Blueberry Coveralls Diaper Cover Snap, Butterflies

Blueberry Coveralls Diaper Cover Snap, Butterflies

Whether you just want the simplicity of having one cover for the majority of your child’s diapering years, or have more than one baby in diapers, this cloth diaper cover will prove to be highly economical and functional. This is an adjustable diaper cover for use with your favorite prefold, flat, fitted or contoured diapers.  It uses a lightweight and waterproof fabric with a laminated interior that can easily be wiped clean/dry and re-used immediately. Latex-free elastic covered by soft bindings helps prevent irritation for sensitive babies.

Main features

  • Fits most babies from 10-40 pounds
  • Wipe-clean interior, extra leg gussets to keep messes in
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach
  • Anatomically-correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


not good

It is thin, too thin. Wipe so it touches the baby in the end zone. So has red skin caused by friction of the phenomenon. Twice has been completely idle. Don’t know if other babies also have such confusion.

Araceli West Glover, VT


I purchased this product while I was pregnant…. But the time my baby grew into it, I tried to put it on her and the rise snap doesn’t work. The diaper is completely useless now. Obviously they don’t inspect their products before they send them out,

Tommie Holden, MO

Fits my chunky baby’s legs and the snaps are super strong

I love this cover! The first ones we used were Thirsties duo wrap and I love those as well, but I always find myself grabbing these ones first. The snaps on them are super strong, so my little guy can’t get it undone like he can with velcro. And the leg gussets are a little larger, which could be a problem for skinnier babies, but my baby is a chunk and some other covers are too small and uncomfortable on his thighs. The colors of these are bright and they are well made. He is 9 months old and almost 22 pounds and we have this on the smallest size setting, so it will definitely fit him for a while. We use the other covers in our stash, but these will be the only kind of cover we continue to buy.

Francesca Whitesville, WV

Fantastic Cover for MotherEase Fitteds

I have the MotherEase one-size fitted diapers and these covers fit perfectly over them. The ME fitteds are huge and bulky, so this cover does a great job and is easy to wipe clean. It also dries quickly. I figured I would write a review since I came back to purchase another Blueberry cover.

Kristy Orleans, MA

I really like my Blueberry covers…

I’ve tried several covers and on a whim I purchased a few Blueberry covers. I like them. The coverall with snaps has plenty of snaps to adjust to different sizes. It almost has too many snaps. Twenty-nine snaps (according to my helpful son.) The many snaps is what makes it so adjustable and it should fit a baby through various stages. This is a thinner feeling diaper cover but I actually like that because it fells less bulky and softer than other covers. I lay a folded prefold in and I do not have issues even though this cover does not have any kind of pocket to hold a prefold in place. They seem to be washing well. The print is adorable. They have gussets so I don’t get any leaks. They are made in the USA. I really don’t have any negative things and I will happily use them in my diaper cover rotation. If anything changes I will update this review.

Aurora Kerrick, TX

ok cover but colors not as pictured

This cover works well, better than some but worse than others. It’s tight in the waist but that works ok on my baby. My big problem with it is that the snap colors are different than pictured in the pink color. After cloth diapering two boys I was really looking forward to sweet baby pink diaper covers. It has hot pink snaps. I don’t care for bright/hot pink so I’m disappointed. If it had been as pictured it would have earned another star.

Iris Woodlawn, TX

Nice but not really good for small sizes

I got two of these coveralls. They are nice but due to the ‘one size fits all’ factor, when your baby is smaller and all the snaps are snapped to make it a smaller size, the fabric folds over in this way around the leg holes that is so chunky that it irritates my LO’s skin. She actually got red swollen marks that lasted for two days on her thighs after wearing them.The pros– they wipe clean easily and have the interior gussets around the leg which many covers don’t.We’ll definitely use these, just not until she’s bigger (she just turned 5 months old and is about 15 lbs, fairly chunky thighs)

Helen Loxahatchee, FL

Great cover

This is a great cover, but don’t buy it for a newborn. As all blueberry products run, this one is also very large. The brand in itself is known for making large products. But the colors are great and it is a great quality product. It is on the smallest rise and almost all the way snapped in on my 21 pound ten month old. Perfect for fitteds!

Nita Bear River City, UT

Not my favorite

I bought this cover mainly for the monkey print. I use it from time to time but it isn’t my “go to” cover. I haven’t had any leaks and it does do the job. I am not fond of the side snaps (I guess I should say waist snaps, this is not a side snapping cover)and that there is only two for each side. I also have had the elastic twist inside the brown trim of the cover. Maybe I expected too much.

Kelli Bud, WV

OK, not my favorite

I LOVE the blueberry pocket diaper, but the cover is not my favorite. A little bulky and the PUL seems thin, like the snaps could rip through. I returned this in favor of another pocket diaper.

