Blueberry Deluxe Diaper Snaps, Amber

Blueberry Deluxe Diaper Snaps, Amber

It’s adjustable in both size and absorbency. Adjust the size as your baby grows. You can use it on most babies that range from 8 35 pounds (3.5 16 kgs). Stuff it with as little or as much absorbency as you need to get you through a quick trip to the store,

Main features

  • Fabric content for diaper and inserts: 100% polyester
  • Includes 2 inserts: a 3 layer small insert, and a 4 layer medium/large insert
  • Machine wash and tumble dry warm, no bleach or fabric softeners
  • Anatomically correct design provides excellent fit for a wide range of babies
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


My favorite one size

So I had one of these with my daughter and it was ok, thought it was a bit overpriced and that BumGenius worked just as well for cheaper. She is now almost 3 and wow how my tune has changed. This diaper fits her better than any others. Yes, this is definitely bulky on a small baby. On my 3 mos old, they seem a bit funny but these will definitely make it to potty training, the BumGenius did not. She outgrew those about 6 mos ago, would complain they were too tight around her legs and they started giving her a heat rash they were so tight. She is not huge, maybe 30 or 32 pounds. I like Fuzzibunz perfect size a lot too but as for bang for your buck, Blueberry is the way to go. The Fuzzibunz one size does not hold nearly as much liquid and has these annoying buttons that leave marks on your baby’s thigh. Plus I find the elastic system too complicated. LOVE LOVE THESE! Just ordered more for my daughter and son.

Dorothea Teigen, MT

Super cute (and it works!!)

This cow print diaper is so, so cute. We have a bunch of blueberrys in our cloth diaper stash and they never disappoint. They fit well, and have a butterflied insert so it dries really quickly after washing.

Margaret Beechgrove, TN

great for skinny babies!

we own 8 different brands of pocket diapers and these and the Happy Heinys are our favorites!they’re about an inch wider in the crotch than the other well rated brands like Fuzzibunz so they work MUCH better for our baby with skinny legs, if your baby has chunky thighs you probably won’t like these. we’ve had great luck with these as far as no leaks and i’m pretty confident it’s because of how much wider they are. with just the two snaps on each side for every diaper change they make it very easy to do with even the squirmiest of of my favorite things about this brand is that they make a triplerSwaddlebees Diaper Inserts(Swaddlebees is their parent brand) that fits perfectly in these. these bamboo inserts are perfect to stuff in for overnights and our 12hr sleeper never has a leak.we’ve had leaks with other brands and not great luck with some snaps but so far the Blueberry pocket diapers are ones that just can’t be beat!my review of these vs some other brands can be found on this Blueberry Giraffe print one we have too –

Joni Gilman, IA

One of my favorite cloth diapers

I’m new to cloth diapers, so I bought several of many different kinds to try them out and see what I liked – this is one of my favorites! My daughter is 2 1/2 months old, between 11-12 pounds, and very long & skinny. This diaper fits perfectly on the smallest setting. We’ve had no leaks – it fits well around her legs without leaving red marks, and I appreciate how the snaps don’t make the diaper gap oddly around her waist. I also love how it comes with 2 inserts – one small one for the smaller settings and a larger one for later. I really hate those “one-size” inserts because the folds make the diaper really thick (cloth diapers add enough bulk already!). The prints are SUPER CUTE too! The only way I could be more pleased is if they made organic or hemp inserts… Still, a really great product!

Nona Vass, NC

Great Diapers!

I like to use these diapers for my baby overnight, they are very absorbant. They seem to run bigger than other pocket diapers and have more room in them to stuff extra soakers if needed (although my daughter is 9 mo and we haven’t needed to do that yet). We haven’t had hardly any leaks yet (mostly when we’ve waited too long to change her in the morning). They are a bit bulky, so we mostly use these at night and use trimmer dipes during the day. Also, I love the fun prints available!

Aileen Mesquite, TX

Bulky but the best overnight diaper

The first diapers I bought were BumGenius (because of the stellar reviews) and this blueberry deluxe because of the cute pattern and I didn’t think it would be that different from the BumGenius. I now have a varied selection including GroVia, HappyHeiney and FuzziBunz and this diaper is the closest to the BumGenius out of any of them. The pattern is very cute and the inserts are extremely absorbent, making it my fool-proof overnight diaper. I know that when my son is wearing this diaper, there will be no leaks. However, because of the extra bulk, I don’t tend to put him in it during the day – it is hard enough finding pants to fit over the cloth diapered butt!

Sophia Louisa, KY

Favorite Dipe

Favorite diaper of my entire stash. Great diaper for cloth diaper newbies. Easy to use & super absorbent. This is my go to "bye bye" and overnight diaper. I would replace all my dipes with blueberries if I could!

Hilda Limington, ME

Cute and just like my FBs

Honestly, I haven’t found much of a difference between my various pocket diapers (FuzziBunz, Happy Heiny’s, Bum Genius, etc.). The fleece is similar to the FBs and HHs. This one is adorable (cow print) and fits my slim 5-month old very nicely. I only knocked off a star because it’s hard to see the snaps on the cow print.

Keri Hanna, WY

Very nice diaper

My cow print Blueberry pocket is THE cutest diaper I own–love it. It fits great, absorbs well, and did I mention it’s adorable?The reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because my Alva pockets work just as well for a quarter of the cost (when purchased on their home website). Since they are so similar, I really can’t justify spending that much more money. I would absolutely snap up more Blueberries on sale or as a gift, but as it is, I’ll stick with Alvas for the bulk of my stash.

Juanita Black Rock, AR

Love our Blueberry AIOs

We love ’em. Our baby loves ’em. They fit great, even on our slim baby, and the minky insides make her very happy. Blueberry makes a quality diaper and they hold in the poops really well!

Leta Hayward, WI