Blooming Bath – Petals Washcloths / Towels

Blooming Bath – Petals Washcloths / Towels

Blooming Bath Petal Washcloths are incredibly soft for bathing baby’s delicate parts. The perfect compliment to the Blooming Bath Baby Bath. Made from plush polyester material and machine washable on gentle or normal cycle.

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Best baby washcloths!

These are the nicest baby washcloths I have ever come across. They are a decent size and so so soft. They wash up well, and seem pretty sturdy.The only complaint I have was that I bought 2 sets and one was smaller than the other, I loved the bigger set, and while the smaller ones are nice I do not like them quite as much, but they are still bigger than any I found in the stores, and the softness more than makes up for it!

Britney Marion, SD

Great wash cloth for babies

Very soft and nice size. Wash cloths purchased in stores are usually not very soft and they are too small.

Mai Scotland, MD

Soft but hard to use

These are incredibly soft, but are very overpriced for what you get… they are 4 pieces of very bright yellow minky material just serged together at the seams. Because only the edges are stiched, when you use these to wash the baby, the two pieces kind of separate and make it hard to wash with. I have to ball it up instead of laying it flat. I think for the price they could have stiched through the two pieces, like a quilt, and given it a bit of sturdiness! I honestly would never have bought these if I’d seen them in person, but they ARE incredibly soft and have washed/held up well after about 3 months of use so far.

Jana Talbott, TN

Spoil your baby with softness.

I bought these hoping they would be super soft and they are. They are also thicker than other baby washcloths. I have both types and reach for these first because of the softness, absorbency, and the great lather I can get using them. I have had them a few months now and they have held up wonderfully and are like new- no fading, loss of softness or other properties. If your baby is a bit pudgier than average you may have trouble cleaning their nooks and crannies because of the thickness of the washcloth, but having a few of the thinner washcloths for those areas would suffice. I wish this company made baby towels too.

Catalina Grulla, TX

Great product!

These are the softest washcloths I’ve ever come across! They are so plush and feel amazing against your skin. They are a little pricey ($10) for essentially being a small square of fabric (qty 4), but I’d buy them again. They are the perfect compliment to my Hot Pink Blooming Bath (Blooming Baby Bath Color PinkI highly recommend them.In all my research, Amazon was the only place I found them (Target, BuyBuyBaby and Babies R Us).

Meghan Deer Park, CA