Kristen Junction, WV

My favorite diaper covers

Of the covers we have tried – Rumparooz, Thirsties, Real Nappies, and Planet Wise – and while we like all of them, these are our favorites (2nd favorites are the Planet Wise covers). We use them over a snappied prefold. We did not start using these until our son was about 7 or 8 months old, so I am not sure how they would work on a smaller baby – they do run a bit large. Our son is now 12 months old and is on the middle rise setting; for the waist we leave one snap showing on the top and bottom, so he has plenty of room to grow into these. We have not had any leaks with these, and no leaking poop out the legs or up the back.UPDATE 1-1-2014I just wanted to say that at 19 months old, these are still our favorite covers for our tall skinny boy :)We are still on the middle rise setting, and have more than enough snaps to expand outward at the waist – these will easily last until potty training. They all also still look as good as the day we bought them, even with being washed every 2-3 days. We always hang our covers to dry, so they do not experience dryer heat, though I’m not sure if this makes a difference.UPDATE 6-14-14Still our favorite, and still work great for our just-turned-2-year-old. He is about 25th percentile for weight and around 80th percentile for height, and he still has room to grow in these.

Alissa Glendale, KY

Lovely gender neutral print

Love this pattern so much. Cover is very thin and flexible, didn’t work that well for us and our chunky thighed infant, but will save and hopefully use with our next child.

Abigail Hopkins Park, IL

Great Coverall

I have no complaints about this coverall. It was nice and roomy but I still had zero leaks with my fitteds. It has great quality construction and comes in adorable prints. I have three other coveralls of the same brand and I absolutely love them.

Shanna University Place, WA

Long lasting, leakproof cover

This is my favorite diaper cover and I have used many others including Thirsties and Bummis. I could use it on my baby when he was just a month old and it is still on the smallest rise setting at 5 months old and 19lbs. We have lots of room to grow.Prefolds, inserts, and bulkier fitted diapers fit equally well under this cover. The gussets give a good fit around the leg and the two snaps at the waist make for easy adjusting. I would like an additional snap or two along the top to make sure the wings dont droop. The diaper fabric is just really nice, durable quality as well as soft and stretchy. Even after several months, the diaper looks the same as it did brand new. The monkey print is too adorable!Most importantly, I have never had any leaks. The elastic around the back of the waist and the legs keeps in the wet and the explosive poos too. I use it at night time over a fitted diaper and it holds in liquid for as long as 12 hours while my babe is snoozing. It is very easy to use since I can wipe out the laminate interior and use it multiple times before having to launder.

Darcy Moxahala, OH

Great Covers

I really like this cover. I have two of them and wish I had more. They fit well and dry really fast. No need to put them in the drier, which I love. I have not had any leaks with these covers, but they do tend to leave marks around her thighs (maybe because she has chubby leg rolls) and sometimes her waist. I also have a Grovia diaper cover, which I like a little better because it is softer and doesn’t leave marks as much. Overall, I really like these covers and I would recommend tthem to other parents.

Sheryl Oldsmar, FL

Better than thirsties, but still not my fav

I love these over thirsties because the have a better leg on them and the rise seems to fit my LO better. I’m just not a huge fan of wrap style covers. I prefer pull on covers like the dapies vinyl diaper pant because they are trimmer and cheaper. But is I use a wrap cover I reach for these!

Amber Gowanda, NY

I LOVE this cover

This cover is wonderful. Double gussets, double snaps, fits nicely on both my 2.5 year old AND my 3 month old daughters. We use it over prefolds. Snaps hold well. Adorable prints (though I wish there were more options). It feels and looks like a quality product, and functions well, even for my 2.5 year old heavy wetter for overnight. The only things I would add are hip snaps, crossover snaps, and flaps to hold the diaper/insert in place. Add those things, and I’d call this cover perfect. As it is, it’s still excellent, and is my absolute favorite of all I own (thirsties,flips, diaper safari, econobum)

Aimee New Site, MS

Blueberry os cover

I really like the swirls, very pretty. Works well over prefold. Leg gussets are great with my baby’s skinny legs!

Diana Kivalina, AK

Like these a lot!

A friend recommended these over Best Bottom, and I have started using Blueberries for nighttime and Best Bottom covers during the day. I like Best bottom because they have two layers and are more trim, but Blueberries are nice because you can put a lot more "stuffing" in them and they are much roomier. I do think they’ll work for older babies for that reason (right now my baby is 11 months). I don’t love them during the day because they are roomier so I can’t just put a prefold in there and expect it to stay (I don’t like snappis), but this isn’t an issue with Best Bottom because the cover is better at holding them in place.My friend found that these lost their waterproofing after a few months – she thinks it’s because she put them in the dryer. We’ve air dried ours and have not had this problem, though I would love it if they were thicker (they’re just one layer). The binding doesn’t leak like Thirsties though, so I’m grateful for that.I would definitely buy these again, but I wish Best Bottom made a roomier cover since I think those covers are superior.

