Blueberry Coveralls Hook/Loop Diaper, Cow

Blueberry Coveralls Hook/Loop Diaper, Cow

Whether you just want the simplicity of having one cover for the majority of your child’s diapering years, or have more than one baby in diapers, this cloth diaper cover will prove to be highly economical and functional. This is an adjustable diaper cover for use with your favorite prefold, flat, fitted or contoured diapers.  It uses a lightweight and waterproof fabric with a laminated interior that can easily be wiped clean/dry and re used immediately.  Latex free elastic covered by soft bindings helps prevent irritation for sensitive babies.

Main features

  • Fits most babies from 10 40 pounds .
  • Wipe clean interior, extra leg gussets to keep messes in.
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach
  • Anatomically correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


In Love with Blueberry!!

I ordered 2 of these because I just started cloth diapering and I got them in today and love them!!! My son is a super heavy wetter and so I use two prefolds, a folded microterry homade insert and a liner for poo and this holds all of that in it, not to mention my son’s little ghetto booty too! He is 14 months old and is very tall and weighs 27 lbs and he still has tons of room to grow in these. I actually can cross the tabs in front and the rise is very high too. So probably not the best for super small babies but if you have a big boy or girl like me than these are awsome!! and yes I have this exact one in the pink. It was cheaper than the other colors and I am not hung up on colors especially when a pair of pants hides it. So yeah, great diaper covers and really 2 is all I need. I changed 4 diapers in it today before I retired it to the wash. I also use pockets but I use prefolds and covers on my pocket wash days.

Emily New Hyde Park, NY

so cute 🙂

My frient is planning to cloth diaper so I got these for her baby-to-be and I believe he will love them 🙂

Minerva Kenna, NM

Better For Chunky Babies or Toddlers

I have 2 of these covers, and I have to say, I have a love hate relationship with them.I can see how they would be awesome:-Very Good Construction-Nice Thick Durable Fabric-Super Cute Designs-Strong Velcro and Snaps-Adjustable SizingBut… My daughter (8 1/2 mos) is pretty slim and doesn’t have much booty. It’s just too much cover for her. I only use these overnight when I have to put extra doublers in her diaper. If I use it during the day, I get a lot of bunching and the diaper shifts a lot inside.If I had to compare, I’d say these are an improved quality, adjustable, Bummis Super Whisper Wrap. Anyone who prefers Bummis should try the Blueberries!I plan to keep these and look forward to reaping the maximum awesomeness when my daughter gets bigger and these fit her a little better.

Avis Langley, WA


Size is very adjustable, something that is essential for growing babies. Like with most diaper covers, though, the stiff velcro strip irritates my baby’s belly…

Faith Scottsburg, IN

The best covers

I love the Blueberry covers, and have since my son reached about 10-12 pounds. I originally bought one because the design was cute, but have since purchased more for their function. As others have commented, these are not trim covers, but they do hold everything in well. We use prefolds with a Snappi and haven’t had a leak since my son’s thighs filled out. We use a variety of covers (Thirsties, Flip, Imagine, wool), but these are the ones both my husband and I like best. My son’s sixteen pounds and about to grow out of the Thirsties Duo Size 1, but he’s still on the first adjustment of these, so I can see them lasting a long time. The Velcro on these is stronger than any other, too.

Morgan Johnston, IA