

Sallie Bolton, CT

daughter can find pacifier at night!

Thank goodness for this little bear, now when my daughter wakes in the night she can easily find her pacifier. Wish I’d found this a lot sooner.

Hazel Bethel, OH

Not for small children

I bought this for my 3 month old daughter and was debating between this and the Wubbanub and selected this because you can change out the passifiers. She was not able to use this because the bear is so light that it doesn’t sit on her chest and it would pull the passifier out of her mouth. I’m hoping we’ll be able to use it when she’s older but we’re not able to use it now.

Patty Elmer, NJ

Works with Gumdrop Pacifiers!

I was hesitant to buy this at first because we only use the Gumdrop Pacifiers and I didn’t see how I could attach those to the bear. It took some effort but I WAS able to do it (see the pictures I uploaded in the product images).The directions I got with the bear state that it can be tossed in the washing machine – pacifier and all – but I have not done that. It’s a personal preference, just not sure how safe it is to get laundry detergent on a pacifier, even if it’s rinsed. So I wash the pacifier by hand with hot water and replace it when necessary.When I first bought this my baby (then 8 months) did not like this bear because it was a bit heavy and it kept pulling the pacifier out of her mouth. Within a few days, though, she really got used to it. Before buying this, I was going nuts in the dark trying to locate the pacifier in her crib, and the fact that she has designs on her crib sheets didn’t help matters because it was easier to lose among them! I purchased this bear to solve my problem, and it solved my baby’s problem, too – when she starts crying at night she locates the bear (easy enough to do, even half asleep), puts the pacifier in her mouth and falls back asleep in no time. This bear is a lifesaver!EDIT: Dec/2013 – I recently had to replace this for my almost 2-year-old as she broke the loop. The original one I bought came in a drawstring bag with the green pacifier pictured as well as a clear plastic flat pacifier that looked like a teether. Now I spent more money (originally bought for around $11, this time bought for $15) and the pacifier pictured and the teether pacifier no longer comes with it. They really cheaped out and raised the price. I’m disappointed. Still a great product but not as pictured! I’d give this 4-stars now.

Felecia Manley Hot Springs, AK

We love Binki Bear!

The pacifier that came with this my daughter actually liked and I love the fact you can seperate the paci from the bear to clean (unlike the Wubanub, although i still love them as well) The only problem is you cannot use the soothie, but if your child likes the Gumdrop pacis you can attach them with a little elbow grease. He is a little akward to sleep with but my baby still cuddles him either way.

Kellie Somonauk, IL

Great concept

This bear comes packaged in a little drawstring bag and even comes with a pacifier that has a cover to keep it clean. The bear itself is cute, but it is very light in weight, which makes it seem cheap even though it is not. I was able to put a Gumdrop pacifier on it, although it was not easy to do so, but the fabric held up even under my pushing and pulling to get it attached. It is meant for more traditional pacifiers, but the Gumdrops/Soothies will work with some effort. I wish the bear had more weight to it because it easily gets pushed aside and displaced from my daughter when she is sleeping. If the body of the bear could be more beanbag like, and not so airy, but the arms still the way they are, I think it would make it a 5 star product. A bit pricey for what you get, but at least you can use your own pacifier, unlike most of the other brands of similar products.

Callie Nikolski, AK

Cheaper elsewhere by far

These are really wonderful. However, they are $10 on lots of other sites including the gumdrop pacifier site and come with a gumdrop pacifier.

Annie Buffalo, OK