Black Diaper Bag

Black Diaper Bag

Begone, teddy-bear festooned pink or blue diaper bag! The 21st century is here, along with a snazzy, sleek, and chic diaper sling bag. The black and gray shoulder pack is highly functional as well, featuring zippers and pouches galore. Ready for this? How about an insulated bottle compartment, front zippered pocket, coin/key zippered pocket, elasticized sport bottle holder, back mesh compartment, quilted, padded back, main compartment with two elasticized pockets, bottom storage compartment, portable, padded change station with wipe/dirty dipe/ointment holders, adjustable, padded shoulder straps with quick release clip, detachable cell phone holder, hang-up/carry loop, and non-slip base! With all these features, your newborn will someday be snagging the bag to carry her/his books to high school (minus the changing pad, of course). For moms or dads who are looking for an across-the-chest, single-shoulder strap sling bag (as opposed to a backpack or purse/briefcase style), this is a fantastic option. –Emilie Coulter

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Distributes the weight well- easy to carry!

We got this bag for my husband so it looked “cool” for him.I used it on a trip with my infant and it was the best option. We walked all over Washington DC and the way the bag is designed to carry (it sits on your back), it was very comfortable to tote for a long period of time. If we used a diaper bag that we had to carry on our shoulder, our shoulders would have been sore. It distributes the weight well.It also made is possible to hold my daughter at the same time (in my arms on in the Baby Bjorn).Good product!The only complaint is the space (which hasn’t been a problem yet).

Ronda Coal Valley, IL

GREAT bag, two minor drawbacks…

I love this bag so much — it’s UNBELIEVABLY comfortable, which is the best of its perks. I’ve sworn off every other diaper bag and made this one my one and only…That said, there are two minor drawbacks. One (previously mentioned) is that the zipper can sometimes be a little difficult. I’ve only noticed this with the bottom compartment, and I suspect it has something to do with the shape of the compartment (not the actual zipper quality). The other drawback (not a big deal) is that the mesh compartment for mom’s water bottle is too big/loose… Even when I put a big bottle in, it seems to slide out (maybe it’s too short?). Even still, I would buy this bag again — it’s SO comfortable.

Ellen Raymond, IL

We don’t use this bag

We registered online for this bag because we thought it was stylish. Little did we know that it is really hard to find anything in this bag because of all the little tiny zipper compartments and the main compartment only zips down the side so you have to take everything out of the bag to actually see what you are looking for. It’s really hard to do all of that when you are out with your baby!

Noelle Garden City, UT

great for the little ones in your life

I love this diaper bag because of all of the compartments. Within the main compartment there are two pockets to hold diapers, bibs, clothes, or wipes (at least that’s what we use it for) and the outside has multiple pocket possibilities as well. We can carry just about everything we need or could want to have with us when we go out with our little one. I like to be prepared, so we have usually have in the bag: 4 diapers, a container of wipes, a bib or two, Infant Tylenol, Mylicon, a change of clothes, a bottle, formula in a small dispenser, baby food, a spoon or two, insurance cards, a booklet from the pediatrician, immunization records, & my wallet, chapstick, and cell phone. My husband teases that ew could go camping with what I carry in my purse, but I always have whatever it is that he needs… I also really like the zippered bag included for dirty/wet clothes–nothing else get contaminated and it’s easy to wipe out. The padded changing mat with zippered pockets is great too. I keep diaper cream in one of the pockets (they unfold so baby doesn’t lay on them when being changed).

Pam Woodridge, NY

Made Going Out Easier!!!

With our two young children, ages 11 months and 22 months, getting out of the house was pretty difficult. One constant source of aggravation was trying to carry the baby, hold the toddler’s hand, and juggle my purse and diaper bag which were always falling off my shoulder.This bag has so many wonderful features. Here’s what we love:1. Love that it slings across my back. No more diaper bag falling off my shoulder.2. Great that my hands are free!3. Distrubutes the weight so that I don’t even feel it at all.4. Love, Love, Love the insulated bottle holder on the side. Awesome feature!5. The changing pad has it’s own little pocket on the back of the bag- easily accessible but out of the way.6. Many compartments! We use the very bottom compartment to hold a case of wipes, four diapers and a tube of diaper cream. The middle size front compartment is the perfect size for my wallet, lipstick, pen and check book. The small front compartment holds my cough drops and has room for plenty more. The large side compartment has two small inner compartments and then a really large space. We pack snacks, toys, change of clothes, etc. in there. And, after all this, there is still room to spare. Outer mesh pocket on the side is perfect for toddler’s sippy cup or a bottle of water for me.7. Great having the cell phone on the outer strap. At first I thought this was kind of goofy, but it really is very convenient.Overall, this bag is wonderful. This is the 8th or 9th diaper bag that I’ve tried and the only one that I haven’t returned. I wish I had found it sooner. For a smaller bag, it has all the space and convience of a larger bag without the weight. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Lena Kalaupapa, HI

Cool Bag

I love this bag. Have not had any problems with zippers, it frees up my hands and it sits comfortable on the shoulder. My husband likes it too, as it is not too childish. It has lots of space, for extra set of clothes, 6 or so diapers, blanket, burp cloth, bottles, bib, etc. We also have the larger messenger style for longer trips, it is great too.

Natasha Wildwood, GA

Not Enough Room

I got this from our registry and had to return it because there was not enough room for all the stuff that babies needs. It also only has one compartment to fit one very small bottle. This would be great for a quick outting to the super market but definitely not good for a long day out with the baby. It also didn’t feel as comfortable as what other reviewers wrote about. I’m 5’4″ and about 125 pounds and it just kept slipping to the side and didn’t hold still.

May Ratcliff, AR

Not the best, but will do the trick

A little uncomfortable to reach inside, and not much space. Best suited for very short trips. But beats the looks of any other bag.

Belinda Coopers Mills, ME


This is by far our favorite diaper bag, and we have tried at least ten!This one we use for vacations by plane since it is concidered a diaper bag and doesn’t count towards carry-on luggage. It’s big enough to hold bottles and food, a change of clothes, diapers and anything else you need. It’s definately too big for normal use though. We bought the smaller one, which we use as our regular diaper bag.It’s nice to have one strap rather than two, since it’s easy to put on and back-friendly. My husband likes the non-diaper bag look and the available colors don’t clash with my clothes :-)This model has a neat compartment at the bottom to keep whatever-you-want in. It’s where we keep toys, so my son can open this compartment but the rest are off limits. The insulated bottle compartment worked out wonderfully for us when my son was still on the bottle… just put some of those refreezable icecubes in the bottom…I recommend it 100%… We do have TWO! 🙂

Zelma Powells Point, NC