Rocio Yoder, CO

Great Fit!

My thirsties were wearing out. I had velcro ones and they began leaking around the velcro seams. Also the lining of the velcro was coming apart and after six months of use the velcro just wasn’t staying put very well. Also the elastic on the thristies got streatched out in the wash and her diaper kept wanting to sag through the legs. So I had three velcro thirsties that turned out to be a mistake, but I also had one swaddlebees snap I bought to try. After six months my swaddlebees snap shows no where. When I searched for swaddlebees, Blueberry came up. It’s all the same prints so I’m guessing they are the same company. So I went and bought two blueberry coveralls. There is a little difference between my swaddlebees cover and the blueberry. The swaddlebees is noticeably heavier and has material over the inside of the snaps to keep them from touching the baby’s skin. The blueberry is more generous with room as you expand. However the fit is the same. I am really happy with the blueberry. I think the swaddlebees is better quality, but they are ten bucks more.

Bobbi Sutherland Springs, TX

Very cute!

I have been a loyal Thirsties cover user for a while but wanted to try this out because frankly, Thirsties has a horrible selection for girl covers! This works just as well as the Thirsties and is soooo cute. Yes, more $$, so I won’t be buying many of them.

Bobbie Littleton, CO

Cute and leakproof!

Aside from the pattern being sooooooo cute, I love the double gausset on the legs. Definitely not for newborns (but it’s indicated on the size). Have had several explosive BM poops but no leaks.

Charlotte Indianola, IA

Revitalized my cloth diapering experience.

I love these covers. They are the perfect nighttime solution. They have high rises, great snaps, double gussets, plenty of room, and cute patterns! Love, love, love!

Melinda Crystal Falls, MI

My favorite cover!

When I was pregnant I purchased 2 Blueberry covers, 4 Grovia Hybrid covers and 3 Thirsties covers. My baby is over 3 months old now and the Blueberry’s are hands down my favorite. They fit my chunky little one the best and with the double gusset, I’ve never had leak issues. I use them with OsoCozy prefolds. Every night when I switch my baby from pocket to prefold and cover, I reach for a Blueberry first. If my Blueberry’s are all dirty, Grovia is my second favorite. I avoid using my Thirsties as much as I can. I have the dino pattern and monsters pattern. They are adorable, high quality and work great. I wish I had bought all Blueberry’s.

Antionette Loxahatchee, FL

Great Cover

Very durable, holds up well. Elastic stays tight, even in gussets. I would highly recommend this cover, it may cost you more, but it holds up better that other brands. Love the prints too! And the snaps are great compared to velcro!

Gussie Taos, NM

Best diaper covers!

These are my favorite covers! They are durable, fit for a long time, and don’t absorb smell like some others. Blueberry are the way to go!

Odessa Canaan, VT

love it.

These are easily the best diaper covers I own( I also have thirsties and rumparooz) They fit the best and feel like they are made from durable fabric.

Inez Talpa, TX

Favorite Diaper covers, hands down

Cute, easy to use, six up and size down with my baby. But most importantly, no blowouts or even small poop leaks onto clothes. Ever.My only small complaint would be that a VERY wet pre fold will make the trim on this cover wet and then wick pee out onto baby’s clothes. Not sure if there’s a way to fix this by using the same waterproof fabric on the trim that they use on the rest of the diaper?Anyway, I didn’t think this drawback was enough to knock off a star because it only happens occasionally on overnights when my girl has wet particularly heavily. During the day with regular diaper changes, it never happens, even though the pre fold inside gets thoroughly soaked.I love this brand. Would buy more in a heartbeat if a new set of prints came out.

Abby Westwood, NJ

excellent quality,runs quite large.

This is a great cover. Quite large so don’t expect it to fit for a younger/newborn/small baby. Only now at 4mo am I able to use this on my baby girl, but I love its generous fit as really it truly is a Cover All…it will cover any and all types of diapers due to its generous, larger fit. Really well made and a nice cover.I came back to add that even though this cover took a long time to fit my baby (4 mo.) its been a great cover. we’ve been using it for 10 mo. now and its our night time diaper cover. We’ve never, ever had a leak from it and any sort of diaper fits under it. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good night time solution.

Carly Saint Charles, MO

Good cover for bulky diapers

We use these Blueberry one-size covers for the bulky overnight diaper, and they work pretty well. We’ve been using them for about a year and a half, and my daughter has grown a lot in that time period, so we’ve been pleased with the adjustability. And we still have a lot of room to grown width-wise. Sometimes it takes a bit of extra fiddling to get the leg holes and excess fabric adjusted just so, though. Otherwise it’s easy to accidentally have a little bit of diaper peeking out to leak. This isn’t a problem we have with our daytime covers (mostly Bummis), but it could have more to do with the bulky nighttime diaper setup underneath than with the Blueberry cover itself.

Lidia Murray City, OH